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Get Your Poem On/ 31 4 Horse Reading

           Several times a year, Bob Quatrone curates the 4 Horse Readings at the Cornelia Street Café in Greenwich Village, NYC.  He invites me to be part of it, and I am thrilled to be asked.  177 more words

Poetry In NYC

Two Readings

We had a busy week with readings at Manor College in Jenkintown, Pa. and at The Cafe Lodge in Bethlehem, Pa. Thanks to the students at Manor and to Mark and the open mic poets who read at  Cafe The Lodge. 12 more words

You and I; The Intimate Twins. Poetry reading. To: My Love.

You and I.

Are perfect….


Obserd but sounds good to my soul to hear it, maybe the word fits.

It can be easily explained but our complexity is vast. 113 more words


Nina Yin reads her Buddhist love poetry. Slam poetry.

They say that a lotus flower can only bloom in the mud and peace can only be found in poverty

That a fool that knows they are a fool is truly wise… They say that life is suffering… 135 more words


Nowhere Fast - Nina Yin ; poetry reading, slam poetry.

Going nowhere fast.


I’m going nowhere fast/my present my past,

walking barefoot miles on glass and burning coals,

I’m completely submurged but I’m yearning growth, Stuck in my youth… 169 more words


"I Come from a Family of Strong, Strong Voices": An Afternoon with Aja Monet

I kept looking over my shoulder but I couldn’t find Aja Monet among the teachers and organizers gathered in the back of the filled Grace Allen room at the University of South Florida. 653 more words

A poetry reading

Some time ago a friend suggested adding a poetry reading, yes, my voice.

I have no idea how to get rid of the picture, so sorry about that. 15 more words