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deep night,shadows growing bigger through the curtains,

a couple thoughts,sunk into the blue of your world,

poseidon realms,where my life finds its beauty,

wishing i could leave tonight,should it be this hard? 182 more words

Poetry Art

17) She Wolf

She’s a wolf

the way she guards her soul

and her body.

She’s a wolf

when she wakes up

for the morning kill.

She’s a wolf… 99 more words



I’ve seen your face before

I’ll bet you even meant your smiles

Cheap vinyl floors

And rickety stair rails

Who knew you could be so humble… 21 more words

Dear Jephthah

You thought perhaps

it would be someone else—

a servant, or a servant’s child,

or a child’s pet.

You would trade

in someone else’s grief, 362 more words




Things become routine once you start to accept your surroundings

Everyday activities seem to have no meaning to them

You only hang around others to rid the pain of feeling alone… 105 more words


The vast unsaid

A restless being
dark and powerful
she is the culmination
of voiceless years

The vast unsaid
in every feather
forged from silence swallowed
and quiet, rumbling rage… 104 more words


Damned Happiness. 


Okay how do you begin this? Is this the part am to lie to your faces and waste your precious valuable time, about true happiness and other irrelevant theorems?

1,651 more words
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