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Delighted by bird cries and crisp, dewy leaves,

The Moon has yet to leave.

Minutes have passed;

She has disappeared, and it is the Sun’s time— 124 more words


Poetry, by James Spilman

Genre: Life

There sitting beside you.

You look into his eyes and see a mirror or a bottomless well

Either way you can’t tell… 44 more words


Album Freaks, Half-Pepsi

United States

is made of Anti-matter
& Atomic ballroom.
The flood gods form
the white water.
William the when, flushed
his being into a pile of sin. 271 more words

Nano X

Healing the hate

Cauterize the hate

With the hot fire

Of love and passion

Ameliorate the anger

With the calmness

Of inner peace

Quell the need for vengeance… 20 more words


The Vortex

Lost in a vortex of thoughts,
tides thrashed me apart.
A gloomy sky,
flashes of light,
dazed my sight.
Floundering in the whirly waters,
the tumult of the unfathomable twenties… 50 more words



Chemicals injected into a rabbits eyes

Dogs forced to smoke cigarettes until they die,

Monkeys with electrodes strapped to their heads,

Pigs shot with bullets for ballistic tests, 43 more words


It can occur anywhere

The night is dark

People distraught,

They are running around

Nerves are fraught,

Who can believe

That something like this,

Can occur in a place of such peace. 27 more words