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INKTOBER 2017: 'Poison'

Inktober is an annual international fun challenge for whomever cares to participate. The Inktober organisers post a list of numbered daily ideas for ‘inspiration’ for each day of the month of October, and respondents are then invited to post one original pen and ink piece per day, based on that ‘inspiration’ , on their favourite pen and ink site. 116 more words

New Zealand

Transformational Poi: Zero to Fire in 4 Hours!

Are you looking for a life altering experience empowering you through fun, utilitarian skills you may never have considered possible before while you get to play with FIRE?!?!?  919 more words


POI: My Tiny Flame

One mission – to keep this tiny flame ablaze, as darkness creeps, as the haze embraces, all that I face wants to tame or to take this – tiny flame, the only light that I cling to, the flicker reverberating purpose in a purposeless existence, my ideal in a reality driven resistance – but the innocence of the light delights not in pain nor valor, in shame nor moving forward on this journey, but just is, and I just allow it to be, allow it to burn and engulf all that is me, for although I do tender this tiny flame, it is not my guide, but is itself the way. 14 more words


POI: On Peeves and Carrots

News Alert: If you’re arguing with somebody and you say, “it’s all in your mind,” you’re an asshole. Yes, everything that we may be dealing with might be in our heads, our worlds changing depending on the perspective that we are looking at it from, but spiritual truths are something you say to yourself so as to walk the world doing more good than harm, not something you say to someone else to devalue the words that they are saying or the feelings they are expressing. 34 more words


Transition Flair - Stalls, Wraps, Floats, 3D, Tosses and more!

This is a mixed level class for those looking to level up their transitions and explore new ways of moving. Topics will include:


5 Amazing Hidden Video Game Gems Of 2017

It really feels good when a developer makes an absolutely amazing game with new mechanics and impressive storytelling but it really hurts when that game does not get the value it deserves. 788 more words


POI: We Should All Take a Knee During the Anthem on Sunday to Pray for Our Country

I may be circumspecting the irrelevant but doesn’t he know he’s not a king, or is there no one in his circle to share the little things? 96 more words