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Left and show the Isles of Wonder

A relation to keep away and detach

The mechanism still exists to see and ponder

To see and ponder on this patch. 71 more words


Waiting in Time

The hour discusses my longings
few score at the heart of what is bore
into eternity that lay prostrate
I lay to reason with all beginnings… 64 more words


the joke, poem by Charles Bukowski

the joke
by Charles Bukowski

it often happens when the party is
going well,
somebody will say, “wait a minute, that
reminds me, I heard this… 285 more words


Easter Saturday

Even in the belly of the dead Christ bacteria
Breed. The cold flesh stirs to a murmur of trapped gas,
Blood pools in purple blooms along the back… 43 more words


Soul Whispers~by Neetu Wali

Soul Whispers

Eyes open wide and deep
Lips slip a smile
As eyes touch your heart
Sun of wisdom rises
And every dark corner wisens… 26 more words


Submissions Are Open : Other News ::


i’m david.

just want to let you know that while i prepare to move to portland in early may (holler), submissions are open — which also includes the ASK BRIAN section that’s new to us. 102 more words


National Poetry Month, Day 19: Kenneth Koch

Today’s poem is a favorite of mine. It’s the poem my brother read at my wedding, in fact. A good love poem is a difficult thing to do well–love, it turns out, is not unique, and often poems that are truly about love–and not about, say, the loss of love–can sound trite very quickly. 303 more words