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Notes on the Insignificant

“I’ve been disheartened to discover the extent to which, in a mixed environment, the children themselves seem to self-segregate by socioeconomic status. Even at a young age, the fields of reference between the haves and have-nots are apparently too different. 459 more words


A pointless entry 

I used to journal a lot. Then I started blogging. Kept it up for years and years.

I think between twitter and tumblr they killed it. 496 more words

Reflections About Life

Mouse Trap

This is why my career in mouse trap engineering never panned out.



At first blush, this might seem super depressing. The reality was that this was a great starting point for a dinner discussion. My guess is that the notion of pointlessness came from an 11 year olds acknowledgement that Sunday evening feeds into Monday morning and with that the beginnings again of the weekly routine. 192 more words


Treading Water

Speeding up

Slowing down

Maybe just going

Round and round

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An interview with Rula Sweby: An author with Down's Syndrome

Back in November at Just Another Chromosome, we told you about Rula Sweby a 29-year-old woman who had become the first ever contestant on the BBC One’s teatime quiz Pointless. 464 more words

Down's Syndrome