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Moira and Ned

So, I recently adopted. Well… By “recently” I mean a few months ago. And by “adopted” I mean I put dirt in a cup.

I had noticed when it would rain, here in Florida, some dirt would grow moss. 289 more words

Please explain, why is it so?

How do I get to this. Hm. Well, lets say I come from a small village, from a country that doesn’t have a cultural diversity like for example UK or US, so back in the days when I was growing up, non European people were only known to me via the TV, movies, etc. 377 more words


If hell is real, it's almost definitely a concall

At lunch today I was sneakily listening in on the man next to me and making notes to help with writing realistic dialogue (as you do), when I realised that he was taking part in possibly the most pointless – and therefore completely typical – business concall.  460 more words


Musings of a Misfit

I had a conversation with a friend the other day on how our generation should be smarter. She  was adamant about the fact that we have seen the cycle that  certain mainstream or culturally norm behaviours  have on us but we continue to do it anyway. 363 more words

I Wish I Could Show You

I feel a deep resentment toward the implication that pointlessness is bad. Oftentimes I will find myself in some conversation or another about the meaning of life or the universe, and people will respond with disdain or discomfort toward my sincere belief that life and the universe are pointless and unfeeling. 265 more words


John Carpenter co-writing new 'Big Trouble in Little China' comic featuring older Jack Burton

“It’s all in the reflexes!” Kurt Russell’s truck-driving blowhard Jack Burton famously declared in John Carpenter’s 1986 cult classic Big Trouble in Little China. But can Burton still rely on those reflexes at the age of 60? 213 more words


If music be the food of love, add it to a playlist for later.

When was the last time you listened to an album?

For many that might seem like a bit of a redundant question. I suppose it is really.   756 more words