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I forgot to breathe

Tonight I’m empty
a brittle void
with the strain of saying
or not saying
I’ve nothing but minute words
It could have all been over… 43 more words


Rhino Art for the Holidays

Just in time for the holidays, we are offering the original pieces from our previous Art Auction with HUGE SALE prices! Perfect for the rhino lover in your life! 71 more words


I count

Today I count
and pause
to acknowledge the tension

My senses convene
drawn, insatiable
to a magnetic fantasy

I count
yet it rushes like dark water… 40 more words


Rage in time

I keep striving to be
something more than you see
but there’s no breaking free
from what stares back at me

in that silent reflection… 154 more words



I am forgetful.
I forget the things I just said or thought.
I forget the moments that are pivotal to others, but not to me. 83 more words


I'm done

I’m done with this
I’ve had too much
I’m drunk and I can’t care anymore
What am I supposed to do
with every day
When nothing changes… 21 more words


The chaos consumes

This life has no order
its pace never ceases
The past doesn’t make you
don’t grasp at the pieces
They steer from the answers
for clean resolution… 26 more words