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A collecting weather parking ending
two-man Monday with torching talk
in between the sometimes coin operated reporting
a wet dream in old lady money
cornered-up against morning kitchen gray-scale
Action Man man

Poetry & Prose

How Bonnie to Collide

“The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea.” Vladimir Nabokov

People in our paths, whether they make us cry or laugh, put there day to day, or do not ever stay, the time is always so perfectly timed for a message to be exchanged – a critical point will be met and then you go your separate ways.

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Poetry Prose

The Night & I

I listen to the Night, raucous in its pitch-black silence.
If I scream into the Night, will it swallow all my sounds?
Spit it back out onto another Earth? 208 more words


Fueled Intentions

“No bird soars too high if he soars

with his own wings.” William Blake

Focus – to where do you look? That’s the hook that pulls you forward – over your shoulder to the reapers of the grim past, to your neighbour that has the better grass?

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Poetry Prose

The early stages

Exquisite, the lines of his hands,
As he runs them up my curves
Exquisite, as he squints into the sun,
The shade his eyes turn… 64 more words

Daily Prompt

Poem #17 - If She Believed

If she believed
when the sky scorned her

If she understood
when the ground spat at her

If she hoped
when life screamed at her… 34 more words



Opiates in late-Wiemar
Hope the hope ate noise aberration
a table that doesn’t know fame
printer that can’t print
no cutting laser-light
still in astigmatism

Poetry & Prose