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The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit

Aye…no matter where we’ve been or where we’re going, ’tis the hills draw us back. [1]

In 2012, Frederick Warne published the first of a trilogy of new tales about Peter Rabbit. 1,211 more words


My dear Eric

My dear readers,

Today I share the second picture letter sent by Beatrix Potter to Eric Moore, sibling to Noel Moore who received the original picture letter for… 503 more words


Analyze This: "Men" by Maya Angelou

When I was young, I used to
Watch behind the curtains
As men walked up and down the street. Wino men, old men.
Young men sharp as mustard.

397 more words

Literary Device: Turn

I’ve used the word ‘turn’ referring to poetry parts a few times and I think it’s about time I go into detail about what that really is. 410 more words


June Thunder, by Louis Macneice

The Junes were free and full, driving through tiny
Roads, the mudguards brushing the cowparsley,
Through fields of mustard and under boldly embattled
Mays and chestnuts…
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Plot in Poetry

A problem I’ve noticed creeps up a lot is the idea that poetry doesn’t really have a plot. This isn’t the case. Poetry can have a plot just like a novel can, it can have a rising action, a climax, a falling action, or just a climax and a falling action, or just a rising action to a climax. 433 more words


The Chameleon, by A.P. Herbert

The chameleon changes his colour;
He can look like a tree or a wall;
He is timid and shy and he hates to be seen, 152 more words