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Prince Charming is Hiding. He Can Stop That Nonsense.

you can come out now!
i’m done playing!
i’m serious.
game’s over.
you won.
you held out the longest.
i admit defeat.
where are you? 214 more words

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Pet a dog. It's good for your (mental) health

There is something to be said for petting a dog. This is a thought that has literally just occurred to me as I stroked my dog, Shadow’s, back and heard her sigh in contentment. 408 more words

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Racism in America, A Southern Yankee's view

After seeing that white supremacist taunted and shot at the black lives matter protesters in Minneapolis it made me sad for my generation. I’m not a big fan of the Blacklivesmatter movement because I think sometimes they are out of line in their activities, but I do NOT condone gun violence to combat a protest. 1,141 more words

The Curse of a Broad Palate.

My palate betrays me; although I can improve my knife skills in the same way a swordsman can improve his with practice, I cannot improve my food without falling trap to my own memories first. 604 more words


We Are All Trying To Reach The Best Places

In his book Considerations, author Colin Wright addresses our conflicts over differing ideas and everyone’s struggle to make their life meaningful.  In particular Wright considers the way we act towards others who do not share our same beliefs and fight for ideas that we think are wrong. 371 more words

Considerations - Colin Wright

RONALDO (The Review)



Ronaldo, the documentary of arguably the best player of this generation. With the hype that this movie had surrounding itself, it could never have lived up to its expectations no matter how well done it was due to the intense amount of excitement surrounding it. 1,352 more words

Point Of View

Focusing the Viewpoint Camera Lens with help from Orson Scott Card, by Kristen C. Strocchia

     November’s Silver screen theme brought to mind the book Characters and Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card.  While it’s a book on craft not cinema, Card talks about using viewpoint like a movie camera lens and provides visual examples to better show how this works, an approach that I have found very useful. 167 more words