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Describe nearly drowning. 

My eleven-year-old lungs were practically conditioned for long periods underwater.

Having been a swimmer since the age of six, I loved water. I was more graceful in a pool than I was on a sidewalk. 429 more words


Peace for an 11-year-old

My father must have
asked me to come to church
at least 10 times,
in the morning, when I love to
stretch slow, breathe deep, 316 more words


Keep Writing

the dream is not real




time swings an axe and suddenly

a wound inside a mouth heals to a sacred scar

tongue in box – ironic and defeated… 83 more words


Christianity: A Haiku

Paul’s thorn in his side

is a scraped knee compared to

the hole in my head.


The meanest thing anyone has ever said to you 

I think he meant it as a compliment.

The date had been going well; he paid for my Texas Roadhouse meal and nobly held open the door for me. 127 more words


Class War: Rock Against the Rich @ Old Angel Inn, Nottingham

Last Saturday. Good night, enjoyed it.

Photos by Chetna Patel.


The Holy Cow

Oh holy cow

No more questions

Am old enough

To turn around

To see

The sacred pattern

Sure of itself

So much more

And nothing more… 124 more words