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E. H. 🍃

Chlorophyll is rape, in a sense.
If that’s what you’re into.


She was the one who made me belive in happiness.

She was the one who was there two years ago, With me.

And now,

I think she dosen‘t need me anymore.

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Is this seat taken?

I’ve been watching you for a long time

And I love you.

I know where you hid the

Nike sweat socks and the

now-salmon stretchy shorts… 177 more words

Haiku - Beware/People

Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge – 8 – Beware & People


Nightwatchers beware
people roam about
leading to intrigue

Hélène Vaillant©


Hand Of Dictation

For Years She Was Silenced,
Resentfully Unaware..
Of the Power She Held,
Within Her Care.

As She Awakened This Power,
Others Saw Its Use.
They Siphoned This Energy, 167 more words



You should not want
for a love like mine.

For mine is the result
of a thousand loves
that spanned the course
of history.
Do you really think… 181 more words


Waking Up In Buenos Aires, by Jared M. Gadsby

Waking in Buenos Aires
      (and remembering Carver)

by Jared M. Gadsby

Only after a week
do I remember
that this city
was one of the last places… 166 more words