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Poison Control

Today I sat on the floor, around the corner of the reception desk in front of the double glass doors. A perfect vantage point. I can size up any and all pets that come in. 1,600 more words

Calm Before the Storm

Can I just say that I love love spring?  I just love all the little flowers that pop up everywhere.  I love the beautiful smells in the air.   566 more words


Parenting Tip: Keep the Number for Poison Control Handy

Today was a milestone day… I had to call poison control for the first time in 5.5 years.

My 1 year old got a hold of an old bottle of CLR. 253 more words


Keep children safe from poisons in your home- From Farmers Friendly Voice

Young children typically put all kinds of things in their mouths — it’s part of how they learn. Unfortunately, many household products can be deadly if swallowed, and extremely harmful (if not poisonous) when inhaled or put in contact with the skin or eyes.  Children move very quickly so it’s critical to take preventive steps so your young child is less likely to get his or her tiny hands on the wrong thing. 520 more words


Poison Control

If there was ever a question in my mind about my husband’s love for me, he smashed it today.

Let me back it up.

I’ve completely been overdoing it the past few weeks.   553 more words


5 Most Important Contacts To Have During An Emergency

Thanks to modern technology, nobody memorizes phone numbers any more and phone books are a thing of the past. All our friends, family, associates and acquaintances are at our fingertips with a simple scroll and excessive memory space can create an infinite contact list. 453 more words

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