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PsychoReview: The Walking Dead Season 2

The Walking Dead Season 2

Why this game?

I was a fan of the first season, and I barely kept myself away from the game until it was done… I am one of those people who believes the game loses its whole meaning and atmosphere when played over a long period of time. 2,313 more words

PC Games

The Raven's old-fashioned mystery is not enough to captivate

The truth is this–it is way easier to write about a bad game than a good game. Also, much more fun. Gushing over fantastic gameplay mechanics or a clever story is all well and good, but nothing makes the eyes dilate or lips quiver like venomous prose, the kind that pins its prey to the wall and tortures it into unconsciousness. 781 more words


Broken Age

Last month, Double Fine Studios released the second installment of the point and click PC game Broken Age. If you’re at all familiar with PC gaming, you may know that the brains behind the game – game designer Tim Schafer – was also responsible for the beloved point and clicks Grim Fandango and the Monkey Island series, as well as the 3-D platformer, … 1,291 more words

Feminine Mistake


Adventure fans rejoice! We proudly announce the new adventure game Elansar & Philia will come to Sega Dreamcast this year.

From the developer

Elansar is a point & click adventure game.

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By Dan Spence on June 24th 2015

Today I had the pleasure of playing an indie game by the name of “LAST CASE – THE DISAPPEARANCE OF AMANDA KANE.” The game is a very short (5 -10 minutes) point-and-click adventure about a private eye (Jack Forester) attempting to locate a rich man’s runaway daughter by the name of Amanda Kane. 412 more words


New Article - Technobabylon Review

Read the full review on CGMagazine

Wadjet Eye Studios have quietly been carving out a stalwart niche among traditional Point and Click Adventure game fans. In recent years, the genre has grown and segmented to include more narrative-rich, dialogue-heavy adventures, spear-headed largely by Telltale’s successful licensed Episodic Adventure games. 121 more words


Narrative and Genre

So here’s something new I’ve been pondering:

I’ve been getting back into the point-and-click puzzle solver recently. I got a copy of the remastered Grim Fandango, was given a copy of a game called Amazone. 626 more words

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