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Our Darkest Hour

A dark moon shines, dead of night, invisible                                                                                    to  the naked eye. Mounted with power we wait, a quest of


and vision

dreams deep. There is a secret unspoken:                                                                                     The best creation comes from… 18 more words

Daily Prompt


She is the first

pink smile, bright force, propagator of all

Humanity. She

has but one egg, he a thousand sperm

and for that they place her… 60 more words

Daily Prompt


They fuse our vanity with imperfection, reflecting bone hair skin

undeciphered as we preen

fuss, adjust every eyelash every detail

and yet

fall prey to an astounding… 30 more words

Daily Prompt

Mother Earth (a rondeau)

She is not ready for your tomb

Of rancid waste, of filth and doom

There is much life in Mother Earth

A wealth of riches, home and hearth. 133 more words

Daily Prompt

Magnolias (a haiku)

So much is said by

Magnolias climbing , striving

Into April skies

Daily Prompt

Daffodils (a tanka)

Rain shatters deep earth

Roots burst yellow perfection

Long awaited blooms

Arabesque before the sun

April healing winter’s cold

** Note: Inspired by T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Wasteland’. 27 more words

Daily Prompt

The Potion

Witches’ elixir

herbal magick, stark power

swallowed bittersweet

stretching through generations

transforming with enchantment 6 more words

Daily Prompt