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Understanding Point of View: Third Person

By Cecilia Lewis

Last week, I discussed the pros and cons of first person point of view. Now, I’d like to take a look at the most commonly used POV: third person. 906 more words


I originally

made this blog because I thought I was going to just be blunt about my life, sexual experiences and relationships first hand but nothing is better now than to let you all know little by little so that you know exactly how I felt about everything.


Logika 'Mendingan'

Katanya salah satu cara untuk mudah bersyukur dan merasa kaya adalah dengan melihat kondisi yang berada dibawah kita. 

Misalnya, kalau kita punya penghasilan perbulan Rp 5jt, maka lihatlah orang yang penghasilannya Rp 500rb/bulan. 340 more words

A Perfect Example Of Reframing ...

Part of the job of a planner is to reframe situations.

Taking an issue and offering a perspective that turns a seemingly negative, into something positive. 274 more words


The Barn

Today in my creative writing class we were given a prompt that I really enjoyed, so I thought I would share what I quickly jotted down with you guys. 196 more words

Creative Writing

Stronger Writing: Use Your (Characters') Senses!

If you’ve been writing fiction for more than, oh, about twenty minutes, you’ve no doubt been advised to use at least three of the five senses to bring your prose to life. 799 more words