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Point/Counterpoint: Mayfield vs. Mahomes

Here at the O’Zone, we frequently find ourselves in heated sports debates. So, like any blogger worth his word processor, the best way to hash it out is with the written word. 854 more words

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Judicial Foreclosure in Massachusetts: It's About Time

by Nadine Cohen and Todd S. Kaplan


The foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts is not over.  Massachusetts foreclosure rates continue to climb, depressing values of surrounding homes, creating urban blight, decreasing the economic health of predominantly low and moderate income communities, especially communities of color, and generally negatively affecting economic vitality and residential lending in Massachusetts. 967 more words

Boston Bar Association

Non-Judicial Foreclosure Works As It Should

by Robert J. Moriarty, Jr.


This is not the time to move to a system of judicial foreclosure in Massachusetts.  The current system of non-judicial foreclosures has worked as it should, allowing foreclosures to proceed independent of the courts, yet simultaneously allowing judicial intervention where appropriate to protect the rights of borrowers from improper practices. 659 more words

Boston Bar Association

Point/Counterpoint: The Ryan Howard incident

POINT: I’ve done so much for this city.

What happened this weekend was an absolute atrocity. I will be the first to admit (and I have admitted to the fact) that I have not played well this season. 552 more words


Point/Counterpoint: "Lemonade"

Lemonade is the Beyonce album that dropped out of nowhere and made the nation lose its collective mind.

While there was praise for the music and appreciation of the visual elements, people also heavily discussed what the music meant. 1,100 more words

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Quit Being A Bitch

BY Bundle of Sticks

I understand if it’s difficult, but you seriously need to stop being a bitch. I understand that, as a female dog, it is your nature to fetch sticks and retrieve them for your owner. 242 more words


Traveling Abroad: Yes or No?

Few things are as life-changing, terrifying, or teaching than living on the fringes of your comfort zone thousands of miles from your home. Traveling serves many purposes that enrich individuals’ lives, particularly study abroad programs.During college, there is a unique opportunity to travel in a way that students will never again be able to in later years, and this way involves learning, critical thinking, and discovery. 655 more words