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Speak up: Saturday musings

You don’t agree with something or someone – what they say or do – fine.

You don’t like me because I don’t share your point of view? 50 more words


Point of View

A point of view is crucial.
Yes, it determines how we behave towards someone or something.

Have you heard a statement, either a hadith or others, which sounds like this: 332 more words


Be aware of cyber harassment

One day a little boy was in the park. He experienced cyber harassment and he was very upset. He escaped from home because he was scared that next day someone again will be rude for him. 23 more words


Night Moves

Daily Film Blog Troller: Didn’t you just write a piece about this movie?

Blogger: If you waited, you would have seen that I am writing about the 1975… 916 more words

on news, social media, and over-reactions

When I lived in San Bernardino, I got a first hand view of how news is reported, after a fire in our neighborhood. What I had seen and experienced basically resembled the reported account, but with some meaningful distinctions. 202 more words


Protagonist or Hero?

I talk a lot about books and writing in general here on my blog, but I realized that I very rarely talk about my own writing. 408 more words

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