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When Mercury is in retrograde there’s a good chance everything will go wrong.

Yes….yes it does.

It is also a time for introspection. It’s possible these are the times we learn the most about ourselves without even realizing it…if we are open to it. 22 more words


Divergent Bearings

An eternal chasm a generational rift it appears will never be breached

A vicious reoccurrence creating barriers insurmountable never perceived

Creating situations ponderous a familiar reminder of a path now in disuse with no reprieve… 162 more words



For you……

First you were just words
Clever thoughts on a page
You made me laugh
Long before you knew of me
Distractions at the best time… 101 more words


Poem #10 - Fog


Clawing through the bitter haze,
they surround his decaying flesh.

Tainted by Hades’ breath;
Nightwatchers greets him with Devil’s kiss.

A gurgle from his gullet. 19 more words



there’s been way too many already

looking back

into that fearful void of waste

disappointment a leech in distress

as a new breath arrives

a new vibration to embrace… 26 more words


by nature

I was born
on egg shells
the world
deprived of me
by nature worn
I was something else
sore to the touch
or broken with ease… 50 more words



There’s nothing to see here
so they called it a Heritage Visitor Attraction
they opened an information centre
had descriptive boards at various locations
to explain what you weren’t looking at… 67 more words