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Ring-a-ring a roses

It comes together and falls apart.

I’ve been keeping busy, lots of concerts this weekend. Friday was full of rehearsals, and today I’ve been ice skating with band folk and then symphony orchestra rehearsals before the concert this evening. 136 more words

That Flame

Oh! That flame,

pulsing, beating,

marking time,

rising, falling

calling his name,

shouting, screaming,

chanting rhyme,

howling, yowling,

feverish pain,

living, dying,

one in the same.


Pointless Distractions

I hate being ill. Always have done. The lack of control over what’s happening coupled with a massive amount of wasted time both annoys me and really stresses me out. 492 more words


What Have They Done Now?

I just went to do my post for the Photo of the Week and once again the layout has changed. Why? There was nothing wrong with it originally and then they changed it to that awful beep-boop one, and just as we were getting used to that, they go and do it again. 41 more words



I have built these walls around me to keep me from getting hurt again. I don’t want to let anyone past them. But I’m not the only one hurting. 95 more words


We are conscious beings on a very small planet inside of an unknown Galaxy.

& we care about what we “look” like

some kill

and some love… 32 more words