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Level Up

When you depend on your instincts to guide you, only to briefly question if they were valid, or if you were in fight or flight mode. 153 more words

Pretty Boys-I

Long Island Iced Tea

Vanilla, chocolates, sexy pretty next door.

In a black Tshirt that reads a silly sweet quote.

At a wooden table, by the pianoforte, in a quaint, snug restaurant, scrawling away in a tiny, withered notepad. 72 more words

Red Man

I have a Flash Fiction Short Story – ‘Red Man’, published on -http://adhocfiction.com/read/#FlashEbook

It’ll be on there for one week


Poetry & Prose

Love me not

Do not love me
I won’t bring you any good
I will prey on your soul
Whilst you on your knees
Praying for me

Do not love me… 101 more words



The music has always spoken to me. I can lose myself in the backbeat of the bass,the repetitive series of ascending chords, the prevalent melody and complimentary harmony. 61 more words

Changing Lanes

So many adjustments to acclimate myself with.

From two to four. From :20 to :75. From state to private. From over 60 at any given time, to 33 and steadily growing. 112 more words


Supermarket Manager’s tour dates –
Silver shelf with less than silver stains; boy in a hat polishes Ark
Magazine racks resting ethnic-centred porn; sale or return… 56 more words

Poetry & Prose