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You are the one I adore~by Nutan Sarawagi

You are the one I adore

you are the one I adore
my heart speaks in my heart to you as I talk
in a whisper beyond a whisper you speak to my heart… 181 more words


Scratched on the wall.

It has been an emotional year for me, especially the past 4-5 months. Four years ago, when I joined my college, all I ever wanted to was not make any friends there, not leave any residue and get the fuck out after my graduation and learn whatever I wanted to do in the first place. 181 more words


Nursing Station B or Door 31

Nursing Station B

or Door 31 – choices

run down stream  like leaves. 

Spinning eddies gather up

minutes into days –  settle.


Passed You By

Too often I passed you by.
Your most beautiful ignored,
the shadows stepped over

Too often have I passed you by
got to where I was going… 54 more words


To Us - Author Glenda Higgins

Refugees from life

Well-read philosophers

With well-worn Nietzsche heels

On shoes smudged with dirt

Refugees from love

Meeting on a moonlit night

With well-worn hearts… 128 more words



Every crevice of this
city has folded the smell
of the sea and stored it
deep inside its pockets.
The minute you enter,
your nostrils reluctantly… 228 more words

About Today


A hundred years ago, we lived among
our relatives; extended family
surrounded Mom and Dad when they were young.
That had a dozen cousins – they could see… 76 more words