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Daryl Madden poetry

A beautiful sight For the soul to see Two objects together Of simplicity An altar of wood A passion of love A bible at rest Opened above Man and divine Two sides in finding Here now connected Jesus in binding The Gospel is spoken That speaks of the One Loves ultimate price Gift of Gods […]

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This isn't me

There are things I cannot decipher.

Things I cannot understand.

Words I cannot comprehend.

Signals I cannot grasp.

The moment you stepped into my life, everything felt different. 158 more words


Parted Lips + Pardons

Call me a sucker.

Here it is again; you’re sorry,
You’re an asshole,
You’ll never do it again,
You care, and you do love me. 79 more words

The Birds


They came before the flood.

I know they did, they must have.

How else could they appear in such droves

only hours after?

Appearances… 99 more words


Captain’s Log, day (?)

I seem to have been stranded in love. No one is coming to rescue me.

There are some days when it is bearable – enjoyable, even. 21 more words


Darryl Maddens peoms

Ocean of horizon Found in colors grace Journey of souls drifting To another place Grandeur of Creator Beyond what mind can see Losing of one’s self In to hand of thee Many waves of flowing Belonging to the One Gift of faith receiving Of let Your will be done God of greater glory Peace is […]

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This story, in its entirety, is full of grief, anger, and regret, with pockets of happiness, here and there, and I’m not sure how to tell it. 1,110 more words