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Why are we still wiping our backsides with toilet roll?

It’s 2015 and we can nearly do everything with our smartphones, but we are still wiping our backsides with toilet roll.

This might just be me complaining about the amount of effort we all put in to make sure we have got no crap in out pant.  129 more words


Puzzles and Dragons Z is...

Pokémon X SMT X Yu-Gi-Oh! X Digimon X Tetris X Any other puzzle game (That isn’t Candy Crush) X Dragonball Z X The character designer for Mega Man Battle Network (The artstyle they chose reminded me of it) X Any other monster-collecting game X Whatever else. 6 more words



I sometimes get the feeling I spend waaaaay too much time with my daughter, mainly cuddling her. I really don’t want her growing up links but at the same time I want to enjoy every moment. 110 more words

First Time Mum

a mystery of doubles

So i bought this wonderful film mag a while back. A few weeks ago, during a house-move clearout, i somehow discovered i had two copies. Two copies of a fairly obscure film mag? 45 more words


Watching Planet Earth

Beacuse it is awesome and beautiful. The first episode ends with a great montage of mommy and baby elephants swimming. Which is adorable and informative since I had never seen them really swim before and they’re actually pretty good at it. 87 more words

My Thoughts


It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and here I sit drinking a cup of hazelnut coffee after an annoying night at work; dealing with my peers from the university I go to as they enjoy a night out at the theme park and complain about theme park prices, even though they got the tickets for free. 347 more words