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Sweet confections

Words that become memories.

Some can be soft, sweet confections

tender and adoring

sprinkled heaven upon a day

the warmth of a joyous smile

while others are the heat in the night… 40 more words

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Dismal melancholy

which can black out days

is unwanted.

Her soul wants to dance again

to bloom under his sun.

She believes 

and in doing so… 25 more words

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More than words

It is the meaning in silence

it is the thoughts

that pass between two

it is the sigh

that caresses across miles

as distance evaporates… 29 more words

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Through the lens...

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She tempts him

with a sensual glimpse

through the lens.


and every time


has a front row seat

to movement and still… 51 more words

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Her lips

Her lips

are not lush and pouty

film star ready

sex with a kiss lips.

Her lips

are soft and sweetly curved

naturally pink or reddened… 83 more words

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Violet shadows beneath my eyes

are the telltale color of sleepless nights.

Moonlight’s kiss

finds me wrapped in dreams

replete with vivid temptations

so intense… 40 more words

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On the threshold of innocence

darkness surrounding her

she welcomes the change

her soul hungry for the crackle

of lightning chemistry

and liberated cravings.

She is bound by words… 25 more words

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