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It is 2017. I know stating the obvious. Some may feel optimistic and to those I applaud. It is strange how quickly time passes. Every moment is lost forever. 42 more words


So...here I am.

I’ve got more abandoned blogs floating around than I have functioning brain cells at this point, but I’m sure this will be different. I’ll be INTERESTING AND WITTY.

Fuck yeah.

Dumb Shit

An Intro, Why Not?

I begin my first blog post with a giggle in my throat. This involuntary expression of mirth (which has now vacated my mouth and is one with the life-sustaining gaseousness of which we all must involuntarily partake) comes not from any giddiness on my part due to the fact that, for the first time in my life, I’m “blogging”; rather it stems from the word blog itself. 803 more words

Why Bother

Combining the GNU super-powers of tail and grep

(or: “Musings on the single-minded, relentless pursuit of perfection”…)

Saving this thought to possibly build upon  for later, adapted from something I just posted to Facebook… 438 more words



I missed it, yesterday the cupids drew back their bows and the seraphim decreed from on high that romance was in the air. O come o ye faithful and rejoice in the warmth of our love, bask in our glory and be sheltered in the palm of our hand. 429 more words


FUCK Valentines Day

Today I spent the day just like I would normally, I got up, I had a shower I did some work and I watch some god awful day time TV. 370 more words