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@PLAY NYC: The Low Road

I am going to make it clear now, I LOVE THE LOW ROAD. While it is our usual practice to space out and discuss our opinion over the course of a preview/review, The Low Road leaves no question about how amazing a experience playing both the demo on the… 465 more words

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Urban Exploration

We have been watching Shameless, and the idea that being treated like shit by the residents of the urban areas that us top-knotted hipsters like to explore is by now a fairly well-understood trope. 456 more words

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Point and Click: The New School

(Originally posted on Grimm Games on 6th November 2012)

I know I promised a horror article for Halloween but I didn’t have the knowledge and research materials on hand to make one and so I decided to write about something I’ve noticed in the games I’ve played recently, puzzle and adventure games. 2,048 more words


Weekly Walkthrough: The Blackwell Deception (Including Achievement Hunter Guide)

Developed by Wadjet Eye Games and Dave Gilbert

UNMARKED SPOILERS, random commentary, observations, and ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER GUIDE BELOW:

Just like with the previous games (, and ), one of the achievements in the game can be earned by listening to the creator’s commentary from the Start menu until the end credits: . 5,544 more words


Game Warp Podcast: The Darkside Detective (2017) Review

Happy Thursday everyone!

I’ve been feeling a tad under the weather lately so decided the last minute to change my original plans and post something simple. 65 more words


My Three Josephs: The Blackwell Convergence (A Spoilerific Review)

Taking place several decades after [Blackwell Unbound] and a mere six months after [The Blackwell Legacy], [The Blackwell Convergence] is the third game in the Blackwell pentalogy produced by [ 1,288 more words

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Minecraft: Story Mode: Season One Review

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Played on: PC
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Time Played (Steam): 13.6 hours
Played with: Mouse & Keyboard and Xbox 360 Controller… 103 more words