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Belfry Glass

The Belfry Theatre is in an old church, which is hardly surprising given its name, and how batty playwrights can be.

This is one of the windows, blocked off on the inside, but still nice on the outside when the morning light hits it. 12 more words


Postal Corner

Another test from the Espio 120SW, showing the fairly heavy vignetting at 28mm focal length. 14 more words


The Rest of It

This is the rest of the wall show in my recent post A Breath of Fresh Air.

As I recall, this shot was made with partial telephoto zoom. 50 more words


Land Quarters

According to the owner of these buildings who I talked to a few years ago when buying steel tubing here the wooden sheds have a fascinating history that dates to the late 1800s. 1,290 more words



This is my first roll of Agfa film, at least packaged as Agfa.

I really like what it does with the greens.

And my first roll through this camera which it turns out vignettes pretty heavily at 28mm and I am guessing wide open. 36 more words



Even though there appears to be a skinny passage between these into two buildings, they do present a very abrupt boundary to the viewing public. 42 more words


Setting Up

There was great light when I was testing this camera early one morning.

I turned around and came back for this shot of the elderly shop keeper setting up for the day. 14 more words