Magic Carpet

On magic carpet let me soar
Exciting places to explore
In misty clouds I’ll make my way
View wondrous sights throughout the day 60 more words

Six Word Saturday ~ Life

I Want a Brand New Deck

A shuffle of confusion
A muddle is but life
A shamble of illusion 17 more words

Blog Garden ~ Pansy

I spotted some lovely pansies
As through the park I strolled
Their colors were so pleasing
And delightful to behold Pansies are for remembering 28 more words

Quotation Death

I want to be all used up when I die.
George Barnard Shaw Not long on this earth
Our stay is short and brief 29 more words

Girl Talk

He never says I’m sorry
He never has remorse
He never apologizes
Though he’s always wrong of course

He must make reparations
Get down upon his knees… 57 more words


Walk in the Woods - Again

I took a walk into the woods
Tho’ I’d walked there once before
This time set in an ivied wall 60 more words