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Stevenstone point to point update

After a two year break the Stevenstone point to point is back and the committee are raring to go on Monday May 5 on the course at Vauterhill, EX37 9BT. 41 more words



Friday 18th April, from Shirley Cork, meeting secretary

The going is GOOD on the course with plenty of grass covering and the course builders have done their usual excellent job. 14 more words


Picnic at Penshurst point-to-point a great success

After all the work the picnic was a great success. The client was delighted and a steady stream of their friends dropped in for a chat and bite.

The Deli Truck

Picnic at Penshurst point to point

Another picnic favourite – a bowl of quail eggs. Pick one out and dip lightly in celery salt – it doesn’t get much better. All shelled and ready to be packed in our huge hamper. 24 more words

Deli Truck

A posh picnic for a point to point (part2)

The client wanted lots of fun food as well – as this will be an outdoor picnic. They especially wanted home made sausage Rolls. We made a super yummy sausage base out of finely minced pork and beef along with lots of sage, oregano, pepper, onion, lardon and lots of grated cheddar. 71 more words

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A posh picnic for a point to point (part 1)

An old client has hired us to make a posh picnic for their visit to the “Penshurst Point to Point” meeting tomorrow  in Kent. Today we started the laborious task of boning out a selection of birds to create a classic old fashioned French dish called a Galantine. 448 more words

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