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Micropoetry - Within (1)

Micropoetry – Within (1)

It seems

An instant ago

He lived

Within my heart

Now he drifts

Too far

To far to hear me call… 10 more words


The Last Messenger

The Last Messenger

When I write

It’s as if I’m possessed

With writing meaningful rhymes

I am obsessed

But I just don’t do it for the flow… 187 more words


Can't Outrun a Gun

Can’t Outrun a Gun-song lyrics only

Before you walk away

There’s just one thing I must say

Yeah, justice will be served

And you will surely pay… 363 more words



We were two kids playing with a toy called love.

Play dates were great fun.

Until the toy broke,

And it was time to grow up.

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015



Time never heals,

Love does.


Visiting bees

A summery challenge from Carpe Diem this time, inspired by blogger Laura Williams.

My garden is full of bees at present, so I give them a little mention. 21 more words


Loves Not Enough

Loves not enough

Enough to bind the wounds together

Enough to make all of the pain go away

To turn back what has been done… 100 more words