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another one.

were we looking at the frog or was the frog looking at us?

“it’s useful to go out of this world and see it from the perspective of another one.”

-terry pratchett


Aqua Respire

Water bead grass bayonets cut tongues,
steely dew, fondant of morning rain.

How I love to lie eye-level to ground
to look up at tall blades against the sky. 128 more words


Writing Lesson of the Day

A few years back I worked with a very good writer who was getting an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Business. He came in after he had defended his very interesting thesis and threw himself into the chair beside me. 142 more words

Do Not Use My Purse

Just because I am a neat freak doesn’t mean I enjoy cleaning up after you.

And just because I’m trained in hospitality doesn’t mean I do housekeeping for you. 270 more words

National Poetry Month

Two Angels and a Prophet #boringsunday #podcast Ep7

“Two Angels and a Prophet” “Zwei Engel und ein Prophet” We were at it again, @gabsrants and @poetjoel and me

our sun-daily hourly ramblings.

23.04.17 Wir waren wiedermal dran, … 13 more words

Tagebuch / Journal

Lazy Writing vs. Deep POV

Judging by the suggestions in my manuscript, you would think I had just started out with this writing thing.  I know better. When had I gotten so lazy? 682 more words

Betty Thomason Owens