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Becoming Myself 

Becoming yourself is a beautiful, crazy, messy journey filled with tears, heartaches and laughter.

It took me while to realize that through the ups and downs, God was slowly shaping the woman I am today. 117 more words

2 Haiku


Ocean heard through walls

The slow roll of TV sounds

An inner sadness.


Towels folded like

The sky is indiscernible

But we are nothing. 7 more words


I Pushed Skip, But The Song Kept Playing

This party has been over
For a long time
Everyone left
Especially us
You made the first move
You made the last move
You moved with the music… 116 more words


A New Refrain

When I refrain from

causing myself and others

pain, it’s likely I’ve

not hopped some habitual

train, but stopped, looked, and listened.



It Is What It Is

This is the power
Being turned off
This is the light
Growing dim
This is the smile
Slowly fading
This is her
Running from him… 27 more words


Roo's Poems: 

Untitled Journey 1.1

In the end of my dreams

the sky turns cream

the heavens open up

my arms open wide,

blood bleeding down to my side…

149 more words


Caked by the moon’s blood
It was our virginal touch
I thought of you
As a wolf howling for mystery

As we silently
Touched without a sigh… 41 more words