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Ready for Pointe

One question we are often asked as ballet teachers is “When is it appropriate for my daughter to go on pointe?”

Dancing on pointe is one of the most exciting achievements that an intermediate ballet student looks forward to – so naturally, there is a lot of anticipation among students and parents for the day when students are allowed to begin dancing on pointe! 600 more words

Ballet Training

Great News, Not So Great News & Reviews!

Hello Friend.

Great news you guys! A whole bunch of my dance stuff came in today and most of it fit!! Now granted I had to go with a Large on everything, but hey better safe than sorry when online shopping (not to mention my body has given life to two human beings, so hey…..I’m pretty darn stoked). 620 more words

The Busiest Time of the Year

‘Thought it was time for a blog post to sum up all that’s gone on in the past month since I’ve posted, and that’s a lot! 829 more words

DIY: How to (Properly) Sew Ribbons on Pointe Shoes!

So I know a lot of you either don’t like dance or don’t need to see this post, but I really wanted to do it anyway, because I won’t be able to do it until I get new pointe shoes! 363 more words


How to Tell if Your Pointe Shoes Are Dead

It’s important to know when your pointe shoes are dead and in need of replacing to avoid injury. This is more important when you are just starting out on pointe as your pointe shoes will probably last longer when you start out. 256 more words


Taking Care of Your Pointe Shoes

Pointe shoes aren’t really known for their long life span, so it’s best to try and look after your shoes to make them last a long as possible. 207 more words


How to Break in Your Pointe Shoes

When You Get Your Shoes

It’s soooo important each time you get fitted for a new pair of pointe shoes you will need to break them in. 327 more words