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Dreams of how wrong it is to dream

Over and under my head just keeps thoughts warm

Never deny what you don’t see

Because murmurs in your sleep don’t compare… 19 more words

alchemy (a poem)

i died tonight. again.

this is just me grasping at straws
but fuck- did you feel that?
electricity pumps through my veins, “keep me alive”, i say… 365 more words


Never Present

Never present.

We live in a dream space

Past regrets may get us down or

we stuff them into a closet and go on

stoically, in denial, 89 more words


“Whetted” by Scott Sparks

To be unlike
Those swallowed by vice
Remaining further awake
Not so easily enticed
To set things right
Sleep for such sacrifice
Remaining further awake… 81 more words


For a moment I was convinced that I loved you,

But it seems as though I only loved the idea of you.


did i tell you this already

the stray cats have made a treaty with the raccoons
even though the cats eat with their faces shoved
into the food bowl and even though the raccoons use their dirty little fingers… 74 more words


Beware of Darkness (worth repeating)

Watch out now, take care, beware of

falling swingers, dropping all around you;

The pain that often mingles in your


Beware of Darkness

Watch out now, take care beware the… 98 more words