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Mapping memories

Half-remembered place names like half a song of lyrics
– with this roll-call, will they manifest their magic?
conjure spells from spelling? And though still there on the map… 361 more words

Writing Challenges

Years on.....

she’d found
her soul mate
Little did she know
-at the end of her rainbow dreams
-at her passion’s peak
that his quest…

23 more words

A Poem for a Poet

The words that flow or inch their way
from germ of thought to lips,
to point of nib, or fingertips on keys,
can only be caught if you set them free. 105 more words


Paradox of Absolutes

How can we grasp reality
without images and  parables?
We live by laws of nature
and sing our hymns of praise;
reach for heaven
and find infinity and flux, 130 more words


Bonfire Lights

Bonfire Lights

Sparks fly upward
dance in darkness
for one moment.

Then drift downward
on evening breeze
becoming only ash
to be swept aside.

But in that one moment… 27 more words

Poets United


The waiting was breath
held underwater,
the longing was a crushing
ocean wave,
and the scalpel cut
was the sharpness of moonlight
at the end of a stormy day. 126 more words