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A Perspective about Relaxation

   From time to time I see people that want to do things so they can relax, but they feel too guilty about doing it and they spend their “relaxation time” worrying about how many things they have to do or they could do in that time. 393 more words

Pointless Overthinking

Understanding VS Accepting

   As part of my daily routine I observe people, including myself. While doing this I try to develop for myself a habit of asking additional questions so I can have a better understanding of what might go on in my observations. 348 more words

Pointless Overthinking

Physical warmth and interpersonal outcomes

   I came across an interesting experiment about how physical experiences affect our interactions with others. In 2008 Lawrence E. Williams and John A. Bargh found out in their study… 319 more words

Pointless Overthinking

Whatever Weekend: Overloaded.

So I’m having a bit of an emotional breakdown this week. I have too much to do and too little time to rest and unwind and relax. 418 more words

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The Liebster Award

   I’m honored about the fact that I’ve been nominated to The Liebster Award. Thank you so much bitsanddragons for the nominalization! It means the world to me! 1,017 more words

Pointless Overthinking

It's Not Pointless, It's Passion

And there is a reason we have passion!

Today after work I was in kind of a blah mood. I have been wanting to find an escape of sorts. 810 more words


A Pointless Book

Seems to me that certain places have certain people, like rabbits after gold. Truth be told none seem to be able to construct my satisfaction, though how could they, I am a ghost now. 39 more words