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Don't put me in jail poem (2nd Urdu Edition)

This is an Urdu translation of my original post.

جیل میں مجھے مت ڈالو

ایک سے زیادہ شادیاں لڑکا ہونے کے لئے

ایک اچھی وجہ 201 more words


Open Heart

When hate begins to rise
And all around is dark
When turmoil lifts its head
And everywhere is stark

In times like these
Do not succumb, but love impart… 9 more words


Forgive Me, I Have Seriously Had Enough Of These Morons

In a moment of overwhelming clarity, lucidity,
sensing the indescribable vastness around us,
and the infinities that bookend our existence,
appreciating the endless variety of life on Earth, 168 more words



Writing is a process


My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations



I am ravenous

It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you… 79 more words


Mind Games; Part Two

Did I do to you

As he did to me

Pushing you to

Drive me away

Mind games

Fucked up way

To feel inside

He made flames… 22 more words


Writing 201 - Supernal Life

Today’s Assignment

Word prompt – Future
Form – Sonnet
Device – Chiasmus

Spending the future thinking;
Thinking of the future.
What happened to the future?
The future has become the past. 58 more words

POEM: The Nighttime in Winter

Standing beneath the glow of the moon

Atop the bright, encrusted snow

With the starlight shimmering across its surface

Like the glare on a rippling ocean… 36 more words