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The path to the house was lined with a brigade of tall sentries. Each pine had been meticulously planted and nurtured for years. It was now their duty to protect the meager house from the elements. 199 more words



You can’t be homesick

Without a home

In unison

The guy hiding

All his funny feelings

Behind those shades

Dropped the beat

In the mouths… 106 more words



When I lean my head on the table

Or when I zone out of reality

It’s neither the rest nor the solitude that calms me down… 19 more words


Marijuana Monastery.

Confronted by my desire to hang on to spider webs filled with our whispered wonders of the universe:

Strings tying past to present and past to present and on and on and on and on and on and never reaching the end. 218 more words


Punk/Poetry Night @ John Crossley Bar, Halifax (7/2/15)

Tough crowd. I think many were more in the mood for the bands, rather than the poetry. But it’s pointless preaching to the converted week in, week out, as I always say…


The Will

“When one is confronted with seemingly insurmountable odds,
he must and will consolidate all of his internal energies
in order to effectively combat his adversities. 105 more words



It’s funny how when you’re explaining things, you are actually looking at me but when I turn to listen, you cut off your gaze.

It’s one of those tiny fragments of shyness you show that I’m falling into.