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July 6

Another day breaks
like a bone,

dragging me along
to my chagrin–

another night
is gone before

it’s gone, at least
that’s how it felt… 44 more words

Poet's Lament

Black is to the night
as pain is to the poet
like wisps of smoke
solidified on paper,
heartache carried home
on pathways of ink, 17 more words


Back to the garden

June brought much-needed rain, a little late for the peas, which were sparse and small this year, but in time to nourish the later-bearing vegetables. Zucchini and beans abound. 296 more words


To peel back lack

To see something rich or pleasant, one has to peel back lack; but lack cannot be pealed unless lack is noted.  Now then, lack is worthless if nothing is done about it.


The world is frowning today

The world is
Frowning today
Debating about
Greece and

Signs of
Upon us
Send shivers
All around

Holy War! 19 more words


That Seventies Girl

Flashback sees

her standing there

hazel eyes and golden hair

Hanging out,

sun in her eyes

Look now at

how time flies

Earth tone colors… 74 more words

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