The BUTTERFLY effect

Mesmerizing beauty,
gentle creature of change,
ripples in the water,
you have that effect.
Gentle little Butterfly,
dangerous for time and space.
Change can happen in a second and… 64 more words



Going back to you is like crawling back home. It’s sweet and warm and known and there is something rotten in it. I want to curl up amidst the rot and let it cover me because a home is a home and you are mine.


Hard as stone, soft as a feather

If you are a people’s pleasure, only to have friends. if you are someone, everyone could use as they like, because they can, and you let them, also you want to feel part of something. 338 more words


Electric Fences

My body felt different being touched when I was younger
Back then,
When someone else’s fingers landed on me for the first time
It was like porcelain butterflies and sugared violets on top of a creamy cake… 258 more words


WORLD POETRY DAY 2017: A New Poem by Juan-Paolo Perre -"A Nomad's Ode to Shame"

In celebration of World Poetry Day, a new poem by  Juan-Paolo Perre. Author of the Legacy Poetry Prize-winning book, “A Confederacy of Joy”, this poem,  … 27 more words


To the girl who breaks the hurt of the guy I love

To the girl who breaks the heart of the guy I love,

I don’t understand why I’m wasting an ample amount of time writing about you. 462 more words

Happy Holidays from Brownstone Poets

Happy Holidays from Brownstone Poets


May the season bring peace of mind, joy, and hope.

Winter Solitude

by Matsuo Bashō

Winter solitude–

in a world of one color

the sound of wind.