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Tragedy 🌬

Lips so smooth 👄 Taste so sweet 👅🍭 You lust even more.
So hot 🔥 You can’t get enough. You have to fight to control yourself💪🏼 32 more words


The Princess and the Pea

Nightmares flicker over the taut sliver of skin,

I watch as she twitches – her veins run electric blue

as if she carries lightning in her blood, 52 more words


Limey skin cells scrape off the sheets

and clump under curled fingernails.

The dusty thought of false fatherhood collects

under pillows –

a cloying pigment that diseases my sleep… 48 more words

Working at a Cellphone Company

You tell me about everything—
why you’re here and
how your plan started
what was wrong with your phone and how
you dropped it in the lake… 84 more words


The Dash Between The Years

This complete life
Has been about nothing
But having it all
Ripped away and pulled out from under
Glorious arms and legs
Made stronger
Never getting a free ride from…

17 more words


The rest melts away
Dripping away
Coating the memories
Clouding the past
No longer immersed
With was or pre
Brought back
To the current… 20 more words