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We both die in the end.
Unfortunately, that’s how we both end
But before that, before anything else,
We both lived and loved like there’s no tomorrow… 124 more words



That great freedom is calling.

Painful and sacred all at once, I can smell the smoke, breathe the dusty air and it is calling me. 77 more words

The Child Prodigy's Choice

Do you think she knows?

I wonder if that youthful vision blinds?

The promise floating from the shimmering

Brilliance, the warmth of line – melody… 167 more words

Editorial - Minor Changes at AoO

Keen followers will know that earlier this year we reduced the number of poems we publish from around 25 per month to about 15 per month – to make the magazine more digestible and concentrate the quality somewhat. 107 more words


The Open Road


Down the road I go

Traveling solo

To a destination

Far beyond my location

My favorite ride

Taking me for a drive… 101 more words


Bang (verse one)

I took a trip to no man’s land
to see what I could find
when a psychedelic land mine
went boom and blew my mind… 23 more words


Reeds (One and Two)


Twelve-foot-high reeds rush

Iridescent lights over flooded

Now dry-cracked roads, depressed

Concrete bridges in riverbeds dusted

With night’s sighs illuminated, now

Not. Eternal struggle of man’s… 89 more words