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Weather, or Not

Weather, Or Not

Neither game nor superstition,
January is a shady train taken
in hopes of some mysterious list
of sane gravity, somewhere in
a balmy future. 104 more words


Holy moly!

They say that cats are inveterate snoops
but when the river tossed all thoughts of boating aside
and the rat sat reiterating rhymes
or dozed through long, miry evenings… 233 more words

Writing Challenges

Suddenly a Jay

A dreary winter morning
metamorphoses with the fell
swoop of a jay, a flash of cobalt
among damp fox-brush bracken
and berries lit up like Christmas lights… 48 more words



“A hill, the symbols
of time, the mirror of mind
continuous, motionless,
listening to themselves…” 

free ranging and for the most part motionless
mounds arise in a variety of vertical vestments… 105 more words

Poetry Pantry

Longest Night Yields to Wolf Moon

Longest Night Yields to Wolf Moon


for a time,

lagged behind us

on the longest night

when we would celebrate,

sacrifice animals,

indulge in wine, feast, 344 more words

Cement Shrouds


I used to share a poem on this blog on Sundays, but haven’t done it for ages. Today that will change. Since I’ve been sorting through my old poems in the process of assembling my third poetry book, I’ve been more conscious of my lack of poetry postings. 168 more words

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Rain and romance

Two words trickle out
– rain and – romance
running together in rivulets
drizzle down the glass
imaginary traces of an unhurried scurry of lovers… 127 more words

Writing Challenges