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The way

the way you touch me

the way you wake me

your hands

cupping my breasts

the nipples

always awake

but hard and urgent

when you are near… 95 more words

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I thought I could fix you.

When you came to me, you were all smiles. But I could feel that behind those smiles, there’s something you’re hiding. 370 more words


Dear God,

Whenever I muster up the courage

Will You do me the favour of joining me

And turn this soliloquy into a tête-à-tête?


Responding to a writer's prompt

Prompt: In the deepest reaches of the human mind, there is a dark place, a place twisted reason, but reason all the same. (http://writeworld.org/page/3… 412 more words


“Nostalgia is denial. Denial of the painful present. It’s a flaw in the romantic imagination of those people who find it difficult to cope with the present.” – Midnight In Paris (2011). 426 more words



I hate the way you smile.
The slow arching of your lips makes me crumble down my knees.
The playful smize tickles my soul
I just hope your smile is only mine. 153 more words



She glided into the clearing on silent feet

Her diaphanous gown a cloud about her

Kneeling, she raised her arms skyward

In supplication

Tilting her face to the moon… 292 more words

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