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I promise I will get round to blogging about life at some point in the near future (probably Saturday!). These last couple of weeks have been super-duper busy and time has just escaped me. 23 more words

Daily Dairy

Puzzles and Dragons Z is...

Pokémon X SMT X Yu-Gi-Oh! X Digimon X Tetris X Any other puzzle game (That isn’t Candy Crush) X Dragonball Z X The character designer for Mega Man Battle Network (The artstyle they chose reminded me of it) X Any other monster-collecting game X Whatever else. 6 more words



I sometimes get the feeling I spend waaaaay too much time with my daughter, mainly cuddling her. I really don’t want her growing up links but at the same time I want to enjoy every moment. 110 more words


a mystery of doubles

So i bought this wonderful film mag a while back. A few weeks ago, during a house-move clearout, i somehow discovered i had two copies. Two copies of a fairly obscure film mag? 45 more words


Watching Planet Earth

Beacuse it is awesome and beautiful. The first episode ends with a great montage of mommy and baby elephants swimming. Which is adorable and informative since I had never seen them really swim before and they’re actually pretty good at it. 87 more words

My Thoughts


It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and here I sit drinking a cup of hazelnut coffee after an annoying night at work; dealing with my peers from the university I go to as they enjoy a night out at the theme park and complain about theme park prices, even though they got the tickets for free. 347 more words