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Poetry Show stats round up: October 2015

Have you ever wondered how a start-up project gains traction, or what social media platforms help grow a community? Well, I have started a project that I am hoping to grow and will be tracking the effectiveness of my efforts as I go. 1,070 more words

Seventh Poetry Show on Writing, Friendship and Travel

On my seventh podcast poetry show I talk about travel and my travel companions; my writing, a book, and a camera. I read my poem, ‘A Baby Paradise’, and describe the analogy of life and death. 290 more words

Maria Grujicic

Fourth Poetry Show on Beauty, Love & Friendship

Listen to ‘Speaking to The Universe’ spoken word to music introduction of my fourth podcast Poetry Show.

Travel allows us to do things we don’t normally do.

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Maria Grujicic

New Poetry Show on Travel Abroad

Hi and welcome to my first poetry show. You’ll be listening to stories about life, love and travel, and how they inspired my poetry. It’s a Sunday morning here in Frankfurt and I’ve just made myself a cup of tea. 323 more words

A Journey

Learning How to Create My First Podcast Episode

Have you ever thought of starting a podcast? Learning anything new seems so abstract and overwhelming at first. I’ve decided to take it one step at a time.

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toxic instinct

addiction looks

like the

knife gleaming

in his hand

preparing the

dinner we

used to have every

night as a family. 

every lonely night that… 97 more words

Meeting my poetry hero!

The west end cultural centre was squished with young and old bodies, sitting in chairs, it was jam packed at 8 pm. There was guys, who were dragged alongside girlfriends, the boyfriends who would much rather be at home watching the news, or watching football or anything else but a poetry reading. 184 more words