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Calm before the storm

You feel it

The charge in the air

Imperceptible to anyone but you

The light caress across your skin

That brings shivers to your spine… 67 more words

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Her poems

Sensuous dreams put to paper

Each word


With passionate suggestion

Her most ardent pleas

Coming not from her pen

But from her body… 12 more words

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Can I be truly repentant

As I atone for my transgressions

If I adored each step

Into darkness

And would again embrace

With delight

Would allow myself… 56 more words

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Cursing the dawn

In this dreamer’s world

Every night breaks her into a thousand pieces

Her longing for him

Making each piece burn 

Like fire

The desire they share… 40 more words

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You will cut your phalanges on the jagged shards that are inside of me

Please – do not reach into my core

There are demons waiting… 26 more words


Not wilful blindness

It is not wilful blindness

But an instinct

Soul deep

No illusionary light

To fool me

To show me only what I wish to see… 40 more words

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Dance of the seven veils

He was entranced.

She danced for him

The dance of the seven veils.

Layer after layer





Until at last

She stood proud… 16 more words

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