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Lucky Me

I am lucky
blessed am I
my path is strewn
with four-leaf clover
rainbows hover above my head
angels guard my every step
I am loved… 9 more words


Here's some poetry for you

Hi Friend, here’s some poetry for you (mostly New England) on this cold and rainy Saturday night. :)

They’re some of my favorites, so I hope you can enjoy them, too! 799 more words

Musings On Life


The fine line between my love and her rejection

— I’d rather not speak, but furtive smiles

Shine on my face


Painting: William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Poetry & Lyricism

Bridges and Morgues

Brutally honest, I’m a wreck.

I’ve got nothing to offer, nothing to give.

I’ve wrung the last of my heart

Above the page, trying to create some… 124 more words



This ship is sinking,
rolling over,
bubbling beneath
the washing-machine waves,
sucking the last breath
from my lips
like a siren
luring me to the depths of death. 72 more words



as long as the grass keeps growing,
it is green Enough

as long as the sun keeps shining,
it is bright Enough

as long as you are you, 10 more words



the father so deep with love

brought trial to his son

to pardon me of guilt

so grace, a river could run

the righteous for a cross… 42 more words