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Chef d'oeuvre

Everytime I saw you feels like Im sliding in the rainbows.

Those hue hidden in your smile is priceless.

I can stare at you but never to hold. 60 more words

Bleeding Hearts' Sunrise

It’s always an interesting process how creativity unfolds. I’m still learning something new everyday about myself and the world around me. How images can lead to words and words back to images.   241 more words


Essence of Life

Starting a new series is always a pleasure to me! My theme is an timeless one, quiet and pure. Just the simple things that give energy: They aren’t costly! 49 more words

If those I loved were lost

If those I loved were lost

The Crier’s voice would tell me–

The bells of Ghent would ring–

Did those I loved repose

The Daisy would impel me. 11 more words


St George slays the dragon

In this pleasant land 

we drink tea and jump on the band wagon

and celebrate and plan.

Wimbledon will be soon on Tv… 52 more words


Sandwich board lives

From skid row street
to death row and where they meet
you’ve exchanged your life
For a dollar sign and strife
crack alley coloured black… 118 more words



I lacerate my flesh

and bleed out words

into the puddle of poetry.