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Adjust to what happens

Endure what must be endured

And enjoy what can be enjoyed.



easy conversation

we were talking

& you asked a deeply personal question

& I responded straight as I could

if you felt need to ask… 113 more words

Old man crazy to write

Old man crazy to write

it is all

in the line

whether as poet



stringing on the 4 bar line

everything is about the line… 19 more words


…..beautiful & tender.

…..lush & vibrant.

…..colourful & blooming.

…..always lovely & loving

Best friend, we are gorgeous like a garden of flowers.

We are all that and more. 67 more words


Bestowing sky

Do you feel the will of a bestowing sky?
Perception receives, our souls decode.

Breath of infinite inspiration.
Unwritten words, sounds unheard,
every unvisualized dreams. 15 more words


2 Star Motel #2

In the absence
of my lobotomy,
I see strange devils.

Tall grass & open fields

Through which sunshine fades.

My womb, my
opened tomb, 24 more words

Another day again

Another day to struggle through

Clearing obstacles in my way,

Trying to find any opportunities that may just come my way

Trudging through the mundane, … 169 more words