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A Thank You Letter To Kareena Kapoor

When the country is raging with writing open letters how can I lag behind so I decided I will write but a thank you letter, that too to somebody distinct from the word-ly and worldly affairs but distinguished as a sizzling hot item number. 442 more words

Point Of View

Ecstasy Editing Notes: Point of View, Part One

The biggest question/concern I’ve heard from writers recently involves which point of view (POV) is right for what they are working on. There was a time when it would rarely be asked. 1,116 more words


Perspective: On the Inside Looking Out

At the end of June I began work on another revision of my novel to incorporate what I learned at UW Madison’s Write-by-the-Lake in Laurie Scheer’s class, Mastering Your Genre. 1,074 more words


Editing Tip #97 - Beta Reading for Others Pt.2: Intent (likability)

What’s not to like about getting to read new, upcoming books for free? Well, I guess as a beta reader we’re spending valuable time and the gift of our literate opinion, then again we wouldn’t have accepted a beta book in the first place if these things didn’t already appeal to us. 464 more words

M.J. Moores

Kitty Talks... Depression Affecting 'Certain Groups' ?

Before starting my rant, please read the disclaimer at the end of the post!

The photo you see above is the screenshot of a Tumblr post that spreaded through the site quickly and efficiently ( see the significant number of notes ) and that, therefore, reached out to a great number of users who seemed to agree with her wholeheartedly, and this is where I decide to intervene. 1,173 more words


Different Form of Succes

Still thinking, observing and analyzing this thing.

I am still between of my lowest point and everything, struggling my self to hold on and not to giving up. 489 more words


Look up!

It’s amazing what you see when you change your perspective. I sat in the back garden and looked up at seagulls squabbling, and saw these clouds. 27 more words

K Patrick Moody