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has the proliferation of social media engendered terror?

a cloud-shroud encircles the mountains
but sun breaks through
diffusing soft light on the lake
that dances in the breeze.
why am i not at peace? 212 more words


We Could Be

The irony is not lost on me because all I ever do is sit here and think about how we cover old wounds while we wait for the moment we won’t have to do it anymore… 116 more words


Wrath Of Retribution


Hardwired by the blunt reality

Of a world underneath the surface

What the privileged refuse to see

And the ignorant cannot believe


Fugitive of a wildly desperate mind… 125 more words

Images And Words

My Momma, My Best Friend

My momma, my best friend. She was there from the
beginning and I will be there until the end.
She wasn’t always perfect, making many mistakes. 262 more words


Rainbows and Roses

Rainbows and Roses

I’d love to have been there when you spoke

And the stars started to shine

When your hands set up the tall and mighty pines… 194 more words


the pogues are on the radio

Starring into the well

the beer left floating in the glass

I see the juices flow

People come in and go out

Walking to 96th street… 142 more words


slowly the gull banks gracefully into the sky,
pauses and descends into the coiling wind
the winds serpent bite piercing exposed skin

a dog watches, sniffing the air for signs… 84 more words