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Worthy of Love

I am completely overwhelmed and unable to express my feelings in poetry today. My son’s friend was revived from a coma to say his final goodbyes to his own son. 211 more words

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Tell Me:

There were words I wanted to say,

but didn’t know how.

Because how do you explain perpetual heartbreak?

And how do you say “I’m sorry” 154 more words


The Sky Castle

I saw a house floating in the sky. There was nothing underneath it, like an island just hovering. It was the type of island that was born sequestered away from the world. 1,642 more words

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In Defense of A Good Man

Ugly eyes paint a dark love
Spare me your confession
Penned in innocent blood
Never a picture of your lover’s soul
You torture art with the dogma… 109 more words

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Shrove Tuesday & Ash Wednesday

This Wednesday is special. It’s Ash Wednesday, and I love it.

It’s also the first day of Lent. Why is it called Lent? Lent is an old English word meaning ‘lengthen’, and so Lent, observed in spring, is when the days begin to get longer. 607 more words


Storm The Embankments of Your Mind

And suddenly
I feel whole

Loved and not alone

In step and in tune
with the universe around me

Not like before
when nothing made sense… 185 more words

That's Life Jim

Plan -

the plan
run away until death, along the black road for white hope
last month, life ate me up, her too
age and events have given us new lines, inelastic flesh tissue… 52 more words

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