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Cancel The Surgery and the Broccoli Gets It

To be honest I haven’t really been as stressed as I should really be about the prospect of having a saw through my skull, a knife in my brain and a lump extracted from my head. 418 more words



Toronto, Ontario: my home.

I have been back for a little short of a month (sorry guys for the lack of reading material) and it has made such an impact. 134 more words


Is Studying Mandarin a Waste of Time?

Word of the Week: bái

I think most expats in China have experienced the situation where you go into a shop and no matter how clearly you try to speak Mandarin you get a response in English. 516 more words

Word Of The Week

Anatomy Of An Unnecessary Remake

*Spoiler Alert! I’ll be discussing detailed plot points about the 2015 film remake of Poltergeist below. You’ll have less chance of spoiling your lunch if you read it here than actually watching this nausea-inducing trainwreck* 2,149 more words


What's the point? There really isn't any.

To Whom It May Concern,

I’ve been trying to find the reason I travel so much, which in all honesty, isn’t an easy thing to do. 664 more words

Christmas Spirit

It’s that time of the year again where Christmas is well and truly in full flow and we are all buzzing for Santa to come and visit us in the night whilst we sing repetitive Christmas songs in our sleep!… Right?!… NO. 638 more words

Banter Street

Who really needs school??

What’s the real point behind school?

Yes yes….you learn reading writing arithmetic…..but you also learn how to be a productive member of society…how to hold yourself in a professional manners at a professional setting. 1,302 more words