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Eye Spy

Nope, it’s not Caturday, but when Moe found out about this week’s Daily Post photo challenge, “eye spy“, he insisted that I post this. 88 more words

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Decisions, Decisions

Today is day 179 of my year long mission to take a photo every day and post it to flickr. While I only add one photo per day to my project 365 album, I typically shoot several and choose my favourite. 338 more words

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Caturday, November 7th

Wednesday is Remembrance Day here in Canada. On this Caturday, Moe and I visited the archives and dug up this point-and-shoot gem from November 11th, 2013. 13 more words

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Caturday, May 30th

My fur-baby turns 5 on Monday! The celebrations have already begun!

When this photo was taken, Moe was two months old, and still living at the shelter where I volunteer. 107 more words

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The Golden Moment!

The scene that refreshed me after a long tiring day. This was a quick shot that I tried (delay of 2 more seconds and the sun would have gone down :P). 92 more words


Perfect Blend

A shot that I loved the most till yet..

This was again, taken at Flower Exhibition 2015 at Islamabad Rose & Jasmine Garden. The flower’s vibrant colors attracted me so much that I couldn’t resist myself to capture it. 89 more words


Nature at its Best!

Starting off with one of the best shots of mine..

This shot was taken at Flower Exhibition 2015 held at Rose & Jasmine Garden, Islamabad. I was trying to capture its middle area, my camera was more into catching the whole flower. 80 more words