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Poetry journals and magazine submissions

I have put together some magazines and journals that accept poetry submissions below. Check back regularly for updates!


Writing poetry is awesome. There is nothing like getting an idea in your head and then frantically scribbling it down on what ever piece of paper you have at hand. 313 more words


Editor’s Mercy – Part 2

Here’s a sobering thought: even when you receive that wondrous acceptance letter (or email) telling you that The Editor has decided to publish one of the poems you sent him or her, she or he is still rejecting the other two or three or four that were in the envelope (or .PDF). 932 more words


'Delta' and other poems by Stephanie Conn

Wie is de vrouw on de overkant?

Who is the woman on the other side?
It was the only phrase that stuck
in months of pre-trip conversation class. 936 more words

How Words Play

two blackout poems

Original pages from Ekaterina Sedia’s The Alchemy of Stone (top) and Barbara Gowdy’s “Body and Soul” (bottom).

Poetry & Journals


a niece to the republic can-
not eulogize too earnest,
only pronounce that they
offered us anima,
gathered on beaches for
gin & stone singalongs, 40 more words

Poetry & Journals

Curiosity theme for Popshot Magazine

Put your natural artistic curiosity to good use with the latest theme for the lovely, illustrated ‘Popshot Magazine’. Submit up to three poems of no more than 25 lines each by 20 July 2015 at the latest – earlier submission is preferred. 7 more words

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