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Emergency Tea

So yesterday I started making a cup of tea, and then got distracted. While this is tragic, it’s not uncommon.

The thing is, while someone was tidying up yesterday, instead of chucking my teabag or putting it back in the jar or something, they must have assumed that I was coming back to it soon, so put it on the shelf with the tea and sugar and coffee. 97 more words

Georgia Can't Shut Up

You Remember the Bad

“Because you’re it. The inconvenient, frustrating, annoying, terrible, inappropriate, wonderful thing. You’re my stupid book”

Possibly the lamest,  cheesiest thing to ever have been said but he said it with that almost unnoticeable head tilt, his eyes widening slightly at the things he seemed to be involuntarily blurting. 835 more words

Nothing Really

how not to deal with people.

Goodmorning/evening/night/whatever y’all, this is me. Again.
So as I already told you in my last post, today was my first day of university. 475 more words


Sept 2nd, 2015

My Psychologist.

This is only my second time going and I can tell you now I feel like my time with him now is pointless 😐 … 123 more words

Mood Journal - 9/1/2015

Mood Journal – Day 5

Today is Tuesday. If there is any other day that feels as wasted and pointless please enlighten me.

Think about it: 160 more words

Wake me up when September ends.

Hello everyone, I hope you had a nice day/night/whatever.
Today it’s the first day of September and I really don’t know what to do with myself. 322 more words