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Autumn in China - rant 

Autumn is the optimal time to have a depression.

I have always loved autumn, autumn is the season of colours and hot chocolate. It’s the season of rain boots and cool scarfs. 198 more words


Thoughts On a Monday

Are you ready for a brief stream of consciousness on a Monday in between conferences? Are you sure? Ooookay. Here we go!

  1. Today and the next two days are for Parent/Teacher Conferences.
  2. 451 more words
The Story So Far

*Shameless Self-Promotion Post.*

I know, shocking right. I hate having to ‘self-promote’ myself. We always had to do this when it came to the blogging modules at University too, and I’d always find myself cringing when I had to message people on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media practically begging them to read my posts, or at least open the tab so I could get a view and maybe a cheeky comment saying good blog or something as it counted towards my final grade. 392 more words


Our house now has internet...(and I have a lot more free time between work.)

So this is just a very quick post, but the other day after waiting for about five months, we finally got wifi installed in our house. 259 more words


Good ole Newark

Back in terminal C on Newark Liberty. 3rd time in this terminal, 5th time in this airport.

Solo Travel


Just a quick post here, but I’ve decided, six months into my year long trip in Australia, to get my finally get my arse on Instagram to post daily pics of my Aussie Adventures. 89 more words


500 Word Distraction

Do you have what it takes to write an article for a major website? This isn’t just some random article you can post about, you have a deadline, you must get the tone right otherwise your article will just be passed on. 460 more words