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I would be gone

This rush has derailed me
and I’m left with an intangible company
of shadows, inert
Like blood dropped in water
we grow weak and pale… 78 more words


The message.. 

She finally extended her lip line,

When she saw me..

Or was it my thought messing with my emotions?

Holding her in my hands,

Trying to bring her up from where she laid numb, … 202 more words


Me or you, You or me. 

I can also tilt my head if you think less of me.
I can look at you, dumb head!!

What exactly, do you take me for? 153 more words



It’s happening again..

Pieces everywhere,

Coming together on their own just cause.

Reaction yes,

But not to be said.

Preserving ones happiness,

Withholding ones pain, … 146 more words


A happy painting

One of my closest friends is having a baby in a few weeks. I am super excited to meet this little guy or girl. I’m hosting a small gathering on Monday to celebrate her going off on maternity leave. 26 more words


Drawing EMDR

I can’t quite verbalise what going into EMDR feels like, so I drew it instead. It’s a dark and scary path I follow, and as I progress it grows more black. 40 more words


On Wings


I am sailing across your

ocean of love

My sail is torn and my ship has suffered a great deal,

and yet, you have vowed not to let me sink, 28 more words

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