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My Bitter Morning Coffee

The word is like acid on your tongue but it melts in my mouth.
I kiss it ‘good morning’ and ‘good night.’
You claim ‘queer’ is a slur, 121 more words


Clear Night Sky (Poem)

The sun begins to slowly set and the moon slowly comes out to take the sun’s place only for a few hours

The busy city still works but forget to notice the night sky that shone brightly and how peacefully it came to our world… 40 more words



Come back for me.

Not to my flesh,

Or wits.

Not to the moments we already spent,

Or the versions,

We made up in our head. 111 more words


LOCAL VIEW --Of Polar Bears And Rainbows--

Sometimes we so-called adults take our problems too seriously. We forget the story has a happy ending, as we climb the stairs to our personal gallows. 1,842 more words



Now and then, I with all of my senses hear,

opaque sounds, that can not last,

but seem to float from a place quite near… 37 more words



Inside the squirrel cage

round ‘n round

someone’s working very

hard to get somewhere.

Round ‘n round

you’re getting stronger

lungs filled with

fresh air… 87 more words



All’s fair in love and war,
How many times have you heard that,
But has it ever crossed your mind,
That it can be unfair as well? 92 more words