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Noise Sensitivity and Influence 1

Last week, Simon gave a junior probability seminar about noise sensitivity, and its applications in particular to dynamic critical percolation, so I thought I would write something about this topic based on his talk, and some other sources. 1,092 more words

Probability Theory

Integration by parts and Green's formula on Riemannian manifolds

Let be a compact oriented Riemannian manifold of dimension with boundary . The aim of this note is to define the divergence and Laplacian operators on and to clarify the validy and meaning of various formulas such as integration by parts… 1,264 more words

Laplace Operator

New preprint "Factorization for non-symmetric operators and exponential H-theorem"

We have just preprinted together with Maria Pia Gualdani and Stephane Mischler a new paper entitled “Factorization for non-symmetric operators and exponential H-theorem”:


http://arxiv.org/abs/1006.5523… 341 more words


A note on "Enlarging the functional space of decay estimates on semigroups"

I have just uploaded a note on the issue of “enlarging the functional space of decay estimates on semigroups”:



This is part of long-term project which started with my paper… 154 more words


Fractional Poincaré inequalities for general measures

Together with Emmnanuel Russ and Yannick Sire we have just uploaded the paper “Fractional Poincaré inequalities for general measures” on



Here is the abstract: 133 more words


285G, Lecture 8: Ricci flow as a gradient flow, log-Sobolev inequalities, and Perelman entropy

It is well known that the heat equation


on a compact Riemannian manifold (M,g) (with metric g static, i.e. independent of time), where is a scalar field, can be interpreted as the… 4,259 more words