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Talent is to look at a blank page,
And create a poem.
Talent is to stare into the eyes of fear,
And come out stronger because of it. 135 more words


Smothered - Poetry Prompt

In the United States, yesterday was Mother’s Day. A day where we celebrate the women who have raised us through gifts, hugs, and a promise to not have to cook together. 119 more words


Poetry Prompt #19

What’s this? That up to you and I can’t wait to see what poems turn up in my in box this week in response to this prompt. 63 more words
Poems For Children

Living in (and Writing about) the Moment

Poets look for inspiration in their lives like Ponce de León looked for eternal youth in Florida swamps–it’s an endless slog for ideas.

Funny thing is, when you look for the Muse, you seldom find her (it is an elusive “her,” of course). 604 more words


You Cannot Stay

…you’re afraid
if you stay here they might talk
And these nights
you only want to hear someone say, Yes,
I think of these things, too…

162 more words

It's never too late to try

I would like you to read this poem like you were conversing with someone.And that you are the victim of a certain disastrous situation)

Hello,Sorry for your loss, 68 more words


Inspiration 😌💭

Looking for a poem to inspire me and couldn’t find one.

That’s when I decided to just write my own,  hey why not!

This was my way to escape when I was younger and it’s been calling to me again. 43 more words