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Point to ponder #2

Some days you just have to create you own


Point To Ponder

Point to ponder #1

‘Don’t judge a day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.’

-Robert Louis Stevenson-

Point To Ponder

Prayer vs. Plans...

Imagine what we could all accomplish when we realize that a single prayer can accomplish more than a thousand plans.


Point To Ponder

God works by the Power of His Word, The same Word that can work in our lives.

God works according to a plan. First He forms than He fills. 78 more words


An Attitude of Gratitude

So early today morning my alarm rang, I snoozed. The alarm rang again, I snoozed again (What normal human being wakes up at the first ring of the alarm anyway?). 642 more words

Life In The UAE

Point To Ponder

The Followers of Christ Jesus are not, like many active people today, so taken up with a single cause that they can think of nothing else. 139 more words

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Point To Ponder 'Religion'

I don’t know a good picture to describe it {religion} Looking up a dictionary, we find, it means: any practice, matter, etc, treated with devotion or keen conscientiousness. 243 more words

OFJ -Old Fellow Johns Posts