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Comings and goings

The waves are in slow retreat, leaving almost straight and matted tide lines of marine deposits, carried from their distant depths. I pick through them, like remnants in a haberdashery store. 147 more words

Short Thoughts


crumble cubes of common sense
ability barnstorms left handed over right
brain squaring up – superstitious cub devil
may care less for the birds than pillars of salt… 181 more words

Writing Challenges


The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #265

authenticity, talk, love, doubt, pain, tilt,
break, gossip, meet, wild, listen, lean

The Sunday Whirligig: Wordle #76

hush, crying, missing, cheese, chocolate, ending, 165 more words

The Sunday Whirl

Sometimes, Cinderella

Sunday’s Whirligig: Wordle #75

shape, milk, feet, play, bird, car,
dirt, love, brick, theme, diary, pumpkin

The Sunday Whirl: Whirl #26

lightness, bee, cuttlefish, sparkle, shine, flake… 181 more words


Article of Faith

The Sunday Whirl: Wordle #263

bless, only, left, enter, brush, turn,
part, free, plate, cross, post, count

Sunday’s Whirligig: Wordle #74

scornful, harsh, old, silly, cry, serene, 194 more words

The Sunday Whirl

The enchanted pool

Heyday holidays
summertime longer than finger counting hours
shrimp of a boy with his net

prisoner of pirates
walking the fallen tree trunk blind
lagoon lapped toes… 45 more words

Writing Challenges

Mournful in lilac

You are going to ask: and where are the lilacs?
and the poppy-petalled metaphysics?

I’ve neither imagination nor Mediterranean mind
for such a question – only the Norse notion… 186 more words

Short Thoughts