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Take Me

You can take me in your stride and lead me down a road of beauty. Make me see in vivid colours. Living in your story. Let us turn the pages of our book so I can feel the texture of your heart. 53 more words

Poetry & Prose

Belfast rocking

Lamppost hanging faces, black four-by-fours planning interest rates
political electronic tag sonar drowned
girls looked for alcohol, nail varnish, Milan scented cleansers, dipping into petroleum… 26 more words

Poetry & Prose


It’s Friday, you’ve been here since Monday, you’re dying in this hydraulic powered bed
My heart’s had enough of half-hearted tries, need to hit all your mind all over, then backwards we’ll fall into our cage of love… 156 more words

Poetry & Prose

The Last Time. 

Because emotional abuse can be just as destructive as other types of abuse and this was the last time…

“i don’t remember the first time we spoke, 95 more words


Irish times

In an Irish cottage, I burnt to death bees and turf, fire watching fate, Fate
stacked empty plastic milk cartons inside a shed, the one where the animals trip security lights, animals as hares the size of lambs, foresters the size of giants… 84 more words

Poetry & Prose

you are the sentinel

Stand with me,
just long enough
to let the wind carry my fears away.
I saw the glint in your eye,

the one
you let twinkle from the night sky. 94 more words


Bible best

Familial three
mother barren to a point
posse and bread delivery
vandal, criminal, helpful mental addict, minds in a partition
truth misfiring, dead Gods in a drunk’s court… 25 more words

Poetry & Prose