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I love the sound
of a traveling train
piercing through
a dark night
just before
break of dawn.

How I love the waxing
and waning whistle, 62 more words


La luna es una ausencia

Y tú, ¿quién eres de la noche errante
aparición que pasas silenciosa,
cruzando los espacios ondulante
tras los vapores de la nube acuosa?

negra la tierra, triste el firmamento, 75 more words


Soul Music

Striking sounds of silver and gold

Float through the open window,

The sun is lazy in its waking.

Soul songs stir through the night

And play until the dawn; 36 more words

adam’s apple
everywhere an i love you
can live



Here she is.

Who is she?

Why is she here?

What is she doing?

She didn’t know what to do

when she was looking there at you. 27 more words


My love, you're a beautiful downfall

*My love, you’re a beautiful downfall*

Downfalls are supposed to hurt a lot,
but you fell like a rain on a Saturday morn
and brought along a thousand whims of galore. 130 more words


The Message; You Keep Calling!

• Calling, Your love keeps Calling; the destination, deeper!

• Closer, to get Closer to Your heart; where my heart is going. Softly, tenderly; Your love keeps Calling! 191 more words