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Hello rose

Your beauty is incomparable
Among equals you stand unbeatable;

The fairness of your skin is un-aided
With time, never will it go faded;

In your eyes lies dogged passion… 174 more words


Living in my Past

Basking in the golden glow of the yellow lamp
I dream of various moments that form my past
The sunny, the rainy, the good, the bad… 155 more words


Frozen Memories 

The road I have been down is really scary,

I’m making it… barely.

I stay so ashamed of my life because of it’s past,

the memories are still here and I want them gone fast. 372 more words


Poslužiše ti kao dimna zavjesa

Ni prva ni zadnja nije
kojoj to si napravila,
iskoristila si njenu narav
i grijehe iz prošlosti
kako ona bi nastradala
za što kriva je i nije. 129 more words


A Luna-tic's Soliloqui

She danced insanely under the moonlight
Put to a trance even the starlight
Intoxicated with her love for him till twilight
She became enemies with the sunlight… 209 more words



When the sun comes up I’m all smiles. I act as if the night before never happened, but it did. It happens every night. Sometimes the day goes so perfect that I just know it won’t happen. 338 more words

Just Saying

The Surrealism of the Underlying Metaphor

I can’t review poetry. I just don’t have the language needed to properly analyze a poem and give the appropriate amount of feedback to compliment or improve it. 119 more words

The Author's Journey