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What emotions do you write from? | Let's Talk About It

When I initially started writing poetry, it was because of a boy. Not the happy bits where I was so excited to get to know him and everything was magical. 132 more words


Alimenta-te com Poesia

*imagem retirada da Internet

A vida é poesia.

É saudade e nostalgia. É dor e lágrimas. É profundidade. É instrospeção.

É Família. É Amor. É Coração. 115 more words


Carry On

Some days it feels like it takes forever to peel myself off of the floor
It seems like days before I even open my bedroom door… 306 more words


Cold Mountains Warm Inspiration

When I decide it is a day to take a jaunt around Sky Valley  , I like to start out at the Chamber of Commerce.  Here I find locals with a wealth of knowledge and passion for what is currently happening in the valley. 552 more words

Sky Valley

Chess Game - Original

My life is a chess game.

Where the pawns are my actions/Easily dealt with/Easy to dispose of.

My life is a chess game/Where the knights are my thoughts/Unable to move in a straight line/Allowed to skip over details and reality. 105 more words

Artwork to inspire poetry: Phlox Subulata

Above is a piece of artwork.  The intention is for it to inspire poetry.  Please feel free to use this artwork as inspiration for a poem.


Followup To My Last Poem

I’ve wished before for
A girl or boyfriend solely
as inspiration