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Goethe On The 'Inexhaustible' Poet

In Marx’s Concept of Man, Erich Fromm credits Goethe as having “developed the idea of man’s productivity into a central point of his philosophical thinking….all decaying cultures are characterized by the tendency for pure subjectivity, while all progressive periods try to grasp the world as it is, by one’s own subjectivity, but not as separate from it.” Fromm then cites Goethe directly on the ‘poet’: 455 more words


Reaching out to progress

When we extend a hand of friendship

To those we may not understand,

When we offer out some knowledge

To those we feel may need the help, 90 more words


The Tower

Submitted by সূর্য গুপ্ত

She built a wall to keep out the shadows
The goblins the wolves and the thieves.
The wall was high the wall was strong… 135 more words


The Beginning is Assuredly the End

i crack the spines of the books i read
page by page i bend back the paper
wrap it back around the book
like a snake eating its own tail… 194 more words


I want my money back

I would feel cheated for my money.

If I had paid good money, to buy silence.

Post purchase dissonance for sure.

I would rip open the package it was delivered in, but gently, aren’t all wrapping papers engineered to shout and crackle? 220 more words


Baby steps

When trying to bring about a change

Don’t take giant strides

But instead take baby steps.

Change can only happen from inside

So find your self… 33 more words


Old Soul

He says he likes me because he knows deep down past my exterior that I am an old soul.

I tell him, “you don’t even know me; what do you know?” 55 more words