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Do You Know the Facts? // Single-Use Laundry Pacs

Single-use laundry pacs are convenient, but there are a few things you should know about them.

The Convenient Pac That Packs a Deadly Punch

Single load liquid laundry packets are a new laundry innovation that contain highly concentrated detergent. 296 more words

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If vaping is so safe why is this guy dressed like this...?

Thousands of vaping businesses across the nation face an uncertain future as the Food and Drug Administration considers how to regulate the fledgling industry.

With its thousands of brands of liquid nicotine packs and accessories, the fast-growing industry has had free rein to operate without regard for consumer safety, the FDA says. 102 more words

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Download the New, Free ASPCA Harmful Substances App!

We wanted to share with all of you that the ASPCA has just launched a very useful free app for smartphones and tablets which quickly and easily allows you to gather critical information on substances that may be harmful to your pet(s) based off their species! 265 more words

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Never Mix Bleach And Ammonia Products

When you look at the label of any cleaning product, you will find usage instructions as well as precautions. For instance, most manufacturers warn consumers against mixing cleaning products. 322 more words



  • Easy-to-transport container, water resistant, unlocked and easy-to-open. Store the container with the pet’s name on it inside a duffel bag or SOS kit.
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Pet First Aid Class: Part 2

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Throughout first aid class, the instructor would sometimes ask… “what would you do if….” and we sometimes wouldn’t have an answer.

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