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Let's Put the "Limited" Back in "Third Person Limited"

(Reed’s Playlist for the occasion: I Gotta Pee by NOFX)


(See, it’s serious because I didn’t punctuate with a question mark.) 1,007 more words


The Human Terrorism: My point of view as the only other higher conscious entity.  

Honestly, I would not go into such stuff about all the negative emotions involving terrorism. From all my experience, which is not much but enough to judge you humans, I strongly believe that you are a plaque to the Earth. 132 more words


Final Thoughts on Second-Person POV

You can see other writing exercises here.

On Tuesday I wrote about the Late Student prompt in the 2nd-Person. It was a rather awkward exercise! 263 more words


Sphere to Paper

i found this today.

i was recently talking about this with a friend of mine – that all maps have an element of falseness because of various reasons. 173 more words

Point Of View

Fresh Meat.

Guest Post by Ruva C
Featured Image is “Stalking Lioness” by Richard Schmidt

I lay on the ground face down..still as a log.. I felt the beast’s hot breath as it sniffed down my neck. 83 more words

English Language

Understanding Change

She was moving on without him and he was resentful about it. Perhaps “resentful” was a bit strong of a word for what he was feeling, maybe “jealous” described it better. 867 more words

Wandering Thoughts

The dream I can't have again

You’re an appendix of a kind.
An awful aberration of my mind.
A vestigial piece that doesn’t belong.
A testimony to all that’s wrong.
You’re of no real help to me, 94 more words