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Living with TRUE Responsibility leads to liberation!

My friend, philosopher, guide and business partner, Kichu Krishnan, shared a definition of “Responsibility” with me very early on in my relationship with him. An aside: the beauty of our relationship is that from the time we met, it seemed we had known one another for ages, maybe even lifetimes! 133 more words

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The importance of "personal" communications

My first attempt at a video blog! And given the topic, thought it relevant to create a video. Feedback, comments, welcome. I look forward to your support! Thanks much!

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I will not walk away, if I truly care!

This article was prompted by many things, apparently unconnected at the time of each individual occurrence. However, I am sure that they are all connected, in hindsight. 2,404 more words

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Compassion, Forgiveness, Love – the All POWERFUL trio of emotions!

Lately, a topic that I have been thinking of much, is the level of “intolerance” that is supposedly experienced by many. This is not just the “flavour of the day, week or month” based on the reports in the national and international media that makes me want to share my thoughts on this. 2,277 more words

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THE TRUTH is GOD! Nothing else!

I came across something on social media that intrigued me, and got me thinking. This was about “God” and “surrender to God” and what one needed to do, and how one needed to live. 2,537 more words

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Who is a Winner? What is Success?

I came across quite a few conversations and exchanges, in person and on “social” media which focused on the aspect of winning medals, in the context of the Olympic Games at Rio. 1,586 more words

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What is love? or hate? Focus on Self & Grow!

This is an exchange that took place between a Client and me, on WhatsApp and phone. This took place a while ago. I requested the… 1,222 more words

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