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the drugs

I cannot keep my eyes open

the drugs, they make me sleep

I cannot do what I really want to

the drugs, they make me weak…

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Kait King Author

Food for Thought-Fragment 217

…now and then
Almost forever…
…resounds among the clouds,
Beyond the sky…
…walking among,
Falling whispers,
…carried by the forgotten grammar of the wind.

–Richard Bryant

Food For Thought


We’ve all got things we’re proud of

Before a chest full of regrets

There’d people we’ve left better

And those that we upset


We’ve all got our bronzes… 48 more words


In a moment, time it disappears,

As we sit waiting for our fears,

We watch instead of joining in,

Fearful to let our lives begin.


Beauty Supply, by Lee Ann Brown

Sheaves of wheat in cement relief
Supply the beauties of Archer Ave.

Past the scaffolded brick church spire
We turn on the vacant corner lot

Through winds worthy of Hopkins (Gerard M.)
New words — Alexus — Everything must go

"Include everything in poetry"
Even the things you think are nothing

Like the way the new white snowflake
Decoration waves its wild tentacles
     against the high blue sky

    loop and angle
Black graffiti palimpsests the
    yellow official sign of Danger
in bus stairwell

She stares at me unsmiling
    with cold Northface
Notices me writing but says nothing
    with her eye

The corner lot I used to chart or cheat in its ‘vacancies'
Configures new blown trash and walk through paths

Subjected to random search

Has grown a mouth of gravel
Constructed in a cone
Surrounded by temporary fence
    Of blue nailed board

Now on Roti Avenue
Cutlery & Wang Quai

Amalgam of chairs,
Jamaica Island Center

Lyrics to We're in love


When you come around

with summer sunshine in your eyes

With the sweetest touches kisses

there can be no disguise

You’re in love with me…

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Kait King Author

Spending time with Dean Atta is good for your health

I have said this before and I am saying it again: even if libraries had no health and wellbeing information events or indeed other events they have been evaluated as having a positive effect on our lives, improving our mental and emotional wellbeing, making us feel secure, rooted in tradition and spoiled with free access to… 399 more words