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The Flowers in Me


They wilt and move

inside me,

as if a breeze

courses through my body

as wind weighs

wheat panicles

in the grass… 9 more words


Dreams Spark Reality


Have you ever had a weird dream or nightmare and wondered what it meant? A majority of the time we don’t remember our dreams after we wake up, but why do we remember certain ones? 753 more words

Michigan Tech Poem

From Alma Mater Vol. 1: The Midwest. Available Now!

*Michigan Tech*

My, what lakes the mind can surf
With all the discoveries
We find;
At Michigan Tech, we inspect global turf, 172 more words



you gave me midsummer lilies
one-week-bloom once-a-year
birthday lilies (you knew nothing of it),
ever rarer than cherry blossoms
and more impassioned, too
with scarlet pollen on the stamens: 70 more words


Sinners in Ignorance

How can you repent sins that you are ignorant of?

Ignorance of sins committed from joy and love.

To the devout and saintly, these transgressions are plain as day, 106 more words


Sorry for your heartbreak but I am moving on

I’m sorry for your heartbreak that someone caused you a great pain that my love was unable to take away.  I tried so hard to make you feel at ease to take away the pain but your pain was bigger than your love for me. 173 more words