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Confused Mannequin

They call her mannequin, like a little doll

Porcelain allure, she’s everything you admire

Burns the hearts of men in savage fire

Liars, Liars

She whistles their deceit beckoning them like a siren… 95 more words

Freedom's Embrace

“Child of love’s loins; Life of love and limb! Why are you trapped in an open box,

Washing tear stains off a paper cup, imprisoned by your own choosing? 122 more words



From life and its

pleasures, yous chose

a long time ago to chisel

me out and distress me

to quite

another place.

You laced me with the… 86 more words


Wandering Nights

She goes out drinking, partying all night,

God in the back of her mind

Comes home and repents

Does it all again

Goes out and has her body corrupted… 88 more words


A Friend of Mine 

​A friend of mine, asked me, “How are you?”

“Where had you been from such a long time?”

“I asked for you, every place I had known.” 249 more words


From a distance, though covered in green…

I hear the thundering orchestra, of something unseen…

Pleading the winding path to reveal

What the cloak of leaves conceal… 290 more words


Getting It Out

Its inside of me, I just know It is.

If only I could manage to get It out.

Nobody realizes Its in there,

Only He and I know. 27 more words