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Nighthawks, by Vivienne Blake

by Vivienne Blake

Edward Hopper, Nighthawks (1942)

A strange and lonely cityscape –
no cars, no crowds, just a young couple
bickering quietly about nothing… 190 more words



The silent protector
Quietly gripping the shield
Forging ahead representing
Tattoos and colored hair
All of a cocktail blend
Shaken but not stirred
With the sting… 33 more words

It's you I'm holding all that time...

should you ever see the akashic records   
find the book that bears my name
let me clear up one possible enigma
for you to miss this – would be a shame… 66 more words



You’ve done so much for me,
Even after all I’ve done to you.
Never do you falter in giving me the time of day.
In fact you’ll give me everything, no matter how far away… 142 more words


Until We Leave

I’ve been thinking about you more and more as of lately. It’s stupid I know, but it’s been a long time since anyone’s ever brought me to a peace like you did. 533 more words


long, cold fence.

the wind blows hard,
the ground’s rock hard,
and you don’t really care –

your family:
they’re a long, cold fence —
it’s always winter there

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