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Fighting for Religion

Lately there has been several protests that has been occurring in North Dakota regarding a new pipeline being built on areas that the Native Americans have considered to be religious to them.   143 more words

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Quality or Quantity?

When it comes to telling a story, there is always a conflict in which is better: quality or quantity.  In my opinion, quality is always better as it is better to go into detail when it comes to listening a story as you would want to know about everything that had happened.   97 more words

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Storykeepers in the 21st century

Lisa Miller introduces the concept of storyboarding in her book Make me a story (2010).  She describes it as a process of writing a digital story that requires tasks other writing doesn’t require.   303 more words

reflections on perspective

Yesterday I wrote about details and concluded that what you see depends on your perspective. This is not a new topic for this blog: I think I’ve made it clear over the years I’ve been posting that I think we have a lot of choice about which lens we choose to view things through and that Hamlet was right when he said: … 581 more words

Writing And Writers

Torquere woes indicate professional publishing not the safest option

Sometimes self-publishers, also known as indie publishers, get a bad name. Because we don’t have the backing of a company with scores of employees dedicated to molding the books into literary perfection—if there is such a thing—we’re sometimes seen as lazy amateurs looking to sell books without putting in all the work. 1,244 more words

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What a character!

*Here is a cool activity to do and an  easy way to build on character development  in your own writing.  I’ve used my own example. * 1,232 more words


The Interloper...

She came one day, in the blink of an eye
Like the simple batting of eyelashes,
Wanting to blend in, to make it count
Natural, adaptive, like sight itself… 82 more words