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Hope's Hollow - Part 18


Part 1


Formerly founded to bring worlds to justice;

Forever left tainted by the act of their first kiss:

That red violent day, killed those in their way; 240 more words


M.M.H.B Challenge – Spooky Tales


Tuesday 22rd  October 2018

Spooky Tales

Please write a story, tale or poem using the following words ….

M   H HAIR-RAISING O   A   N… 211 more words


(This is a Lune:  Word poem in lines of 3/5/3, 13 words in total.)

Trick or treat!
They all entered the home,
but never returned.



And in the Naked Light... I Knew

*Downtown Calgary, AB 2018/10/16

i wrote
myself until
i was naked
and through the prism
of wet ink
and in the light of
a city sunrise… 17 more words

Haiku: A New Horizon

golden birch
shimmering across the loch
a new horizon

© Xenia Tran

With love from Eivor, Pearl and Xenia xxx

Photographs by Xenia Tran, edited in lr. 37 more words



Everything is colorful
everything is dust
rainbows made of marigolds
clouds all made of rust
the sky is painted bitter
but that just makes it green… 32 more words



her eyes were as clear as a mountain stream and held the same strength and serenity

but like the mountains she has steel within her, forged by fires but never broken… 96 more words