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the drugs

I cannot keep my eyes open

the drugs, they make me sleep

I cannot do what I really want to

the drugs, they make me weak…

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Kait King Poetry

being grateful

This is just a photograph

black and white at that

it’s just a dream I have

some of the same old crap

That’s some weird kinda unlucky…

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Kait King Poetry

Advance Poetry Retreat 2015

Every year, I have the enormous pleasure of getting together with a group of children’s poets. This was organised¬†in the beginning by Roger Stevens, after talking to Brian Moses about how isolated children’s poets are. 587 more words


house of strays, by Kristy Bowen

Suddenly, a hole opens in the year and we slip into it, the riptide
pull of strange, lonely dogs and broken phone lines.
You forgive me if I mistake… 129 more words


Inner me

I will concede that all the clocks are wound,
And even tolerate a sense of place.
Know the outer limits to which I’m bound.
Seek out those answers, that may fill a space. 86 more words


Time is always now.

Time is always now. Everybody who has ever thought about his own life knows this. You don’t make resolutions about something you are going to do next year.

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