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Heal the world.

“Have you ever thought of making this world a better place?”

Just a thought..

“Yes?” Well, you certainly might have. But how can you transform your thought into  a reform. 359 more words


What is the meaning of life?

~we are, who we are but who are we? ~
-Hajra Salim

We all are humans right? But are we really? Just for a moment stop thinking about yourself and look outside, the world that you would never wish to see or you never got a chance to explore. 1,197 more words


Point To Ponder #3

OK. First up this one is a bit esoteric – ‘Out There’ –  for most people, but it came up as part of a big project i’m working on and any input is welcomed. 559 more words


Point to Ponder #2

(For my first ponder see: here)

How Old Are You – Really?

I admit it – I’m a bit of a science nerd! I love pondering the wonders of science and nature trying to get a deeper understanding of the world around me and maybe get to understand a little more about how it all fits together and how i fit into the big scheme of Things. 405 more words


Point to Ponder XI

We often find ourselves in places and positions in life that we never expected to be in.  These include difficult situations with difficult people; in bad relationships; in physical or emotional pain and depressed or in fear. 191 more words


“Why homework does more harm than good”

Topic: “Why homework does more harm than good”
By: Hajra Salim

Raise your hand if you like doing homework and waste those precious hours at night when you should be sleeping or giving time to your family. 1,262 more words


Equality and Equity

Now a days,We talk about equality and inequality but what about equality and equity? Is it the same thing or it really doesn’t matter to you? 462 more words