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Point/Counterpoint: "Lemonade"

Lemonade is the Beyonce album that dropped out of nowhere and made the nation lose its collective mind.

While there was praise for the music and appreciation of the visual elements, people also heavily discussed what the music meant. 1,100 more words

Music Review


Quit Being A Bitch

BY Bundle of Sticks

I understand if it’s difficult, but you seriously need to stop being a bitch. I understand that, as a female dog, it is your nature to fetch sticks and retrieve them for your owner. 242 more words


Traveling Abroad: Yes or No?

Few things are as life-changing, terrifying, or teaching than living on the fringes of your comfort zone thousands of miles from your home. Traveling serves many purposes that enrich individuals’ lives, particularly study abroad programs.During college, there is a unique opportunity to travel in a way that students will never again be able to in later years, and this way involves learning, critical thinking, and discovery. 655 more words


Arguing Politics on Facebook: Yes or No?

Openly discussing political opinion was once considered taboo. Now, thanks to Facebook and other social media networks, such heavy-hitting subjects are as public as they are uninhibited, and activism is all the better for it.Though watching people misspell their way through a racist rant that fails to address any real policy is often hilarious, Facebook political wars provide more than base entertainment. 591 more words


Celebrating the Death of an Enemy: Yes or No?

Every person is a complex human being. We all have feelings, thoughts, families, friends, childhoods, beliefs, and everything else that every other person experiences. Even if someone is controversial, that does not mean their death should lack respect. 682 more words


Empowerment through Sexuality: Yes or No?

The idea that women should should find empowerment in her sexuality has become so trite and flawed in current American culture that the words “female sexual empowerment” have completely lost all meaning. 719 more words


I Supported Hillary in 2008. Here’s Why I Support Bernie Now

Richard Phillips is a policy analyst from Maryland. He graduated with a Masters in Public Policy from American University and lives in DC. His goal is to become the real-life Josh Lyman from the West Wing, but fears he’s much more likely to become the more embittered real-life Toby Ziegler. 2,125 more words

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