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We haven’t seen one another
For an age, swept along
By life’s ceaseless currents.

But like the eternal sun
Your presence blazes,
And I stay grateful… 9 more words


Maine's Poem To Alden

Wasn’t able to watch AlDub for so long until this noon. The part where Maine, in her teary-eyed facial expression read her written poem to Alden left me both overwhelm and dying of  366 more words


You & I

Crying over a heartbreak,  sitting on bar stool, with her head hanging low like the moon, she sat, and sipped her drink, hoping it would numb away the pain, hoping it would bring back the parts of her he took. 426 more words


Rojo pasión.

Y el brillo de sus ojos,
Como el rojo pasión de sus uñas,
perdió fuerza
y se convirtió en granate.

Leonor Emejese

Time to leave the past

leave the past
but keep one memory
or what else could there be?
now is not lived by writers
documenting decend and ascend.


Recovery Soldiers

An honourable, challenging task

helping others along their path

surrendering one’s free time

to encourage those who hold a past

one that is so similar to mine… 199 more words



I have this fear.
The fear of losing our trees.
Because by that time we are all too late.
They are Gods little miracle.
They give the chemical to help us breathe.

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