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Hello All! It’s another beautiful Friday! Our F-Word for this week is FUTILITY! By definition, FUTILE means pointless or useless! It’s like chasing the wind and hoping to catch it! 104 more words


The First rant

I am so alone , so so alone.  This sad state of affairs is never ending. Stuck since the very beginning, no courage to pull out. 385 more words

It's been a while.

Let’s start by filling you in on what you’ve missed, I know you’re dying in anticipation. I’m currently unemployed! Please note that exclamation is intended to be sarcastic, if you’ve ever experienced unemployment (that wasn’t of your own choosing) you’ll know how desperately boring and depressing it is. 208 more words

Jesus in my bio
Jesus in my pinned tweet
Jesus on my header
Jesus – my next retweet
Jesus on my t-shirt
Jesus in my chant…

63 more words

Black Friday... again

So we’re back to this time of year, honestly every year it makes me more and more angry just thinking about it. A couple of weeks ago I saw the first advert in the UK for Black Friday and honestly was sick of it already. 210 more words


Do Me A Favor, Teach Me

“Your generation has no respect for their teachers at all! When we were your age, we wouldn’t even dream of saying half the things you guys actually do,” said almost every parent ever. 639 more words


No place like home.

You can live in the biggest house in the world
And fill it with things you don’t need
But if you have nobody to share it all with… 9 more words