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A different view on running

Going for a run in Bumpkinsville was mainly about the greeness and the wildlife.  I’ve been mostly running around a lovely park since I got here, but thought I should explore a bit more.   84 more words

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Week 1 in Beachville

It’s been a week.  The good news is that Norman, Himself and I seem to be managing pretty well  with our change in living arrangements.  There isn’t really any bad news, now that Norman has stopped crying.   296 more words

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Unexpected running smiles

Sometimes when I run, it’s just about distance and time and getting back to work or to get stuff done. Sometimes it turns into lots of smiles though. 270 more words

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Meals on wheels....almost

I know I often bimble on about Bumpkinsville countryside and wildlife, but Mum and Dad’s Bumpkinsville is a whole different level to what I have been used to.   173 more words


Fires, fun and a few incidents

This weekend has been one of those of two halves – the grown up normal stuff and the Pog stuff.

Friday night, Himself and I went to a pub  in the next village along that I’ve been to once in the whole ten years I have lived here.   492 more words

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Cross bumpkinscountry

At about 8.10am this morning a memory appeared out of nowhere. It was a memory of watching some of my secondary school class set off in a PE lesson to do cross country.   237 more words


Randomness and getting a little bit Christmassy

I’ve not quite go  into the Christmas spirit yet,  but Christmassy things are starting to happen around the edges.

Last  Sunday Grandad introduced Little Pea to 70’s children’s tv.   207 more words

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