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POI: When Times Get Hard

A little secret, from me to you, when times get hard, you’re actin’ the fool, there’s an easy way to get back your groove, I call it the F.U. 104 more words


POI: The Age of Moderation is Dead

There is no more middle-way, no more words to be left unsaid, no opinion-less self-expression, the age of moderation is dead –

– conservatives are radicals, liberals are activists, all are striking first with no need for defensive tactics – media hasn’t time to draft it before more caskets are rolled out for the masses – 67 more words


POI: Statistics

The old metaphysical query, “if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” has been replaced with, “if an action happens without being tweeted or YouTubed, does it even count?” 77 more words


POI: Defrosting Bones

The sun glares at me ’cause I’m not a heat guy, not interested in the sizzle of skin as it fries –

– I love the grays and the cold, crowding campfires where stories are told, where heat serves the purpose of defrosting bones, where hands are too cold to type on their phones – 69 more words


POI: Guiding Lights

Living in the pocket of the universal rhythm, while blasphemous thoughts prime our mental disposition, matters not to the fates of whom we can’t betray, ‘cause at the end of the day, everything goes their way – 82 more words


POI: Sugar in Our Tea

Feeding desperation to the hopeless, ‘cause it gives us a little focus –

– with tribalism in our DNA, it’s easy to betray a global citizenry – war is our life blood, we feed off hate, it gives us purpose to denigrate, for we are predators manipulating our fate, rhyme or reason need not resonate – 71 more words


POI: Drug of Choice

Just sitting here stuck in my superficiality, bent slightly forward, ‘cause blessings are heavy like gravity, emotion is overflowing in every direction –

– humbly binging on fantasy, lost to my reality, seeking forgiveness for trading knowledge for affection – 83 more words