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What I need is a simple night with you,

away from the concrete jungle

away from stones that made our hearts stone

lights that pushed us into oblivion… 129 more words


First painting of 2017

In the past few weeks I finally found some motivation to start painting something again. I was happy to get it finished this afternoon. Here are a few progress shots and the final thing.



This is the “shameless” me heading home,in a matatu booming loud crunk and some silly Fetty Wap crysongs( yeaaaah bae…),from a place that took me dosens of courage bundles and self discipline to atleast gather guts to leave ; of course there’s always a bunch of sinners trying to drive your faith into badlands where there are no parents you have to report to, in full detail, as to why you are having bad dreams about coming home late, since God is gracing them with a whole pack of awesomeness, so somehow you get home eleven deep night and your old man goes like “do you want us to lie outside watching the stars, reciting poetry into the thin air?” Ring! 1,743 more words

Poetry Art

A Rhino Kind of Love

Lions are majestic
Elephants have a certain grace,
But I prefer the shorter pachyderms
with the stoic face.

Cheetahs are poetry in motion
Zebras-a fixture on the veldt, 58 more words

Rhino Ramblings


In the midst of midnight air,
stood a man who didn’t care.
For he was a man who made world’s collide
and every bit of earth bore his stride. 828 more words

Poetry Art


Sixty days since December,

A lot has changed from the furthest i can remember,

Yes, Like Amber,

My new daughter with the town’s celebrity plumber, … 1,509 more words

Poetry Art