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Dr Kildair and pogo sticks

The great thing about crosswords and quizzes is that they trigger all sorts of quests to find unknown answers, and sometimes to find what the answers actually mean. 196 more words

Music... And My Favourite Gigs

To Simon

Hi. How’s everything over there? Did you get an even higher Pogo stick number than 200? :P If you guys get it too high, I won’t be able to match it! 63 more words

Pogo Stick

On Pogo Sticks, Pancakes, and Why Van Gogh Cut Off His Ear …

“The Governor was stuck with a difficult decision. Due to the nation holiday falling on the second Saturday of May; National Pogo-Stick Day was on the same day as State Celebrate Pancake Spinning Day. 764 more words


Buy Pogo Stick to Get Your Children Out of the House

If you want to get your children off the couch, off the television and off their PlayStation 3 or XBox then you need to buy them a Pogo stick.  331 more words

Pogo Stick

Recommended Pogo Sticks On the Market for you

  1. Vertugo V4 Pro Pogo Stick

In case you’re searching for the best pogo stick and won’t be content with anything other than the best, this is the pogo stick for you. 663 more words

Pogo Stick

A Guide on Pogo Stick

First and foremost is the type of use. Are you looking for a beginner level Pogo Stick/ Pro level for tricks/ fun toy for your kids? 164 more words

Pogo Stick

Bucket List (Fourth Update)

By now I figure most of you have already read the previous BL posts and are just here to see the updates that I’ve made so I won’t waste any more of your time, here is the updated list of items that I did prior to getting the book. 1,009 more words

Bucket List