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Pointe Shoe Chronicles - importance of a professional fitting

Recently, I went for a pointe shoe fitting, as my last ones were well and truly dead – RIP beautiful babies! There were a few things I wanted to ask, question some finer points, and wondered wether these would ultimately effect the brand and model I’d be fitted with this time. 547 more words


Introducing: the Ballet in the City Miami Collection by Zoya

by Vianney Becerra

Brighter days are ahead as Ballet in the City announces its second collection of nail polish in collaboration with Zoya Art of Beauty. 304 more words

The Happy Performer - Landscape

“The Happy performer ”

My second composition -Landscape version.

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© Nita Ien


Getting to the 'Pointe'

Just like in Cinderella’s tale each ballerina has their perfectly fitting pair of pointe shoes. And even though a prince may not place the slipper onto our foot, for a ballerina it sure feels that way when we find our perfect pair of pointe shoes to perform happily ever after in. 897 more words

A Dancers Lifestyle

Freed Pointe Shoe Experience

There are lots of rumors surrounding pointe shoes – most of them criticize modern brands such as Gaynor Minden, and also brands that are designed to help boost a dancer’s technique without them working hard for it. 747 more words


Pattern Ballerina

“Pattern Ballerina”

Art featuring 38 dancers .

In an attempt to give the impression of strength and unity, the ballerinas costumes are an interpretation of a formal uniform. 36 more words


Pointe Shoes: "I Can't Get Over My Box"

So, what is holding you back from getting over your box in your pointe shoes? The immediate answer that most will assume is a lack of good or flexible feet. 830 more words