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Maritime Moratorium

“Go with the flow,” you said,

as though it’s easy to ride the current

of these feelings I bleed.

The clouds of my mind obscure the North Star, 35 more words

My First Time

50 Words Story

The dead silence in the room started to fade away with darkness’s long moans. His whispering sounds stirred with my racing heartbeats. His slow steps ordered the moonlight to enter through the cracked window and cleave our shadows. 14 more words

English Poetry

Pawsitively Tuesday - Freddie's Forewarning

 You can’t be vain

dancing in the rain

for it’s a sure bet

your paws’ll get wet

your fur will matt

and you’ll looked like

a drowned cat

Freddie Parker Westerfield

Woven Together

Woven Together

I met him under summer skies

Spring still fresh on lips, in eyes,

Untainted by life’s trials and woes

A stranger to that path, where upon hatred grows. 330 more words

Another Day Someday

Le & La

Salted slate roof stunt fights
tiaras slip from Trans
cloudy diamond dust
track-side variant vole staring rattle snakes
sex revolts and surrenders

Poetry & Prose


Saluting flags of romance
she got busy
travelled real-man incontinent railways
frying, boiling chavs
one purse woman slaps the half-children
tap free soap-water fingers on remotes… 16 more words

Poetry & Prose

Heart on My Sleeve?

I should not wear my heart on my sleeve
Because when I do I leave open for all to see
I should not wear my heart on my sleeve… 221 more words