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Put The Caution Tape Away, Dear One

Isoceles is oceans and currents
Currently on mute
So you may not have heard this
It’s my heart speaking to you directly
Speaking through me… 196 more words


Redressing The Grievous by Dennis Allen Lange

Repeat a lie, repeat a lie,
Like ocean waves that batter,
And people will believe the lie
And nothing else will matter.

Expose the lie and spread the truth, 35 more words


Hola, Mexico

I could get used to this sunburn. It’s growing on me, masquerading as blush, merging my freckles into a fake tan.

I could get used to this beach. 42 more words



I am coming out

No longer holding back

The bubbles


Deep inside my heart

The bubbles are

Many ideas deep inside

They are ideas…

215 more words

When you find her

When you
Find her

Keep her
For good

She goes
Let her

She comes
Let her

Only then
She loves

Its always
About her

Never ever
About you


◉ BFM #2.

(Black FATHERS Matter)

More, the spirit of war fights without
A knowledge of what it’s fighting for
Confined in its flaws & its frustration
Blind to sure laws & pure defamation… 109 more words


Late blossoms

half the trees blossom in this old apple orchard. The rest never bother, having died years ago 285 more words