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Obligation is lack

That which is obligated is not seen right and what is not seen right, thus cannot become right because obligation is lack. Everything done is obligation, even if done for love, but if the love adds to he who loves as also adds to he who is loved, thus the lack is subtracted and it is no longer and has also become as if it never were… 17 more words


Flash me and Woo me!!

Flash Me and Woo Me!!!

Flash Fiction and Poetry now being accepted

Show me your writing style and craft me some awesome fiction and poetry for your chance to be published in the November Opal POV. 12 more words

Opal Publishing

It’s important you fly everyday,
just rise up, soar into the sky and swim through the air,
look good everyday if this makes you feel good all day, 30 more words


The Wordysmith

Raise your glass to the word,

O’ to the word, the word, my friends,

Be drunk, debauched on poem and prose,

That takes us hither to the unknown, 207 more words


the wind whistles through my house
brushing papers off my desk
pushing paintings off the wall
it makes a warpath down the hall
everything standing in opposition… 25 more words


The Moon

The moon
who is lovingly personified as
bà Nguyệt (lady Nguyệt) or
chị Hằng (sister Hằng) in Vietnamese

having its etymology
in the Sino Vietnamese word Hằng Nga… 75 more words


Mama Said They'de Be Days Like This

I’m mad at society. I’m mad at you and me.

My grandmother warned my mama

And she didn’t believe her, but she learned the hard way… 283 more words