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Can you solve the mystery of the missing wife? - Review: Serena

For those who are familiar with Mixer Gaming or myself, you’ll know that I have an open mind when it comes to video games. Sometimes the games I play and enjoy aren’t highly rated, or they are obscure, or they are for children. 593 more words


Don't worry, everyone, for I found all 10 yellow cupcakes

I have a bunch of Grinding Down posts in the work, all in different shapes of completion and on pretty diversified topics, such as marbles, sneaking around and stabbing tourists, and battling monsters that grow stronger ever turn, but I’m not really feeling motivated to write about… 482 more words


New Indie Game Added: Fran Bow (Alpha Demo)

Words cannot describe how much I already love this game. I’m already working on getting my donation together…

I send you my utmost invitation to the morbid world of  Fran Bow; “A Very Creepy Point & Click Adventure.” 28 more words


Awakener has young adventurer Fadi performing a number of tasks

Evidently, I still have a bunch of Ben Chandler’s earlier point-and-click adventure games downloaded on my laptop, waiting patiently. Ready to be played, like good little patients. 571 more words


Nothing works properly for Abel the Stringshaper in A Landlord's Dream

It only takes three screens to tell the story of A Landlord’s Dream, but, for a Monthly Adventure Game Studio Competition (MAGS) entry, this is all it needs. 452 more words


Gemini Rue

For those who fondly remember the golden age of point and clicks, Gemini Rue will be delightful trip back in time. For the others, it’ll just be a fantastic cyberpunk adventure with retro graphics. 462 more words


2015 Game Review Haiku, #20 – Awakener

To wake the sleeper
Help assassin, buy pennies
Oh, dress the statue

From 2012 all through 2013, I wrote little haikus here at Grinding Down… 60 more words