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What's This?!

For a first post this will likely be extremely underwhelming, however i decided it would be a good idea to channel my inbuilt talent-less self into making a blog to do with philosophical discussion and though it may be a tad optimistic i know that in the vast ocean of the internet there are probably a handful of people up for a question to challenge ones morals or ideals. 26 more words



It seems like there isn’t anything exciting left to do on this earth. It seems like everything has been done already. I look around me every day and it’s all the same. 95 more words

Thoughts On Life

The future's bright. 

I think my generation clocked pretty early on that the future for us looks rather bleak. Most of us did anyway; the dreamers and those without their heads buried in middle class sand. 670 more words


What's the point?

I always imagined being a famous writer at some point in my life; whether it be through blogging or a novel, I always wanted to be acknowledged as someone who could write well. 429 more words

Floating Thoughts

Useless kitchen utensil awards

I want to introduce you to a fantastic game that is guaranteed to keep you and your loved-ones endlessly entertained on a rainy day. The rules are pretty simple: 476 more words



I have news.

I am dying. Sort of.

I am dying enough that I have been placed into quarantine in my own home.

At first, I was pleased. 747 more words

Great British Bake Off and Other Thoughts

I’ve just been watching GBBO and shouting abuse at the TV screen. It’s amazing how worked up you can get about sponge cake.

After the change of channel following the last series I was prepared never to watch it again. 366 more words