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My lines

We pass each other with a gasp
masked in shades,
deign to see and reconnoitre paths
that led us to this this far-flung age

from limpid pools the damp has crept… 71 more words

Short Thoughts

Prayer At Dawn

For The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #208

 tilt, astray, breeze, awake, bruising, hamper,
instinct, cracks, spirit, staggered, smiled, angle

Poets United: Poetry Pantry #261
http://poetryblogroll.blogspot.com/ 104 more words


Portable Petunias

I planted a garden

filled with white


Their beauty was

a balm to a troubled


When I left that garden

my heart ached so now… 10 more words

tamburina danco/Fortnight for Freedom day 1

Poem shared at Poetry Pantry #257 at Poets United (which is not, actually, an English football team).

poem                                                         translation
tamburina danco                              tambourine dance

en la pin-arbaro                                        in the pine woods… 565 more words

My Poetic Life

socks are underwear, after all!

socks are underwear, after all!

eating spaghetti with a cattle prod
the small byzantine child asks
mother may i keep this fish head
it followed me home… 405 more words

My Poetic Life

fly agaric/Scrivener as a Poet's Tool

fly agaric

this is a picture
of a mushroom
which is poison
it is however quite delicious
choose large ones for grilling
and grease the skillet well… 399 more words

My Poetic Life

When the Consolations of God are Small --- A Sijo Poem

When the Consolations of God are Small
Job 15:28-29

The wicked dwell in desolate cities
Ready to become heaps
They are what they are
Neither shall their substance continue… 401 more words

My Poetic Life