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Its either shine with laughter

Or whine with tears.
Its either the glazy crescent
Or hazy clouds.
Its either the flattery coffee

Or its bittery beans.

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Silence has two sides.

And when she sat in it, I could see little innocent demons inside her eyes. She wouldn’t say much, but I could see the matches being lit; I had never seen sparks so pretty. 78 more words


Poetry Begins with Play

Many writing workshop teachers reserve time in April or towards the end of the school year for a poetry unit. Up to that point, the structures, craft moves, and conventions for information, persuasive, and narrative writing are the focus of most minilessons in writing classrooms. 638 more words

Writing Workshop


When you ask him if he’s crying and he says it’s just dust in his eyes, believe him.

If you see marks echoed in their palms and their fists remain clenched, don’t pry their fingers open. 192 more words


Dressing in the Dark

i fish

in the lingerie drawer

for the black stockings

i know by their silken feel.

sirens drown in the river,

and I dress in the dark, 25 more words



by Verda Bastian
April 27, 1909 (Age 12)

Vacation is almost here,
The happiest time of the year,
And children will play,
All the live long day. 45 more words


Short story: The Five Orange Pips by Arthur Conan Doyle, from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Recommended.

Poem: Mother and Child by Judith Beveridge, listened to on the Poem of the Day podcast, from April 2017. 24 more words

The Ray Bradbury Challenge