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Mind set

No – she said

No – she repeated

No – she assured me

No – she declared

No – she debated

No – she assumed… 6 more words

Poetry / Poesía

I dreamt about the difference between us and we.

Poetry / Poesía


A highway was opened

Just in front of that

Drive crossing the

Street leading to

A path of roads

Following an avenue

Showing the way

Poetry / Poesía

This morning

Edgar Allan Poe came to visit me this morning to remind me that Leonor was just another unfulfilled love.

Poetry / Poesía

Si pudiera

Si pudiera elegir

Nacería del mismo modo

Con la misma piel y la misma lengua

Si pudiera,

Elegiría mis miedos otra vez.

Poetry / Poesía

A father put an arrow

A father put an arrow in between

His children’s legs.

The child cried

But there was no purpose

Since the arrow stayed within

The father’s children’s legs.

Poetry / Poesía

No silence

There is no silence

There is no silence



No silence

No silence, no silence, no silence

There is

No silence

There is no silence… 27 more words

Poetry / Poesía