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Choosing a Point-of-View Character

Two friends on an adventure.

The hero and villain meet at last.

Two characters in a blossoming romance.

“Who gets the point of view?”

I mean, whose point of view (POV) will you write the scene from? 231 more words

Day 400 - Think Inside The Box.

We are all aware of the phrase ‘think outside the box’.

The ‘box’ being the confines of the problem we are contending with.

It is ironic that colouring outside of the lines often gains you chastisement rather than praise. 161 more words

Writing Process

Art of Writing Viewpoints

Every week I deal with different subjects in this blog. I also post my blog to my Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld. This week I am taking a look at… 1,167 more words


What the West Coast can teach the East Coast; and What the East can teach the West.

The paradigm for the Tech Giants of the West is: Data first! This appears to lead to the creative destruction of the old paradigm of the East: Insight first! 646 more words


Choosing the Right POV for Your Story

POV stands for “Point of View” which is the perspective your story is told from, such as “I ate the apple” (first person) or “you at the people” (second person) or “she at the apple” (third person). 172 more words



In simple terms ‘Perception‘ means once point of view. To explain in detail, we have to respect others point of view because it may be correct according to them or in their point of view. 275 more words


Running as breath work

Cardiovascular ability is quite the dirty word in many martial art schools whose worth is mostly in performance in the dojo.

I agree to some extent as investing in… 272 more words