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How to: Sew pointe shoes

I remember when I got my first pair of pointe shoes, both my mom and I didn’t know how to sew on the elastic and ribbon or where exactly they had to be sewn. 556 more words

How to: Prepare for pointe shoes

Once as a young dancer, I was in the dark about how pointe shoes worked and how exactly to prepare for them. I never knew how pointe shoes should fit on your feet or what kinds of padding you need around your toes. 426 more words

My pointe shoes!

I have had quite the journey with my pointe shoes…I have worn Capezios, Grishkos, Bloch, Suffolks, and Freeds; and a handful of different styles within each of them. 583 more words

Life In The Studio

10 things not everyone knows about pointe!

There’s a lot of work and effort that goes into being on pointe and preparation for being on pointe. Not everyone knows so I’m here to tell you! 402 more words


in my skin

I’ve been standing in the shower for far longer than necessary, letting the hot water patter over my shoulders and steam up my sore body. Two thick strips of kinesio tape flank my pulled lateral quad. 257 more words


Dancewear Basics

Pursuing dance can be an expensive venture, and one of the contributing factors is dancewear. Dance clothes and shoes can be pricy, but they can be essential for an education in whatever style you are choosing to learn/participate in. 229 more words


My first audition

I remember when I auditioned for a scholarship in ballet at this ballet company — way back 2014. (April 14, 2014 to be exact) Of course, I didn’t pass because I never had any formal training in dance (ballet, to be specific). 196 more words