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That Top Hat, poem by Richard Harries (ME, IN A HAT Poetry & Prose Series)

That Top Hat
by Richard Harries

I was twelve
Yes twelve
The youngest of four
My sister got married

I was a thin
Twelve-year-old… 218 more words


drooped artful like, poem by Wanda Morrow Clevenger (ME, IN A HAT Poetry and Prose Series)

drooped artful like
by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

turns out online
a profile pic
was required
at every turn

putting a face
to the name
to the work… 265 more words



Collisions among constellations,

cause concussions and reverberations,

That reverberate in rippled sensations,

Echoing through the mechanations,

Of a cosmic universe lighting up,

Through quantum equations we jump, 14 more words


Under stars

Sleep with bliss,

Dwell in grace,

Dream of the kiss,

As we fall away.

Stars above,

And us below,

Falling deeply,

Into shadow.


It’s always fun to read old poetry that I thought was trash and discarded as terrible. Only to revisit it and find a spark ……

Black Poetry

Different writer, different the inspiration

I’ve gathered many unpublished posts I wrote lately. Every post just seems to have different mood, and they just seem like a screamish 13 year old girl wrote them. 443 more words



A painting and a

Photograph hang on the wall,

Both are all you have.