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Pattern Ballerina

“Pattern Ballerina”

Art featuring 38 dancers .

In an attempt to give the impression of strength and unity, the ballerinas costumes are an interpretation of a formal uniform. 47 more words


Pointe Shoes: "I Can't Get Over My Box"

So, what is holding you back from getting over your box in your pointe shoes? The immediate answer that most will assume is a lack of good or flexible feet. 830 more words


Sewing Pointe Shoes

Final post about shoes before moving onto a new topic. This post will be about how I sew my shoes and my tips for sewing shoes. 521 more words

‚Äč Hey everyone so I will really try to keep the boring stories to a minimum but this is just one that I had to share with all of you and I will throw in some great information about pointe shoes fitting and what you will need to get. 766 more words


Excellent pointe shoe video

Because I ripped into a little kid for making a truly horrible pointe shoe video, I feel the need to show you a video from a professional dancer who knows what she is talking about:

Kathryn Morgan


Suffolk Pointe Shoes

For my third post in the shoes series, I’m talking about my current pointe shoes. Right now, I wear Suffolk’s Stellar shoes.

Suffolk pointe shoe box… 266 more words

Lets talk about Pointe Shoes...

I just finished sewing my first pair of pointe shoes in two years! Yes, two years is a very long time between shoes! Typically a standard pair of pointe shoes only has about 8 hours of good life in them before they’re mush. 415 more words