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Point/Counterpoint: Should you cheer for your rivals?

Point: The Case for pulling for your rivals

By Joel Devick

Sports Blogger


College football is unlike most sporting events out there. The fan loyalty runs deep, the passion is real and the loathing for the opposition is fierce. 741 more words


Point Counterpoint: Telephone and CATI Interviewing should die #MRX #NewMR 

Market research isn’t straight forward. As much as you believe one thing, I’ll completely disagree and believe another. Which brings us to this series of posts. 969 more words

Marketing Research

Point/Counterpoint: Secret Empire

Here to discuss Marvel’s 2017 story event, Secret Empire, are Daryll Benjamin and Michael Tennant.

Daryll Benjamin

Michael Tennant

Daryll Benjamin Ok dropping this grenade to start: this “event” was Marvel’s most coordinated since… 1,538 more words

Comics Reviews

Point/Counterpoint - BQB vs. A Smelly Raccoon - Should Smelly Raccoons Be Allowed to Knock Over BQB's Trash Cans?

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.

A new feature on this awesome blog.  Point/Counterpoint.  Various esteemed pundits will take each other one regarding the important issues of the day. 68 more words


Counterpoint - I Do Not Have Time to Clean Up After Trash Eating Rodents

By:  Bookshelf Q. Battler, Blogger-in-Chief, Bookshelf Battle Blog

I am a busy man.

I work all day at Beige Corp.

At night, I take care of my magic bookshelf, feed the Yeti, tend to the needs of all the inhabitants of BQB HQ, work on saving the world from the Mighty Potentate through my writing and then if I’m lucky, I might get five minutes to say hello to my main squeeze, Video Game Rack Fighter, before I go to sleep and get up just to do it all over again. 305 more words


Point - Bookshelf Q. Battler's Trash is Delicious

By: A Smelly Raccoon, Special Guest Columnist

Hello 3.5 readers.  A smelly raccoon here, and I for one would like to thank Bookshelf Q. Battler for providing me the opportunity to debate the very important issue of whether or not that nerd deserves to have his trash cans knocked over. 328 more words


Point Counterpoint: Is Stress Good for Students?

POINT: Casey Kim ’20



Students who take challenging classes were allowed to do so because teachers believed they were capable of handling the tasks. 692 more words

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