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Poetry Monday #20 - Voices

The voice of reason speaks too low.
It’s always late or doesn’t show.
Mistakes are made.
Words are spoke.
You can’t take back what the world now knows. 33 more words


Poetry Monday: "Dance with Heart"

Happy Monday! Surprise! I’m still here, though I realise that I haven’t posted at all over the past few months. Here is a new poem that I wanted to share, and I’m hoping that I can return to posting once a week again (we’ll take it day by day right now). 274 more words


For Joe.

I always write poetry on Mondays. Today I wrote two. This one is for Joe.



Misguided voices in your head.
Speak of hatred, anger, death.
Whisper signs.
Corrupt your mind.
Silently lie
in wait,
of your last breath.
Don’t give in.

22 more words

Poetry Monday #18 - Selfish

I want you broken, battered, and beat.

I want you on your back unable to stand.

Its more convenient for me.

It satisfies my needs.

97 more words

Poetry Monday #17

Don’t really want to blog. So, I wrote this poem.

Share. Dream. Live.


#PoetryMonday : "Context"


I might tell you how much I enjoy being with you

as if you couldn’t tell

(I am that transparent)

but it would be without true meaning… 123 more words