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Pogo Stick Marathon - Morocco

This excerpt is from Sports the Olympics Forgot

The modern pogo stick was invented just after World War I, although there is some debate as to whether it was first created in America or Germany. 197 more words


The Best Pogo Stick

It is A great indexing to the best pogo stick jumpers which is perfect for the beginner and intermediate rider. it’s ideal for jumpers who’s ages are 9 years and older. 215 more words

Pogo Stick

Game Night!

These days playing board games seems to be about as antiquated as trying to solve the mystery of the Rubik’s Cube or awkwardly hopping around on a pogo stick watching your life flash before your eyes. 742 more words

My Five Things

Prompt: City

Patsy was out on 17th Avenue, walking her mutt of a dog, when she saw a man emerge from the rain sewer. The dog started barking before Patsy noticed the grill, on the street next to the curb, rising up by the force of two human hands and arms, until a possibly young man in a black t-shirt and black jeans stood upright. 712 more words

Writing Prompts

Middle-aged, and sticking it

It has been a while since I have feted you with a pogo update.

The last two weeks have been shorter workouts due to weather issues and a pulled left-calf. 899 more words

Leaps and bounds

This past year, gift wise, I got the Christmas I should have had when I was twelve: a pogo stick, and a guitar.

I am fifty-six years old. 1,409 more words

Playing the Pogo Stick in Perry

Studly Doright took today (Friday) off so he could spend time with his mom before she has to head home on Monday. Studly excels at finding fun locations for lunch, and he outdid himself today. 199 more words