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Dance with the clouds.

Walking this path more often than not gasping for breath, it feels possible.

If I just make it that final mile, those last few steps for ascension, impossible seems inevitable. 37 more words


the wind howled

the wind howled

through the masts
like a thousand mournful dogs

all i heard
was the moaning
of the lost
and the grieving

it brought me… 12 more words

Nikon D3300

Dance again

Written for my first love.

Do not weep for your yesterday , find hope in your tomorrow.



I grabbed
for a star

it did not
exactly slip
through my

tried to
cut out a
square piece
of ocean

a cloud… 20 more words


The Cause of War - Alyssa Barrett

The Cause of War

The cause of war is preparation for war,

soldiers boots on the ground,

the sound of gunfire,

a flag waving in the wind. 70 more words


You Remind Me

You remind me of 70s acoustic, playing in a classic car on a summer day.

You remind me of the sunset in a beautiful grassy place. 139 more words


Books without pictures.

‚ÄčI never liked books with pictures,

it made me think my imagination is taking a break from the sewn words on the pages,

it was like coming out of the world I created while reading between the lines and suddenly, … 121 more words