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Poetry Monday: Tender Buttons [A Long Dress]

by Gertrude Stein

What is the current that makes machinery, that makes it crackle, what is the current that presents a long line and a necessary waist.

60 more words

Poetry Monday: My Light with Yours by Edgar Lee Masters


When the sea has devoured the ships,
And the spires and the towers
Have gone back to the hills.
And all the cities
Are one with the plains again. 92 more words


You look at me,

I look at you,

We’re staring at nothing,

Must mean we’re through…


Ah. Another poem I found in the depths of my notes (on my phone). 10 more words


Poetry Monday: Written for a summer night and shared in winter

I dislike short days and long nights. My favourite part of the day is that grey-pink you get at dawn when the darkness of the sky begins to lift away and the sun comes up. 194 more words


Poetry Monday: It's all started again

Classes have started again properly and we got our first reading list for next week today. I have at least twenty cases to read, and we’ll get another twenty tomorrow for next Tuesday. 202 more words


Poetry Monday: is that another week gone?

So the theme this week is something we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives: love. Now before the eye-rolling starts, some words in my defence… I’ve never been a particularly lovey person. 196 more words