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Wind Up toy

I think I’m losing my child inside me
Now what’s left are just bits of joy
Now from those bits I can clearly see
That life is just a long wind-up-toy

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The Roads

My life on the road has never been any better. I guess growing up with so much negativity in my life I honestly thought I was going to end up going down a very dark road. 1,005 more words

Broken Trust

Trust was broken

You knew it was

But that didn’t stop your

Desire and craving


My hands were tied


Above my head

To the bed… 49 more words


Beyond the horizon they say

Beyond the mountain they say
Lies a valley full of happiness
And I wonder why it is
That they say but never go

Beyond the ocean they say… 112 more words

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I've lost it all

I’ve lost it all, I’ve lost my way

I’ve lost my smile, or so they say

I’ve lost my will to go ahead

I’ve lost myself, I’m lost today… 195 more words

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The drawback of knowledge

In my world of colour
Where the combinations were plentiful
I had embraced the sunlight
With the notion that I would see more

But I do not know why… 87 more words

My Poems And Sayings