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Changing Perspective: A new lesson

Last week I gave myself a writing challenge – to attempt the weekly lessons offered by Hubert O’Hearn’s Writer’s Pro Shop. This is the Week Two Exercise… 566 more words

The Adventure Of Writing

Running Through The Six With My (Startup) Woes

“Every failure has the seed of an equivalent success.” – Napolean Hill

This is my mantra.  My Jam.

I’ve gotta say, so far working on this startup has been one of the most enjoyable experiences to date. 630 more words


3 Types of Pakistani Political parties to void

I get inspired by the leaders who lead with an open heart. Ones who are down to earth while having non trivial abilities and an element to bring a movement of change. 855 more words


Sandra Benedetto: Preacher Man

It’s a little early for the UPS guy, she thought.  She watched the brown truck exert itself over a speedbump while she tried to keep Zoe from eating plants in front of an apartment building.   923 more words

Sandra Benedetto

You are the one

I close my eyes, and I pray that I’ll dream of you
I’m waiting
for a day when I’ll get your point of view
We’re so alike but…

85 more words

Writing Advice: Where to Begin?

En Medias Res is latin for “in the middle of things” and is the term writers have adopted for when you begin your story in the middle of the plot. 580 more words


The Beginning

I was born and raised in Bogor, the small damp city surrounded by two gigantic rows of montain (Salak and Pangrango). It has been notoriously known as a city of rain but I am not quite sure, given the state of weather of global warming, everywhere seems so much rainy. 418 more words