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you teased and tortured ~ the strings attached to my heart ~ until you were in — © Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa



it can be daunting ~ when you struggle to shine through ~ but life finds a way — © Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa


Enjoy every single...

**Image found on Pinterest; text box added by Natalie

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Natalie, we hope for you all the best on your upcoming cancer surgery. You have truly been an inspiration for us all!

The Last Lap

When we grow old, we take that last lap not by choice but because that is the way our life has worked itself out. It is difficult to push through the pain to the finish line but we have no choice. 50 more words



softly rumbling stones ~ your voice flows like a river ~ listening to you — © Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa


You are Perfect -- JohnCoyete

Here is a short poem by John Coyote Poetry, Story and Real Life titled You are Perfect, which he wrote for a pretty dancer at the Stray Cat lounge, who is dancing bare-footed and alone on the dance floor. 173 more words

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Musical storm

unravelling sounds ~ in the fragments of my mind ~ a voice-cloud gathers — © Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa