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Entertainment overtime has become an important aspect of our lives.  It is what makes us relax or smile as we enjoy the day through such activities.   135 more words


Journalist vs. Manager

Scratch the versus because I actually have to think like both. Thinking about who cares, what people care about, and why, guides me to know whether a pitch is exceptional or not. 138 more words

The Power Within

We all have had that period of time when we are unhappy due to certain circumstances. It feels as if everything is going bad, even though only one area of life isn’t so great. 413 more words


Daily Inspiration – October 2016

This week I was convinced by my dear friend Ms. Mondrup to start contributing to her magazine Tomorrow’s Journal so from now on you can also follow what I have to say there. 38 more words


Legos and Imagination

As a child, one of my favorite toys was legos. I enjoyed building with hem as there were so many different things you could make with the use of just ur imagination and a couple of bricks. 135 more words


Point of View # 1 - Fokus

  • Ovaj prvi članak se posvećuje svim penzionerima,šetačima na ulici,slučajnim prolaznicima,vlasnicima kuća ispred kojih snimaju trikove ,beskućnicima,svećenicima,uličnim propovjednicima,zaposlenicima javnih službi,zaštitarima,učiteljima i slično.

Kad vidite skejtere kako udaraju zidove,viču na svoje daske iz petnih žila,optužuju vas da se šetate i smetate,čupaju kosu,“uništavaju „ javnu površinu ,broje stepenice ili se mole kojem god božanstvu, nemojte to uzeti k srcu. 161 more words

Point Of View

Michigan Lake view ... from different eyes

What a gift … walking by the Lake when I took these pictures. Chicago is full of great diversity! I love it😍 6 more words

Point Of View