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Thunder and rain in Los Angeles in July? Tropical Storm Dolores says claro que sí.

I was over at my parents’ house yesterday as it rained the proverbial cats and dogs. 283 more words

Point & Shoot

Dog Day Afternoon

Hello out there! Hope you’re all enjoying your summer. This is a quick little check-in to share something fun that recently happened. Kathy M.Y. Pyon… 169 more words

Point & Shoot

Laughing at the Water

I often live through my days forgetting the fundamental sensations of being alive. The one place I’m immediately reminded that I’m a living thing and not a some kind of bot is the ocean. 569 more words

Point & Shoot

All Dressed up with Nowhere to Go

When you live in or near Hollyweird and you know People Who Know People — and everyone knows People Who Know People in this town — you just may end up in a movie or two. 313 more words

Point & Shoot

The boy has skills...point+shoot!

Hubby took our eldest for his first session down the driving range.

Oscar loved every minute of it and he was super great at it too. 37 more words

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So it’s been a great day with my baby girl…. Play time at Kidspace then lunch at Mac Donald’s!

Madam loves an action shot at the park on the swings! 38 more words

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The Face that Launched a Dozen T-shirts

It all started last November. I was desperately looking for Christmas gifts for the niece and nephew. I could’ve asked their parents or just picked anything train-related at Toys R Us but I wanted to be the Cool Auntie and was coming up empty as a result. 877 more words

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