It's not about anything other than control

The splinter sometimes works its way through

Just deep enough under the skin

To provoke the split

Between outside and in

A view through the haze… 84 more words

Allegiance to the static

You can take my mind on an adventure

Show it the world, let it sin and stain

Until it becomes static

A head on the shoulders… 63 more words

Falt For A Reason ..

We laughed a little , bragged in riddles , and played our parts like fiddles . Never knowing that we were made so brittle . How could we support the idea of being each other equal . 168 more words


Tips for my Daughter, How not to get raped PT 2

My beautiful one

I will supply you with the armour

The escape plans, the bullet proof vest

Underwired but appropriately covered

You can follow in my footsteps… 99 more words

Tips for my daughter, How not to get raped. PT one

There is a time to please, to appease, to apologise

For the tease, for existence

To apologise for the breasts, and the audacity

To want ownership, to be landed gentry of the manger… 98 more words

DreamNinja POETS...#7


In a world gone frantic

Always keep both heart and dream alive

Remember, like a cyclone ever growing- the only safe and sure ground… 31 more words