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You know that hazy moment

You know that hazy moment just between sleep and wake? When the stars sing their morning song and the moon rises to play? Just before sweet dreams knock at your door and whisk you off to some unknown land of dancing and wishes? 21 more words


Home #midnighthaiku


Pathways beckoning

The heart indulges folly

All roads lead us home




I placed my mouth

on your hardness and

watched the fireworks

in your eyes


My Writings

The Envious, Pt.1: Only Seeds.

The neighbour’s car is much powerful
His ‘beautiful’ wife looks way graceful
By (tags & labels) he seems so potent
His big house is dressed in fresh paint… 87 more words


You do know

Until you
Prove me wrong

You do know
Very well

Who is
Still wrong


but he calls me beautiful

you’re so beautiful” he says. i can see it in his eyes, he means it.

i don’t understand. can’t he see the tangles in my wild hair? 192 more words

Holland By Night

Cloudless coldness
I drive home
under a clear wide night sky
My car is an aircraft
Flying high
on Dutch highways
Into dreams of
Portuguese sun