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Review: Hidden Folks

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Is there anyone alive who doesn’t love Where’s Waldo? I think not, ’cause you’d have to be pretty dead inside not to adore that goofy, stylish fellow and his equally eclectic friends. 768 more words

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Only A Few Days Before Kickstarter Ends!

Currently, while writing this, we’re only $68 dollars away from our goal! We have 3 days left, and I’m so excited to meet our goal! Thank you everyone for getting us this far. 267 more words

Secret Files: Tunguska (DS)

Developer/Publisher: Fusionsphere Systems/Deep Silver

Platforms: DS (2010)

Gamerankings.com Score: 75.6%

Gamestop: $4.99               Ebay

Genres: Adventure, Puzzle, Point and Click

For fans of Broken Sword style point and click adventure games, here’s another game to add to your DS library. 87 more words

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Review: Samorost

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I bring this up every time I talk about an Amanita game, but there really aren’t any other developers around that infuse so much pure, undiluted joy into their games.  603 more words


The Bunker (2016)

The 1990’s were a weird time for videogames – developers were throwing all sorts of crazy ideas out there to see what the future of gaming would be – there was a wave of virtual reality games, holographic games, and my personal favorite – games that used live action FMV sequences to create the illusion of the game being an interactive film of some sort. 1,007 more words


Bear With Me Episode Three

The problem with reviewing episodic games is the fact that by the time the last episode comes out everything of interest has already been said. That’s the case here. 775 more words

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Viktor, a Steampunk Adventure Review

Originally posted to IndieGamerTeam.com in July 2017

Viktor, a Steampunk Adventure is a deceptively emotionally complex adventure game. It introduces itself as a story about a boar named Viktor, who after years of service to the Austria-Hungarian Empire, has grown tired of being a poor nobody. 636 more words

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