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Accursed with a black thumb

I was told to plant good seeds inside me

And  beautiful things would bloom

Seems like those were just lies… 8 more words


Brown Girl Dreaming

(This poem was written for an English 201 class taken in Spring of 2016)

Earlier today I popped an ingrown hair on my leg and the indents from my nails looked like the Triple Moon Goddess. 102 more words


We Are Students

(This piece was inspired by Gwendolyn Brooks’s poem “We Real Cool” and was written for an English 201 class taken in Spring of 2016.)

We are students. 21 more words




SETTING:Therapists office. A purple couch sits caddy corner to a large mahogany desk. The carpet is is fluffy and cream colored like a shaggy dog. 553 more words


Love and Betrayl

To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.

I love that summertime day when the sun is shining and the skies are clear. 558 more words


My Dumbass Artsy Boyfriend

The Smiths were playing on the car radio and I thought for a moment that to die by your side would, in fact, be such a heavenly way to die. 143 more words


Life of Sex

When she was 14 his mouth tasted like blueberries from the vodka that was the same shade as his eyes. She watched his crystal blue waters as his braces knocked against her teeth. 230 more words