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No trainers needed - part 2

We’ve discussed before that a lot of the enjoyment I get from running is in the finishing.  Actually, most of it is.  Which means that I frequently have arguments with myself when I lie in bed – especially now it’s getting colder and darker which go something like this: 168 more words

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A bit more photography homework

I’m not becoming camera obsessed, but I’m afraid this is another post about photographs.  Because on Sunday we got up at 5.30am  –   yes, AM.  On a Sunday – and went to the beach to take photos.  179 more words

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A Norman’s eye view (belated black cat appreciation and photography homework)

I forgot it was black cat appreciation day last week.  Again. Sorry Norman.  I have tried to make it up to him though.

Homework given at week 4 of my photography class was to do ‘a day in the life’ using entirely manual settings. 258 more words


Lights, camera, action

I had two dawning realisations last week.  Remember that film I told you I took part in at work?  Well, I saw a rough cut of it. 301 more words

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People, pictures and...a lack of spice

I’ve always loved a course. Not the sort with pressure and exams; I love the sort where you learn and you chat and you hopefully have a bit of fun.   462 more words

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No trainers needed

My words seem a bit small in the shadow of yesterday’s post, so I’m just going to tell you a little secret then show you some photos: 333 more words

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What is your heart's desire?

Because I have to run in whole kilometers (because I am a bit odd like that), on my seafront runs I have particular places I turn depending on how far I am going.   400 more words

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