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To blog or not to blog...

Following last week’s weird political rant, which I can only blame on my drug addled, delusional state as I fought to overcome dengue fever, I have decided to bring this week’s blog back to centre. 686 more words


Antisocial media

Two months since my last post. I endeavoured to get this one posted before it said ’60 days ago’ on it and I have succeeded with two days to spare. 1,176 more words

Happy Birthday!

Hooray! It is the one year anniversary of Banter Street! Yup, a year a go today I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog to rant and rave about a few things! 668 more words

221B Banter Street

Triumph of form over content

I am back on the subject of new things coming, old things going away, change, etc. etc. What I want to mention today is that I really don’t understand humans, I really don’t. 655 more words


Whatta piss take

I am finding increasingly that people are self centered arseholes. I don’t know what it is, whether it’s the way we live our lives online putting forward our own profiles, thinking about ourselves and what we put out into the world. 107 more words

My New and Improved Coffee Shop

This may seem absurdly melodramatic given the subject nature, but I’m afraid it definitely needs to be said. It is no secret that coffee shops are big business, they have become cultural epicentres of our society where folk from all walks of life congregate to catch up on the recent news, global and social, read books, write things, have meetings and all that nonsense, whilst getting our caffeine fix. 1,086 more words