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Cats that say “No”. To everything.

Dogs talking. Dogs being “shamed”.

Puppies that make your face hurt from smiling.

Near misses, wrecks and “Watch This” videos. 86 more words

Post number one

  • Where to start? I could tell you about my life, what I’ve been through, what I look like or my favorite type of food… I don’t even know how this works or why I decided to make another account, considering social media seems to take up half my life anyway.
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The Three Goals

If you ask any twenty year old where they will be by the time they’re thirty, they’ll probably say something along these lines:

1) I’ll be doing <this job> and earning <this much>. 219 more words


bad world, bad news

i just stopped watching the evening new. And i admit, it made me sad. what is happening whit our world. i don’t know about you, but i would like to live in a world without wars. 135 more words

Baby Showers... WTF!

This new trend of baby showers amuses and bemuses me, as well as sort of annoys me. When I was pregnant three/four years ago, it was not really a thing yet (at least I cannot remember it being much of a thing), but since then a bad wind seems to have wafted over from the US to enlighten our lives with these completely pointless parties. 234 more words


What am I doing here?

My life is passing me by. I have wasted so much potential and so many opportunities. I don’t know what to do. I thought in time I would figure it out, but I never have. 68 more words