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My Room

My Room has four walls


I know each wall very well

I feel safe

My room is black and white

black and white

There is absolutely no grey or pink or purple or green… 93 more words

All I could remember

I stare blankly at the bottle,

and back at the guy and crowd in front of me.

Do it, is all I could hear.

Blasting music hits me like a thunder, 210 more words

Coming Of Age

Advice please, I need advice.

Advice please, I need advice

By: Daniele Brandani

Where should I go?

I need help

I need it so bad.

So many things happening in my life, 193 more words

Poetry Friday

Love at First Sight?

Love at First Sight?

By: Clarissa Ayala



And unprepared.

Eleanor with huge curly red hair

like Hermione in the first Harry Potter movie… 97 more words


Dear Friend,

I remember, her hazel eyes

shinning with the sun,

as if they were synchronized.

Her laugh was music to my ears

the only song I want to hear. 156 more words

Poetry Friday

The Towering Man

The Towering Man.

I read because I want to learn

I read because I can,

yet all I can read is what I am told to read. 147 more words

A Dream

Migrant workers a name that Lennie, George, and many others go by in this time.

No home or steady job alone in the world.

Like a monarch butterfly in October, they move from place to place never settling down. 361 more words

A Dream