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Living in (and Writing about) the Moment

Poets look for inspiration in their lives like Ponce de León looked for eternal youth in Florida swamps–it’s an endless slog for ideas.

Funny thing is, when you look for the Muse, you seldom find her (it is an elusive “her,” of course). 604 more words


You Cannot Stay

…you’re afraid
if you stay here they might talk
And these nights
you only want to hear someone say, Yes,
I think of these things, too…

162 more words

It's never too late to try

I would like you to read this poem like you were conversing with someone.And that you are the victim of a certain disastrous situation)

Hello,Sorry for your loss, 68 more words


Inspiration 😌💭

Looking for a poem to inspire me and couldn’t find one.

That’s when I decided to just write my own,  hey why not!

This was my way to escape when I was younger and it’s been calling to me again. 43 more words


Poetry Potluck and Inspiration Buffet

Poetry Potluck and Inspiration Buffet

In addition to our daily Poetry Breakfast, each Sunday we will host a Poetry Potluck and Inspiration Buffet.  All poets, from novice to Pushcart nominees are welcome to bring their best dish to the table.  298 more words


Sigh! The Life of a Writer

So, here at the Writers’. Conference in San Miguel when we don’t have a workshop or keynote speaker or open mic ( gulp, I,have it tomorrow!) we lie down for a little nap on the lawn as the fountains play and eager writers have pitches with agents.   60 more words

Roll Over and Write

I am taking lessons from my favourite teacher, Judyth Hill.  Look her up.  Buy her books.  Know that she is a wonderful teacher of poetry.  Don’t ask me how she does it, but she’s got it.   323 more words

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