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Ghosts in broad daylight
take life from empty laughter
and resonate ’til it swallows me.
It lives in the shadows
in holes I didn’t know were there. 72 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

I like to believe that we

helped put a stop to world war three.

We’re unsung hero’s who delayed the rise… 29 more words


misused wishing

walk, yourself out

of this wishful,

wide-eyed glimmer.

sling, the red cape of

shame – over your back

as you turn towards

the closest, fire exit. 20 more words

Daily Tea & Thought

City-Styled Country Heart

City-Styled Country Heart

Had my fill of the ladies who all thought I was crazy but we never had debated what I wanted from them… 1,019 more words


{name calling, poems, March 2017}

barton smock
March 2017

self-published, available here:


book preview on site is book entire

it’s yellow

free PDF copies to anyone requesting, also free hard copy to anyone interested in reviewing / all requests as such can be sent to me at bartonsmock@yahoo.com… 11 more words

Like the confusion about light years

Just like the confusion over light years-

Unit of time? Unit of distance?

Grief is more than ordinary synonyms

Loss, sorrow, mourning.

No, grief is a place you go sometimes… 130 more words

Child Advocacy


I know you watched my misery like a circus show. I know you fed on my heartache like a starving murder of crows.

But when I am removed from your lives, you fall apart each and every time. 121 more words