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Can this week please be over

I have no idea what’s really going on to be fair. Each day this week so far was an absolute mental struggle for me. Every day, getting worse and worse. 320 more words


A Pointless Blog Post! YAY!

Hey guys,

I am so tired right now that I have nothing of worth to say. My thoughts don’t even really make sense in my head. 93 more words

Possibly The Most Pointless Video Game Pre-Order Of All Time

(Source: kotaku.com)

The editorial staff at Kotaku has repeatedly advised readers to not pre-order video games, and today we can reveal two more reasons not to pre-order: radical life changes and transformations to the gaming industry. 507 more words


Poem: Big Shot

The king used to be a big shot

back in the days of protestants and shady deals, he was a perfect piñata,

a pincushion political prisoner, raised on a pike… 131 more words

Andrew Halter

University: Over Priced A-Levels!

Obtaining a university degree, an aspiration that was influenced into our minds from the moment we entered the education system. However, is the degree worth the money, pain and suffering in order to comply with all expectations? 1,121 more words


wishes °

I wonder how normal people do it. I genuinely do.
How do you want something. How do you wish for it to happen. How do you know what it is that your heart really desires. 142 more words