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Keeping busy and running into runners

It’s been a busy few weeks. There’s been a birthday party, first communion celebration, memorial service, dinner with friends I’ve known for years and with people I’ve just met, a trip into the city to see Casey play in an opera and, of course, yard work. 480 more words


Camaraderie of Cameras

Cameras have transformed the way we live in the present day and age. A decade or two ago, sharing photographs was a cumbersome task. Cameras were limited to around 30 photos at a stretch, limited by the photographic films. 468 more words


Never Quick, Nor Easy.

This photo would fit well into a project aimed around the ideas of “commitment” or a series on “North American Living”. ironically of course.

This was a sign outside what seemed to be a small, walk in, walk out law office in the lower east side of Manhattan. 177 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

In terms of this week’s photo challenge, orange, I guess I just got lucky. ┬áToday was the start of Art in Bloom at the… 360 more words


The Babysitter :-)

It appears Grandma has found the wonders of the internet, while the kids tear up that couch! :-)

Happy New Year everybody. Hope it’s the best year for everyone! 65 more words