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Seven Ideas to Improve DC’s Creative Economy

by Robert Bettmann

A recent strategic plan for the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities notes that support for artists reinforces other economic sectors. The plan states, “A 2010 study commissioned by the DC Departments of Planning and Economic Partnership quantified that more than 90,000 individuals are employed in the creative sector. 1,007 more words

Washington DC

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Yes! Yes! and Yes again. I couldn't agree more with all 7 of the points. Not only would implementing these ideas increase the Creative Economy, but they would also create a new atmosphere in DC and the DMV as a whole. DC and Baltimore in particular have very prominent art scenes, which in my opinion, should be the forefront of the surrounding communities. I would even suggest putting art in community and recreation areas as well. Adding more emphasis on the arts will go a long way economically and socially, and definitely feed a lot of starving artist. LONG LIVE THE ARTS!!! --♥E.E. Commenting Disabled: Visit Original Post to share your thoughts!!!!

Once in a land faraway

Once in land far away,
was a woman
she knelt to pray.
she prayed for a child who could be
the key to a new dawn of ages. 1,120 more words


A little louder

The demons in my head are all alive.
The demons in me
Only you can tame them
You give me my peace
The demons in my head are all alive… 6 more words


If life was a bird I never meant to harm her

In Sharp edged longing
I find no belonging

No home in freedom

No place in my heart.

I was better at the start

Life cannot be defined… 78 more words


Words haunt me

under the shadows
In silience are we alone?
The chill of ghosts
the spectres of words said
Do they ever really go
are they ever really dead? 23 more words