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Kids with special needs? No! They are "Special beings!"

I’ve been seeing a post on social media about children with special needs not being allowed to go on school trips, not being invited to parties and the like. 1,630 more words

Points To Ponder Over?

I notice many people who say, something along the following lines:

  • “I intended to do this, but,”
  • “That was my intention and the result was different!”
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I attended a program a long time ago conducted by my friend Kichu Krishnan. And somewhere right in the beginning, he told all the participants, “Don’t think of an elephant!” And smilingly, he continued, “I said, please DO NOT think of a pink elephant!” And by now, I, along with all others, was smiling. 2,083 more words

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I thank you! And Gratitude is extremely powerful

Even if you cannot say other things that are so important, start with “Thank you!” Even if you find it difficult to say “I love you!” to those who matter, start at least with “Thank you!” And yes, Let it go! 1,238 more words

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A different view, or is this the appropriate view?

This article is prompted by multiple “quotes” and interpretations of quotes, proverbs and sayings that I have come across in the past. It has been said before that once a different thinking process is experienced, the same things appear, sound and feel very different than they used to before the change in thinking process took place. 1,535 more words

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Lessons from Noise Cancelling Headphones

Wow! There is potential for learning in everything that exists or happens! That is the learning for today. Today’s lessons were learnt from the noise cancelling headphones that I gifted myself for my 50th birthday anniversary that was a few days ago. 832 more words

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True “genius” aligns with and springs from the Universe!

The thought for this post was started by reading a fair number of mentions and posts about a musician who died. The cause of death was not clear. 1,641 more words

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