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The Story of the Golden Haired Ballerina

Not long ago there lived a very talented ballerina. She seemed to have ballet in her blood, because whenever she was on stage, all eyes were captured by her graceful movements. 939 more words


Paper + Glue + Satin = Athletic Equipment

You Can Tell A Lot About A Woman By Her Shoes

Ballet, with its emphasis on gracefulness, classical music and tutus, is subject to a bevy of cultural misunderstandings, one of the most glaring is the conception that ballerinas are fragile dancing fairies, or Queen Faeries, depending upon the role. 699 more words

Straz Center

Wearable technology allows ballet dancers to create drawings

As a painter is trained to produce artistry from their hands, a dancer trains their body and their feet to do the same. This new technology is bridging the divide between the art of one’s hands and the art of one’s feet. 123 more words


Improving Pointework

Today’s blog post and video is about improving your pointework and my tips for strengthening your feet, calves, and legs in order to do so. 651 more words


Julia by LupeJelena

Ballet student Julia Rey Reina
Studio: ImagoCenter
Photo & Retouch: Lupe Jelena

Sevilla, Spain


From 500px http://ift.tt/1PIYLC5

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