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Selfie Abundance: Yes or No?

We are a generation obsessed with selfies. The social media phenomenon launched the idea of taking pictures of ourselves for our ever-changing profile pictures back in the days of MySpace, and has snowballed from there, with dire consequences. 700 more words


Money-Oriented Studies: Yes or No?

So often in life we hear or perhaps have experienced ourselves, people being shamed for pursuing supposedly dead-end degrees, even though they align with our passions. 698 more words


Point/Counterpoint: God?

There Is No God

BY Harold Heimholtz

Its 2016, people, and I’m baffled that people still believe in a phony-baloney flying man in the sky. Christian brainwashing is responsible for many of the ills in our society. 329 more words


Honoring Celebrity Deaths: Yes or No?

There have been numerous high profile deaths recently.

photo-illustration: Sarai Nissan • CU Denver Sentry

Since the turn of the new year, there has been an unfortunate amount of deaths sprinkling the news and social media. 730 more words


Graduating in Four Years: Yes or No?

There are endless reasons why CU Denver is an excellent institution. There is one significant issue of concern for students that I have consistently come across during my time at this fine university, and that’s the ability to graduate in four years. 645 more words


A Complete, Totally Definitive Guide to Short Story Craft

1. Start the story with an intriguing first line, something that propels the reader forward, captures their attention, makes them feel compelled to read on. Do not start with something boring or commonplace. 1,370 more words

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