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And the Penny Drops

I must be a bit slow. I must be, because it has taken me this long to realize I’m not getting anywhere in pointe class. 455 more words


Another strike from Fashion-land

Parody of Kendall Jenner

Yep, Fashion-land has struck again.  The last time I was aware of an atrocity like this was when Free People posted their bogus ballet video, trying to tout their extremely expensive pretend ballet clothes. 194 more words


An Open Letter to Vogue, Kendall Jenner, and her Fans

Last week Kendall Jenner did a video shoot for Vogue España in which she dressed up in sort-of-dancewear-like clothes and pranced around a dance studio and talked about stupid, dreamy things, like how she likes running around “like a child” and being able to “not care” and “stupid stuff.” She flipped her skirt and leaned on the barre and wore these totally impractically decorated pointe shoes that she couldn’t point her toes in. 1,189 more words


New to Pointework?

Hi everybody!  Today is a very special post that has been highly requested by you guys …and that is my tips for pointework.  This is kind of a “Back to Dance” theme, while we still continue our “Technique” theme for the month.   1,367 more words


De-Shanking Pointe Shoes

Every dancer I know obsesses over the strengthening and stretching of his or her feet. Another popular struggle all ballerinas have is what to do with dead pointe shoes. 353 more words

Ballet Students

Every dancer has a love/hate relationship with their pointe shoes.  Today I will be sharing with you both sides of it after sifting through some of the pointe shoes I have worn over the years.   1,232 more words


Beautiful Ballet

One afternoon my father and I watched a television news segment on The National Ballet of China. On the screen were a large group of beautiful ballet dancers dressed in white tutus, toe shoes and had silver delicate crowns on their heads. 1,474 more words