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The Tale of a Sofa: one saw tat, the other saw trophy

When Granny moved into her sheltered flat, the three-piece suite was too large for her sitting room. She passed it to her daughter and ordered a smaller version, custom-made. 411 more words


Testimony of the Elder

“Listen, this is all very interesting, but if you two could please cut the sap for a minute…” the judge sighed. His mind was set exclusively on the trial at hand, and no matter what his opinion, nothing could change that. 132 more words

Point Of View


made in 2013

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon
  2. Go to a Brandy Melville store
  3. Ride a horse freely
  4. Have 5 cats; black, white (crystal/angel), light yellow (butter), orange with stripes (teeger/tiger), grey (truffle/fleur)
  5. 118 more words
Point Of View

#AtoZChallenge: P is for Point of View

For the A-Z challenge, I am posting writing and editing tips to help you improve and enhance your writing.

P is for Point of View… 301 more words


BAM gotta get up

Life, it happens way too fast, and when you look back you can’t help but wonder where everything went. It seems that sometimes it goes by way too fast, like finally falling asleep then BAM you gotta get up. 130 more words

Point Of View


In the sunlight of awareness,
everything becomes sacred.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Dharma Is Where U Find It



THE BEST SELLER LIST IS THE FASTEST WAY to cement a notion in the public’s mind as indisputable “fact”. We are great at quoting a concept captured in print, then re-quoting the quote, until the “truthfulness” of it becomes plausible. 393 more words