Thanksgiving: A Day of Mourning

There aren’t just bad people that commit genocide; we are all capable of it. It’s our evolutionary history.

James Lovelock

If you are interested in learning a different story of what happened after the pilgrims reached Plymouth Rock, please read on!

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Other Midwestern Thangs

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Thanksgiving will never be the same for Midwestern Plant Girl. We can and should be thankful for our many blessings but with knowledge about the past.


Is roasting
Dressing inside
Lush savory yams
They are grandmothers pride
Beans in mushrooms are espied
All of the guests now have arrived… 54 more words

I'm Thankful In So Many Ways

I’m thankful in so many ways
For moonlit nights and sunny days
A million stars at which I gaze 149 more words

Addendum, Afterword, Postscript

I found this graphic and liked her “should I or shouldn’t I” thoughts.   A little follow-up poem from yesterday.

Some things they cannot be repaired… 182 more words

Hurt Feelings

How do you say your feelings are hurt
Without hurting the feelings of another
For if and when you ever do 22 more words

How to save a life

Small music on my mind

Brings me to you

In a haze of humiliation and bemusement

I remember those drowning days

Of pained misery

Here I am, standing the way I am supposed to be, stilled and silent… 128 more words