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Sheer Delight

It is all so simple, really.
We see as much as we are ready to see.
We experience just as much
as we are capable of experiencing. 139 more words



Knowing something is right doesn’t guarantee the acceptance of its truth

Knowing something is wrong doesn’t necessarily create repulsion for it

Sometimes the exact opposite is the case… 23 more words



City born and bred.

Knew the ins and

outs of a streetscape,

enough to survive alone

at night, even at

a tender young age.

I did, however, show… 173 more words


Is it my fault

Is it my fault

Is it my fault for getting catcalled?
For walking on the streets, alone and silently?
For the way I dress, for being myself, expressive? 90 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

There’s a pocket

beneath limitation, where

transformation is earned and not

easily given. It may seem as if sacrifice

is needed, and it most definitely is. 14 more words


Prayer for Joy

oh Lord, grief wraps my body
still and faint.
Save me from the snares of the enemy
that makes me to want to
dance with a handsome man called… 192 more words

Broken- A Rewrite

Every poem that begins,
Sounds like a eulogy
That I will have to give.

Forgive me.

I can’t paint you
Into a thousand words
Watercolors always bleed… 278 more words