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She lays there dead

Her face is puffy and red, while painful tears stream down her sad face. 375 more words

being grateful

This is just a photograph

black and white at that

it’s just a dream I have

some of the same old crap

That’s some weird kinda unlucky…

50 more words
Kait King


Come sit with me
the ghost of you
with arms of surrounding shadows

keep me company while I’m lonely.

Come dance with me
a solo dancer… 64 more words

“Keep the people who will have the conviction to back up what they say.”

~ husband to his wife


A Haiku About Unexplained Feelings

I don’t understand
And I do not think I will
How could I love you?


Being as unique as my name by Apoorva B Raj (All About My Name Poetry Series)

Being as unique as my name
by Apoorva B Raj

Destiny took me
to pick out my name.
On a good Friday,
for an unknowing Thursday. 221 more words



You! the gimp of life!
Weissmuller to Lex Barker!
i ask forgiveness dearest
reader: time and this sticky
foul space sticks me to noise!
who’d have thought (think?) 66 more words