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This post is going to use the F word a lot...

The fucking Hulk is back. That’s what I call myself when I have this intense feeling of rage. The moments I can feel my blood pressure building, the moments I am sure that my MIL is going to send me to an early fucking grave. 645 more words

Withering, inside

I have a mech-suit
I wear.
It is bulky
and it let’s me
I move the heavy,
lift the things…
put stuff… 98 more words


Pointless Post

I have been struggling so much recently. Everything is spiralling downwards – it just hurts so much, you know? I’m not sure what’s wrong with me but I honestly have no motivation to do anything. 35 more words


‘The Gym Selfie’

Never once when I’ve been for a workout have I thought, just wait a second, now I am all sweaty lets take a picture of myself and post it all over the internet, let’s show everyone how I look at my worst with my make-up smudged and my hair pulled back. 410 more words

Insensitive rant-

Once upon a time, I was on my patio doing laundry (because that’s where my washer/dryer is) and a woman stopped to ask me if my rent had gone up. 575 more words


Thoughts to shoot into socks

I uh, I don’t know where to start with this whole stream of consciousness thing. So there’s a whole bucket of things and I guess since scooping the contents out of a bucket would result in a first come first serve system I’ll just stick to that. 845 more words

Humorous Poems

Old Faces and Growing Up

Yesterday I went to “Boosh.” What is that you ask? A hipster gathering? A gig of various South African artists? A picnic venue? A place to realise your social inadequacies? 567 more words