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It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and here I sit drinking a cup of hazelnut coffee after an annoying night at work; dealing with my peers from the university I go to as they enjoy a night out at the theme park and complain about theme park prices, even though they got the tickets for free. 347 more words


'OMG, I can not believe I saw so and so!'- Sorry Who?

The Step to Step Success Guide on How to be a Dedicated Emotional Teenager to a Celeb Crush.

  • Step 1: Find a Celeb Crush
  • Step 2: Listen to all the songs/ watch all the movies/ read all the books/ see all modelling pictures the of named Celeb…
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Trophy Post

Well I am really writing this post for the trophy, hence the picture.

It made me realise how I would waste time to write something so pointless, just for a virtual trophy. 234 more words

The Glory of Hamcat

Hello, my name is Hamcat, and I am a…. Hamcat.

I am a completely useless, yet infinitely amusing little doohicky on the facebook messenger. You would be surprised how fun it is to answer a question with one of my little images. 69 more words

Random Bits

The Creative Mind Is Like A Muscle

I have changed the title of this post maybe a dozen times now. I have no idea what exactly this post is going to be about, so the development of this post will be a surprise. 298 more words

7.125 Billion Libraries

The other day, my English teacher, whom I find totally disagreeable, said something totally agreeable and it stood out to me. She said,

“When an old person dies, an entire library is destroyed.” -Lisa Lozano…

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