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Poetry Monday

Carry On
The Secret In Their Eyes
Chasing Shadows
Buried Deep

Let me tell you a story
of the girl next door,
who hang out… 98 more words


Poetry Monday #16

Welcome back to Poetry Monday, hope you’ve all had a great day. My parenting poem today is for all the dads out there, I hope you enjoy…. 125 more words

Poetry Monday

we were liars
this is where it ends
pray for silence

I was unbreakable.
No stones could smash
this shield that wrapped
around me like a blanket… 158 more words


Poetry Monday #14

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s poem is one about music, in particular the piano. 136 more words

Poetry Monday #13

Today many peoples thoughts will turn to America and the lives lost in 9/11. I would like to dedicate today’s poem to all the lives lost on that day and since. 195 more words

Poetry Monday

Yes, I know this is like a day late, but I’ve been having a bad case of being unmotivated or being motivated to do the wrong things. 142 more words


Poetry Monday #11

I would first like to apologise as I am aware that I missed last weeks poem post. Hope you didn’t miss me too much. As we are nearing the end of summer I thought the poem below would be quite appropriate… 113 more words