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Avoidance = Safe

I’ve been loved

by someone

When I wanted

to be free

And I’ve loved someone


When clearly

they didn’t

love me

I couldn’t find…

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Kait King Author

I’ve had orgasms

cleansed my soul
made we wonder
made me weep
made me sleep
dropped me off a cliff
made me wonder why I bothered
I’ve had to fake to get it over with… 57 more words


everything is a gamble
throw of dice
there was a girl on a bridge
I passed by on my motorcycle
every Friday
for five weeks… 75 more words

Celtic Friendship Knot, poem by Kirsty A. Niven (LOST AND FOUND Poetry and Prose Series)

Celtic Friendship Knot
by Kirsty A. Niven

A solid gold band, intricately weaved.
Its cool metal used to hug my finger.
Twisting and turning, round and round, 148 more words


Lost Putter, poem by Aimee Mackovic (LOST AND FOUND Poetry and Prose Series)

Lost Putter
by Aimee Mackovic

of course the neglected putter
was lost to a coat of rust

after a year on the uncovered balcony,
what surprised me was… 147 more words


Do Not Hold Back

I just came back from the NEXT Church conference, a gathering of church leaders, including elders, pastors, seminarians, educators, youth leaders and church members who are exploring a more relational, diverse, and collaborative way of being the church in the 21st century. 597 more words

Nature's Arena

“I own my words, thoughts and actions.

I don’t own your reaction to them.

I don’t own your words, thoughts and actions.

I own my reaction to them.”

Personal Growth

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