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Beach Walks and Friendly Talks

Hello! How are you today? I am actually in quite a good mood because I had a lovely walk down the beach today with my friend and her dogs. 242 more words

Pokémon Go Gave Me Diabetes

It’s been no secret that I am a big fan of Pokémon Go. I’ve been playing it at least once a day since its launch in July, especially with the addition of daily incentives for hitting up Pokéstops and catching a pocket monster. 573 more words

Pointless Posts

Book Hoarder

I’ve been doing some cleaning since I have out of town visitors coming tomorrow. This has lead to me moving some stuff around including an ever-growing stack of books that I have purchased and not read. 39 more words

Pointless Posts

Autumn in China - rant 

Autumn is the optimal time to have a depression.

I have always loved autumn, autumn is the season of colours and hot chocolate. It’s the season of rain boots and cool scarfs. 198 more words


Thoughts On a Monday

Are you ready for a brief stream of consciousness on a Monday in between conferences? Are you sure? Ooookay. Here we go!

  1. Today and the next two days are for Parent/Teacher Conferences.
  2. 451 more words
The Story So Far

*Shameless Self-Promotion Post.*

I know, shocking right. I hate having to ‘self-promote’ myself. We always had to do this when it came to the blogging modules at University too, and I’d always find myself cringing when I had to message people on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media practically begging them to read my posts, or at least open the tab so I could get a view and maybe a cheeky comment saying good blog or something as it counted towards my final grade. 392 more words


Our house now has internet...(and I have a lot more free time between work.)

So this is just a very quick post, but the other day after waiting for about five months, we finally got wifi installed in our house. 259 more words