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One morning

I laid in bed for you

Lace corset

Words were few

Opened wide with love

The number four

was always our favorite

That day… 174 more words

Strange things happen

Stranger things are beyond our ken

Stranger things happen yet

We think we know everything

The truth is we actually know nothing.

Beyond our earth and universe… 51 more words


speak now!

My Silent is loud!

Shell breaking, tongue quaking

Eyes open becomes speech


Gust of Wind

I’m a gust of wind

Never fall for me dear!

I might have whispered words in your ear

Words that are wise

Words that are deep… 180 more words


Silent night

It was a silent night

Beneath the stars

Lights sparkled everywhere

A shooting light darted here and there

Leaving behind no trace

And as I walked under a waning moon… 188 more words



Let your thoughts flow through conscious time and space

Find yourself in a reality state,

Discover your bliss within a meditative place,

And learn to love ourselves in unconditional grace.


A broken me

Lustful gaze

across a smoky haze

of a darkened bar


I don’t know

but a broken me

and a broken you

won’t do

I don’t have the strength…

15 more words
Kait King Author