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Fists are for Fighting

Keep your hands open!

It comes

That thing you want so bad

And all you want to do is curl your fist around it

But then it changes… 229 more words


(21/30) wall beats

men have backed me
into so many corners
that i can put my fingers
to the walls
and feel them pulse with
i know ba-dum ba-dums… 58 more words


(20/30) wined on the stairs

as we rushed to catch the last subway
in the absolute ice-crush of winter,
you pulled me back up the
drafty stairs.
the pressure of your hand… 176 more words


Our Journey Through Life

Did You Realise

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives

put us directly on the path

to the best things that will ever happen to us… 116 more words


Grieving Mothers

The path we walk is hard and long.
We have shared our tears and sorrow,
We have given encouragement to each other,
Given hope for a brighter tomorrow, 161 more words


The Couple

They perch on the edge of the shore

perfectly familiar


and comfortable

in each other’s company

Their eyes are fixed

in meditation on the sea… 49 more words

Daily Musings

(19/30) sugar ghost

I know I didn’t finish. But I’m going to finish. Just like I finished last year, too late and too slow and behind everyone else. Deal with it.  82 more words