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april 14 (chapters on whyte)

I’m in the chain bookstore, trying not to spend money on a thick Mary McCartney cookbook or a flowered pencil case in anticipation of an upcoming week in New York. 250 more words


So Who Reads Poetry?

Who reads poetry?
Mostly other poets.
Some years ago a writer who’s published frequently in poetry and literary magazines nodded affirmatively and countered, “Well, I never read engineering magazines.” 362 more words

april 9 (strathcona)

Reading Didion in bed, my hand on his back. The White Album is an interchange in cloudless heat, or a bead curtain, always clattering against itself. 150 more words


from "breath(en) flux " by Michael McAloran



.…silence yes/ silenced yes/ as if to ever
having done with it/ stripped solace no/
vital lapse in all depth of becoming-un/ as if… 963 more words


"The Aunties" and other poems by Josephine Corcoran


I wouldn’t call it a honeymoon,
those muffled nights in mothballed rooms.
With cake in the boot we pilgrimmed north,
taking a young marriage to old widows, 988 more words

How Words Play

The first blossom of spring...

What a joy it is to open a journal–online or in print–and find your own work included among poems by poets you admire greatly. March 1st has been a special day since several wonderful publications all appeared on the same day. 188 more words

Mary Kendall Poetry

reading spring poems

I’m reading from back issues of WestWard Quarterly, an international print journal, edited by Shirley Anne Leonard, from Hamilton, Illinois USA.

WWQ also has a… 28 more words