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Eye candy

autumn crocus mixes up a muddle of metaphor
for the epithet is more vernal than Michaelmas
as Liliales by birth, the flower too is misconstrued… 117 more words

Writing Challenges

But Much More Than That

But Much More Than That

Red-shifted light is

moving away from us at

unimaginable speeds.

Nature’s senescence

will overtake us before

we could conjure a method… 189 more words

who am i?

     d                           d

          e                 e



               deer deer

               deer deer

               deer deer

               d       d

               e       e

               e       e

               r       r

Sumission for Poetry Pantry at Poets United… 17 more words


riddle me this

Let’s dive in to the goodies in the Pantry! Link up your poem, and do visit your fellow poets, in the spirit of reciprocity. Thank you so much for your faithful participation.

90 more words

Diane's garden

More than ever it began as a love of labour
filling the gaping gap of a gardener
a happenstance just then when
I’d lost another kind of ardour… 366 more words

Writing Challenges

2. Discovering the Footprints

How many signs does a doubtful seeker need
to know? for sure the bull is there – right there
foolproof footprints everywhere and just the one creature… 159 more words

Poetry Pantry

Write on number one

here at the coven of controversial virtues
we are iconoclasts welcoming betrayal
gone the old Grand Master, gender born gurus
the silk prophetess handing wisdoms out to all… 161 more words

Writing Challenges