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POV: Jacobson 24/1/2020

tomorrow morning (sunday 26th), 8.48-8.57am (repeated from 8.50pm friday), on bbc radio 4

a point of view by howard jacobson

Anti-Semitism and the Neo Medievalists… 35 more words


Pray for Praise

Is it magic or manic?

One letter separates the blessed from the crazy.

Just one letter away from making it.

One addiction kicked for the sake of adopting permanent disablement. 325 more words

Wandering Wordsmith



I took a year off. I didn’t want to be beholden. I had so much stuff to sort out in my inner space, I couldn’t or wouldn’t allow these decisions to be influenced by external bodies. 680 more words

Eyes of the Bride

At the whipping sound of an electric crackle, her eyes darted back and forth beneath their lids. A heavy gust of wind encompassed her, but she felt no cold. 585 more words


S6E5 - Character Voice and Point of View

Authors can always be served by returning to the basics of writing. We spend so much time focusing on the grand scale of books – plot, themes, sequels – that the simple pieces of writing which make a story stand out can be lost. 75 more words


My Point of View

When it comes to the window, I have two points of view:

  1. The actual window and the virtual Window 7
  2. Am I looking in or looking out.
  3. 195 more words

There is Danger in Safety

Sounds not real for the ears right? An example of a paradox in literature. Who will ever think that safety can become dangerous in the very first place? 1,326 more words