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may 22 (vidal)

It’s been raining for days, and though it’s spring the water’s relentlessness surprises me. This is Vancouver weather, or Island weather, and without an ocean nearby to lap up my anomie I only sink. 435 more words


Poetry Ireland Review

Another journal worth noting, Poetry Ireland Review is published three times a year and welcomes poetry submissions from around the world, on any theme, written in Irish or English. 15 more words

Poetry Publications

AND a Poem in Whiskey Island

April’s been a wonderful month for print publications! I was so pleased that editor Amber Taliancich Allen chose this poem from among the ones I submitted, as it was really my own favorite among them. 17 more words

Poem in West Branch

I’m SO proud and happy to have had my poem “For the Albino Deer Shot With a Crossbow By an 11-Year-Old Boy in Howell, Michigan” accepted by this journal, and very grateful to editor G.C.Waldrep. 21 more words

april 14 (chapters on whyte)

I’m in the chain bookstore, trying not to spend money on a thick Mary McCartney cookbook or a flowered pencil case in anticipation of an upcoming week in New York. 250 more words


So Who Reads Poetry?

Who reads poetry?
Mostly other poets.
Some years ago a writer who’s published frequently in poetry and literary magazines nodded affirmatively and countered, “Well, I never read engineering magazines.” 362 more words

april 9 (strathcona)

Reading Didion in bed, my hand on his back. The White Album is an interchange in cloudless heat, or a bead curtain, always clattering against itself. 150 more words