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Our Field Is The World

Our field is the world!–let us forth to the sowing,
O’er valley and mountain, o’er desert and plain,
Beside the still waters through cool meadows flowing, 273 more words


Coffee Crossroad

This morning I am sitting with a mug of coffee.

Also a blank notebook and I wrote this haiku:

An empty paper
A pencil forms sentences… 8 more words


Katauta - Always

Katauta – Always

You were always mine

There was no undoing it

I am ever yours

© Ann Bagnall and AnnieB222.com, 2015.



I want to believe

but I am suffocating

on fear, doubt, and tears.

Dawn Serene | ©


The Longest Walk

It was midnight.
We were walking side-by-side on a dark street.
It may mean nothing to you; but to me,
those were the sweetest steps I’ve ever taken in my whole life. 71 more words

Longest Walk



The conjured word was sans, not Stan’s. She mistakenly mishears it for Stan’s. She always hears the possessive in voices, delirium induced by lust from another man. 74 more words