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Digital Photography Tips - 5 Tips to Avoid Flash Blowout

Have you ever tried to take pictures in a poorly lit room with your point and shoot camera? How was it? Doesn’t your subject turn out to be completely blown out by the flash? 486 more words

TBT: Organized complexity

Hey guys!

Happy Thursday! I realized I haven’t done a photo-blog in a while, and some of you guys are going to sigh with frustration, but, I can’t do a makeup blog right now because I’ve developed a cold sore on my chin, and it’s quite big. 577 more words


Compact Digital Camera - Why is it So Special?

Can you imagine holding your camera with your hand right now? As technology improves over time, you are only going to get more powerful digital camera coming your way. 371 more words

5 Pointers to Buy a Point-and-shoot Camera

Bitten by the photography bug, but don’t have the technical knowledge? Point-and-shoot cameras are designed for novice photographers who just want to click photos when they’re on a holiday or any other time. 276 more words


Camera Parts - Understanding the Basics

Congrats on getting a camera! Are you all set to start clicking? Stop and take a good look at the imaging device you hold in your hand. 405 more words


Mangoes 1.99 Each

I don’t often buy mangoes (mangos?), and perhaps that is because they seem expensive. 13 more words


Faux Tudor

 A pub in Fernwood, Victoria. Trying to be what it isn’t. 12 more words