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#77 (Curse)

A cactus curses

against the encroaching storm.

Let the winds break free.


Tal vez

Tal vez deseaba ahogarme

Tal vez deseaba perderme en el fondo del mar

Tal vez deseaba estar a la deriva

Kindred spirits...

Kindred spirits

from another place in time.

Whispers of love

fade away in the night


dear pretty little thing

dear pretty little thing,

stop crying for the boy
who couldn’t love you
the way you deserve
to be loved.

like the delicate flower you are. 80 more words


Silver trinkets fill the sky with twisting clicks,
around and around they go, until
I brush them aside, fingers, feathers, talons,
they are all the same. 60 more words


Reality Check

​It’s getting cold, but not nearly as cold as my soul. I see the trees losing their leaves as I am losing hope – but they are to be reborned… well what of my rebirth? 203 more words

Listening to myself

I can't find my voice, I can't find my voice, 
I cried. 

A loud sound I hear, a keening, a song
An insecure blowing of a horn 
But I can't find my voice, I can't find my voice. 83 more words