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Paper Trail

The paper trail
That my poems cast
Stretches out further than eyes can see
Stretches far beyond what I believe
I write poems they sometimes inspire… 47 more words

Poetry Art


Phone Ringing,

At the window,

Swallowed by the chill in the breeze,

Bewitched by the beauty of the neighbors lawn,

Flowers and trimmed grass,

Again, … 474 more words

Poetry Art


All I have are questions
and the interrogation runs on repeat
a cycle like the tide
dragging and pushing
so I can never be still… 76 more words


Songwriting breakthrough: Don't be a stranger

It’s been eight years since I wrote a song I thought was any good. But a couple of weeks ago I sat down at the piano one evening and this one almost¬†wrote itself. 216 more words


Welcome to 2017

I’ve always talked about starting a blog. I am finally doing it. It will take me a while to figure out all the settings, and I might just end up posting old stuff so I have a digital record, or I might use this as my journal from now on. 20 more words

black back behind the simmering clouds

black back behind the simmering clouds
steaming up at dawn buried in burnt
light and harried by the cries of birds
rising to day singing to the life… 71 more words

Digital Art