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Worth a Shot

Either way, he’ll be a legend.


Last Tuesday my daughter headed off to see a Physio about a knee/hamstring problem and one of the things he suggested would help her was “Aqua Jogging”. 501 more words

Pogo Stick Marathon - Morocco

This excerpt is from Sports the Olympics Forgot

The modern pogo stick was invented just after World War I, although there is some debate as to whether it was first created in America or Germany. 197 more words


Pogo Stick

In the wrought iron hands of that kid walking home from school, there’s a pogo stick that doesn’t compress, and the main tube’s all rusted, and as he walks, he bounces the limp end along the sidewalk, bashing the stick against the cement, grinning as though every step he takes is on a trampoline.


Granny and Friday Foughts.

Hello All.

No the title is not a misprint.
It is how you say thoughts when you lisp.
Not that I lisp.
But I am practicing for when I lose a few more teeth. 400 more words


The Airman's Guide to the Venturi Effect

One of the many tidbits of information I had to learn when studying for my Private Pilot’s license, in addition to going to the bathroom BEFORE the flight started and not spitting into the propeller, was the Venturi Effect. 882 more words

Tim Braun