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The picture at the top of this post was for a blog I wanted to write last week. I am posting the picture to show but my thoughts on it are currently shifting. 1,260 more words

Weathering another Storm

I don’t even know where to begin today. This past weekend has been a struggle. I have watched JJ’s daily points plummet. He was on antibiotics for a month and during that time he scored between 22 and 28 points daily. 312 more words

A 21 point day!

A few years ago when JJ started having his struggles I developed a chart with a point system to help me keep track of his good days and his bad. 548 more words

GMA vote : Points only for top 10?

There has been another vote in the GMA meeting, this time the vote was to decide if we change the current point system and only reward the top 10 in the race. 77 more words


A Simplified Guide: Basics You Need to Know About MotoGP

It can be incredibly intimidating to get into a new sport, and if you’re not constantly around people who are talking about it, it can be like trying to learn an entirely new language. 605 more words


Monday Musings: My First Few Days on Scribophile

Hey, everybody!

In this week’s Monday Musings post, I’m taking a little bit of a hard turn toward writing and talking about the past few days I’ve spent on Scribophile. 575 more words