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Creatives In Profile: Interview with Rishi Dastidar

Creativity, in all its myriad different forms, can take us to the edge of the world and look beyond. It can inspire, inform, influence. Used in the right way, it can illuminate the path ahead. 1,739 more words


A broken me

Lustful gaze

across a smoky haze

of a darkened bar


I don’t know

but a broken me

and a broken you

won’t do

I don’t have the strength…

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Kait King Poetry

The Master

I’m not the hero I used to be

but I’ve mastered the art of


 © Kait King, 2015

Kait King Poetry

the drugs

I cannot keep my eyes open

the drugs, they make me sleep

I cannot do what I really want to

the drugs, they make me weak…

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Kait King Poetry

Negative and positive

Negativity is a virus
As it spreads among the people
Our temperatures rise
We growl at one another
Similar to beasts

Positivity is a cure… 30 more words


Writers Write.

They took me by the hand,
my friends, or those who I thought I knew
and took me to a place
filled with drugs, alcohol, and booze. 287 more words



An old one of mine that seems very appropriate at the moment

Rapists come and go
like bills
grit your teeth
bear it
pay 101 more words