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You struck me down with your words from out of nowhere
Words that cut through like a knife
I trusted you with my very life… 107 more words


The Beginning

It had only been about 4 hours since last seeing her that the freshly imprinted memory of her lips embracing his came rushing back into his mind; he could still feel the experience, yet had difficulty putting it into words. 220 more words



With a gentle blink of an eye

Trickles down a smooth blushed path

Drifting pass the tunnel where the air flows free

Slowly and softly brushes over lover’s lane… 40 more words


The Shadow

I glance to the shadows
and what do I see
a darker version
of this thing called me

come into the light
I do invite… 16 more words


{prose} treasure

i gave myself away to everyone 

and then apologized when they came back for more and i was empty

i’m still haunted by how their voices echoed in my chest even after they left –¬† 84 more words

My Three Angels

My Three Angels

I have allowed three Angels in the deepest part of my life
All have proven to be their name sake
Messengers to lead me to the next resting place in God. 16 more words


call me

He travelled from The Border
sentry posters with blue shaded wrongs
ironic litter in Mona Lisa font
incursion vindictive

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