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Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon Review

The cutting edge of technology is a dangerous place to be at the best of times; it’s really sharp and it’s impossible to trust whoever’s currently waving it around with wild abandon. 1,065 more words


Secret of Shadow Ranch: A Nancy Drew Review #10


I’ve been looking forward to replaying Secret of Shadow Ranch, since it’s one of my favorites. I have a bit of a thing for the American Southwest, so it’s right up my alley. 575 more words

Game Review

Papers, Please Review

Y’know, when Western civilisation inevitably descends into the cloying, muddy dystopia which recent political developments have strongly hinted it will, I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll look more like Terry Gilliam’s  918 more words


VGC Day 13: What is your favourite hidden gem?

There are plenty of games that aren’t very well known despite how good they actually are. I wouldn’t say the game series I am choosing is completely “hidden”, but it’s definitely not as well known as it should be. 263 more words


TellTale's Batman Season 2 Review

TellTale’s batman season 2 is a unique batman story that follows up after the highly acclaimed first season. Gameplay wise it is more of the same. 528 more words

Danger on Deception Island: A Nancy Drew Review #9


Not going to lie, I think of Danger on Deception Island as a dud. If you’ve poked through this blog for any amount of time, you know I love Her Interactive and think they’re fantastic, but no company is perfect, and they’re no exception. 655 more words

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Chuchel is a Wonderful Comedy Adventure

No matter how many screenshots you look at of Chuchel on the store page, I guarantee you aren’t prepared for how weird it’s gonna get. 408 more words