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500 Word Distraction

Do you have what it takes to write an article for a major website? This isn’t just some random article you can post about, you have a deadline, you must get the tone right otherwise your article will just be passed on. 460 more words


Bedtime Math

If anyone needs me, I’m just casually doing the math on how much sleep I’ll get if I go to sleep RIGHT NOW.

The answer is: not much. 7 more words

Pointless Posts

Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Giving Birth To Her Daughter Shiloh In Africa

While speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour on Friday morning, Angelina Jolie talked about her experience giving birth to her daughter Shiloh in Africa, and the struggles other women face in that region when going through childbirth. 149 more words



So in that picture above, I probably look a little bit different. Unless you’re one of the people following that’s not in my creative writing class, to which, cool, I guess. 1,141 more words

Writer's Block

So, here I am. It’s the first week of blogging and I already have no clue what I want to talk about. So, I’ll go with the obvious cop out route: talking about how I have nothing to talk about. 275 more words


LIFE IS SO HECTIC AND EXCITING RIGHT NOW okay except for the quiz in PE and exam in history on Saturday BUT IT IS

— ren (@nerdytaygrande) …

269 more words


You ever have those days when you need to deal with the feels but you just don’t want to? No? Okay, normal person, step aside and make way for my fellow¬† 143 more words