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It's All Just Talk

Was discussing my first draft the other day with a friend who has graciously agreed to follow my progress. The friend in question is a fearsome sub editor, amongst other talents, and the first thing she said to me after reading the first few thousand words some months ago was, “you don’t like punctuation much do you?” This was somewhat surprising, as I consider myself a generous fellow, especially when it come to commas. 451 more words

First Novel

Hobson's choice, Occam's razor, Wheeler's which and the way we decide

Hobson’s choice is no choice at all. Take what’s offered, or walk away.

Occam’s razor is a rule of thumb: the simplest explanation is often the best one. 173 more words


Antagonising Antagonist

The antagonist, the adversary of the hero is giving me grief. And so it should, as I am the protagonist in my memoir. A vicious circle, the chicken or the egg or the egg or the chicken has me chasing my literary tail. 354 more words


As Promised

Second half of critique group questions from last week’s post:


* Are character motivations powerful enough to create sufficient conflict?

* Is a potential for conflict established that is strong enough to move the story forward? 196 more words

Book, Writing

A Frame, Within a Frame, Within a Frame

Around two years ago, some fascination with windows had been planted into my brain (I want to blame Kubrick, but I only have a sort of inkling as to why, and I already blame him for my mysterious interest in prostitutes – but that’s for another time *notes idea for another blog*). 598 more words


Snippet 141

Day 141

“I hate it when people treat dogs like humans,” you said.


“It’s like they’re making dogs feel like they’re going to be humans too one day.” 100 more words

The Unsealed Journal

The United States of America: How Paradoxical?

The title “United States of America” is a congressional declaration made on September 9, 1776, upon the realization that the former nation’s name “United Colonies… 864 more words

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