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Soviet Carpet Factory manager
machine tool light tones
humble torag’s tightropes
anyone’s single tramcars
the leaning towers of coiling wallpaper
tuber and root steam
bright headscarves lip-syncing
life for nothing

Poetry & Prose

Her neurons

He gave up her wanted
dry white bread filler
she’d anticipated tap water
wrong things mounting up
housing waiting list re-homed cats
he’d done a sixteen thousand window pouring… 45 more words

Poetry & Prose

Little Dying

I am discovering new ways to die.

I now die to that which no longer serves me: doubt, fear, grief, impatience.

I now wish to learn through love. 31 more words

Poetry & Prose

(Untitled) Ode to the Odious

Why do we gather in mass to scream and profess?

To proclaim the glory that is our vile detest!

Ode to the odious debt!

In whose name the many have wept, 85 more words


Touched by Grace

I thought I’d lost,

thought I the abandoned

would drag my feet

behind the shadow

of your absence.

My panicked body,

a choking mind grasping… 25 more words

Creative Writing

God's Fault

What system are you going to fabricate tonight?

A clear way to discern black from white?

In which all spoken intuitive fiction

Can become, once and for all, conviction? 234 more words



Mother sickness womb-hover
He Ran ablaze to love in Plaza Towns
acid poured the Conquest
man’s two hands count ten
patterned cantilevers sweat sleep
sun Nation armour

Poetry & Prose