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One month anniversary

I’m still around, plugging away on my next book, in between working and living life. It has gone way beyond my expectations and just wanted to let anyone who didn’t catch it the first time around, that it can be found on Amazon. 34 more words



Keep on crawling to the edge
of his love

Keep on falling off the ledge
from his shove

Keep on calling
though he’s not home… 81 more words



Early days of this summer and of you and me,

sometimes gentle and at times uncomfortable,

like a lump in the throat when swallowing a mouthful of feelings… 38 more words


A blink and the dust brown fur melts into the background

but wait

a white tail bounces toward

the brambles.

Watching the white ball of fluff, 25 more words


It's Time

Extreme fragmentation grips our world at the moment. The fighting, the arrogant ego-driven stances within each of the A and B camps continues. Fragmentation and division are not bringing us towards a better world. 154 more words


“Never say ‘Rabbi’ in a boat!”

“Never say ‘Rabbi’ in a boat!”

Owan: Never say ‘rabbi’ in a boat.

Duloe: Rabbi? It should be ‘rabbit’, never say ‘rabbit’ in a boat; though, saying that, saying ‘rabbit’ in a boat doesn’t make much sense either, but it makes more sense than ‘rabbi’. 126 more words


Just another poem about love.

I hadn’t known love growing up.

Not that I hadn’t ever been loved

But too often that love was shadowed by rage.

Violence was common, but yelling was how we were taught to communicate. 219 more words

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