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The Golden Moment!

The scene that refreshed me after a long tiring day. This was a quick shot that I tried (delay of 2 more seconds and the sun would have gone down :P). 92 more words


Perfect Blend

A shot that I loved the most till yet..

This was again, taken at Flower Exhibition 2015 at Islamabad Rose & Jasmine Garden. The flower’s vibrant colors attracted me so much that I couldn’t resist myself to capture it. 89 more words


Nature at its Best!

Starting off with one of the best shots of mine..

This shot was taken at Flower Exhibition 2015 held at Rose & Jasmine Garden, Islamabad. I was trying to capture its middle area, my camera was more into catching the whole flower. 80 more words


Caturday, March 28th

Oh, the ephemeral joys of kittenhood! They grow up way too fast!

Caturday, March 14th

This is another gem pulled from Kitty Moe’s Facebook page. It was taken 4 years ago, but I re-edited it today in PicMonkey. He still hasn’t grown tired of playing with toilet tissue.

5 Days Challenge: Day 4

Until somewhat recently, I’ve been afraid of ALL horses. Now, I’m only afraid of MOST horses.

Those who’ve known me for years tend to be surprised when they learn this. 468 more words