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April 9: is, shoulda, coulda

Inspired by Rachel McKibbens’ NaPoWriMo prompt #94:

the plane found passage between lightning bolts and raindrops
like the worst way through a boiling maze-sky, i peeked at the buildings below opening… 137 more words


April 8: be lost

Oh- blessed lack of direction!
Let’s let ourselves be lost
at all ages.
Claim moments and days
to find our sighs buried deep
behind sagging shoulder blades and… 145 more words


Only One Life

“Two little lines I heard one day,
Traveling along life’s busy way;
bringing conviction to my heart, and from my mind would not depart;
Only one life, ’twill soon be past, …
307 more words


Cocoon of Spring

Tearing off the layers of my cocoon

and peeking out

to see I haven’t a flower to rest my trembling extremities upon.

The sky mirrors my white winged birth with fading stars flickering their lost hope. 105 more words


April 7: grow month

April is not the cruellest month.
April rustles its feathers, shakes out its hair, weeps at the smell of guttural earth and dirt awaking.
April wears ‘miserable’ like a raincoat, carries an umbrella in one pocket and a softcover mystery novel in the other that it only reads on the bus. 138 more words



An image between two mirrors – bouncing soul left to right – right to left – vortex spinning

Vertigo and drowsy in words of make believe lovers… 191 more words


Down Culebra

It must have been the sirens pounding lights flashing smell of burnt hair

trailing its way down Culebra

I pass your ghost.  You are still loved on Culebra. 88 more words