Things That Are Tightening My Jaw

  • Crosswalks — When did ROADS, BY-WAYS and THOROUGHFARES become a non-people-moving morass of Whole Foods shoppers, post-gym lallygagging sweat bodies, and that invisible pedestrian every one  slows down for because — there’s a crosswalk.
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Pozabila sem, kako dobro se prilegaš mojim dlanem,
kako zlahka moji prsti drsnejo med tvoje,
ko me gledaš s toliko neizrečenega,
da se sprašujem, če se drugim okoli naju… 97 more words


Rude 🙃

To call someone a Rube,

Is really quite rude.

So what if she is a little crass?

Or spends the day scratching her ass? 9 more words

Silly 🙃

“I’m a Creature of habit,” she said,

As she sat propped up in her bed,

For the Prompt she did wait,

Looking precisely at eight, 9 more words

Trumpet 🎺

Getting that perfectly toned Trill,

Was definitely a honed skill.

I practiced night and day,

To get it just the right way,

And I wish that I could play that way still…

Photo by me.

Mental Health

Power 🌸

As much as I doth protest

I absolutely must Confess

The restorative power

Of a hot-water shower

And a beautiful flirty dress.

Image from Pixabay

Silly 💋

She was looking for pure Bliss

upon her first kiss.

Instead she did get

a face slobbery and wet

and she knew that boy was a miss.

Image from Pixabay