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O you in Slumber

Wake up! O you in slumber

You who takes in money; pleasure

Wake up! O you lost in shadows

Seek the Only One who bestows… 105 more words


Haiku #126

Wearing the coat now

One that made you famous then

Moons set over you

for A.J.


just, its just

they get lonely

while he was here

she moaned softly

about his ways

doing things

not doing things

& now it’s been


fifteen years… 71 more words

Bread, bread

The old man stooped to where I was sat

& said:

bread, bread, she calls

from the other room

oh & milk

will you want to come… 60 more words

Today Is The Greatest Day

Like a rushing tide

Now is the time to thrive

Building bridges anew

Crossing unseen bounds

Front row seat

To the Divine show


Haiku #125

Three AM tastes raw

Like subway and moon time glow

Every man alone


Love beyond others thoughts

Don’t let others determine your ways

We can and should do things our way,

We can come together in an emotional display

And love each other in our unique way, 41 more words