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the time I called poison control

I have a habit of multitasking throughout the day. Re-tarring the roof while folding the laundry. Vacuuming while breastfeeding with no hands, and the like. Some days it’s putting on my make-up in the bathroom mirror while giving Brandon a bath. 655 more words

Georgia Poison Center: Kids Consuming Hand Sanitizer 'Troubling New Trend'

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) — Georgia health officials are warning schools of the dangers of hand sanitizer after realizing some children are drinking it.

Georgia Poison Center told Georgia school superintendents they’ve “noticed a troubling new trend,” as reported by… 316 more words


Children getting drunk on hand sanitizer, health officials warn

Poison control centers are warning parents that growing numbers of children are getting drunk by drinking alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

“Kids are getting into these products more frequently and, unfortunately, there are a percentage of them going to the emergency room,” Tama Sawyer, director of the University of Kansas Hospital poison control center, said Monday. 139 more words

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Real Estate: Setting up Emergency Funds for rainy day, Poison Control Kids


No matter where you live, emergencies are bound to happen when you least expect them: the furnace breaks down, appliances stop working, the roof starts leaking or a window gets smashed. 1,090 more words

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Activated Charcoal Cures:

Poison Control: Activated Charcoal’s ability to absorb large amounts of toxins before they have a chance to harm your body makes Activated Charcoal great at removing ingested poisons in the body, doctors at The Mayo Clinic report. 366 more words

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Do You Know the Facts? // Single-Use Laundry Pacs

Single-use laundry pacs are convenient, but there are a few things you should know about them.

The Convenient Pac That Packs a Deadly Punch

Single load liquid laundry packets are a new laundry innovation that contain highly concentrated detergent. 296 more words

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If vaping is so safe why is this guy dressed like this...?

Thousands of vaping businesses across the nation face an uncertain future as the Food and Drug Administration considers how to regulate the fledgling industry.

With its thousands of brands of liquid nicotine packs and accessories, the fast-growing industry has had free rein to operate without regard for consumer safety, the FDA says. 102 more words

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