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एकांत समाधान है,

गर तुम सावधान हो|

एकांत समस्या है

गर तुम उलझन में हो|

एकांत सुकून है

गर तुम शांत हो|

एकांत मित्र है

गर तुम्हे शुरआत करनी हो

एकांत डरावना है

गर तुम उदास हो

एकांत, एकांत है

गर तुम अकेले हो |


Goodnight to the Night

She tells me she takes these drives at night. With no one but her beloved music. Now, I’ve yet to achieve the ability to drive legally and even if I did, I predict myself a terrible driver. 469 more words



does Satan trick us
into being lost in our emotions
setting our weapons down
so he can strike 88 more words



i’m looking for something
that i’m not quite sure i’ll find
is it possible to lose something
that was never even mine?

i’ve been searching for you… 25 more words


* The Radiance of Dawn

Dawn comes lightly these days. Perhaps its because the sun is moving to its highest point in the northern hemisphere, or the bird song that fills the air. 118 more words


Writer's Block

This is the poem I’ll never write

Biting the page with ink

There was a poem here that was meant for you

Forged in the heat of words… 52 more words

Unlock Me #PoetryInMotion

Unlock me

And speak freedom

Over me

So this incessant waiting

My rattling at the door

Of new beginnings

Can be heard

And heeded

The tension of anticipation… 34 more words