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"primarily my fault" by Julia on her couch

Tuesday September 20, 2016
5 minutes
from a text

I apologize to you with the back of my head and the front of my chest pushing into you like a bean out of its pod there is no quiet or calm no pleasant or nice I do not even mean it with the whole of me I do not know the still of you I do not want to be wrong when being right hurts so much I show you with examples words I’ve said once or twice before bent into a shape I do not recognize when I aim them straight at you I should have known better than to waste myself on the off chance of you on the dull blade that won’t cut through but won’t stop dragging back and forth back and forth slow death slow and unbearable life lived backwards I apologize to you with the parts of me that are still num from the sting as if I could take the blame and eat it so you don’t have to stuff it down so you don’t have to swallow me

Intrigued by life

Not sure how to phrase it. The thoughts running through my head right now are along the lines: do things come into your life at the right time? 526 more words


Nothing... I said NOTHING!!

Can I just blog about nothing?

Like is it possible to just blog about not having anything to blog about?

Is that socially acceptable? 24 more words

What Exactly am I Looking At?

It is Wednesday night, my sole goalĀ this week is to survive it. Problems here. Problem there. Problems, problems everywhere. All of them tremendous and unsolvable with many tiny moving parts getting stuck in gear. 125 more words


Let Life Happen

I’m done pretending to be who I am,

and figuring out who I want to be,

do you realize how fucking cliche those words are, 75 more words

Test your Might (& Magic)

A lot of things nowadays are compared to Dark Souls. Stuff like Zombi U, Lords of the Fallen, perhaps even Citizen Kane for reasons hard to understand. 326 more words

First blog post

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 12TH.Just trying to finish my reporting and writing notes.Very lazy ,you see things in my life are so fucked up and the only thing I’m doing is complaining about it .It’s 11:30 pm and I’m still looking at my computer screen and typing my first blog pointlessly .I don’t even have content to post right now.It’s so fucking bad and yes today is the day I made my first word press account so I’m kinda stoked!