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Alternative Pride and an alternative umbrella

It was Pride in Beachville yesterday, but by the time Himself and I discovered we had a couple of spare hours to do something, all the free parts had finished and I thought this might be the closest we’d get to the fun: 162 more words


Smiley signs

As well as quietness and  loveliness, Ibiza does signs that made us smile lots.  It seemed wrong not to share these, so here you go: 248 more words

Pog Pictures

Stupidness examples

In our family we have always been taught to look after all animals.  We rescue bugs rather than squish them (wasps and midges being the exceptions as they don’t have a good side), Sister 2 seems to have has more than her fair share of trips to the vets with local injured wildlife and Sister 1 has an uncanny knack of finding recently deceased cats which she wraps with (an apparently never ending supply of) towels from the boot of her car and does her best to find an owner.   394 more words

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colourful smiles

Pog tips of the day:

If you ache from your exercise exertions yesterday from the moment you open your eyes, you’re unlikely to do a fast run in an hours time. 107 more words

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A different view on running

Going for a run in Bumpkinsville was mainly about the greeness and the wildlife.  I’ve been mostly running around a lovely park since I got here, but thought I should explore a bit more.   84 more words

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Week 1 in Beachville

It’s been a week.  The good news is that Norman, Himself and I seem to be managing pretty well  with our change in living arrangements.  There isn’t really any bad news, now that Norman has stopped crying.   296 more words

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Unexpected running smiles

Sometimes when I run, it’s just about distance and time and getting back to work or to get stuff done. Sometimes it turns into lots of smiles though. 270 more words

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