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A strange new trend pushes parents and retailers to take precautions


Teens and young adults have turned a long-time punishment into a glorified way to obtain popularity on social media.

As a child growing up, soap in the mouth was a sign of using bad language. 444 more words

Pets, Love and Chocolate.

Happy Valentines Day to all the animal lovers!       

Love is in the air at Kachina Animal Hospital. We all have our own little furry Valentines and we take precautions to keep them safe. 522 more words


Some Walmarts Had To Lock Up Their Tide Pods

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Modesto, California (KTXL) — With the latest craze of the viral Tide Pod Challenge, some stores are opting to lock them up because more and more people are stealing them. 402 more words


Tide Pod Challenge

The Tide Pod challenge is meme out of control. The challenge requires someone to put a Tide Pod in their mouth. Due to the danger and health hazards, Youtube has even stepped in to try and stop this challenge from spreading further. 220 more words


Utah sees 14 hospitalizations from laundry detergent ingestion, some tied to 'Tide Pod Challenge'

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – In the first three weeks of 2018, Utah residents have reported 14 cases of toxicity from ingesting laundry detergent pods, some of which are connected to the so-called, “Tide Pod Challenge.” 373 more words


Why Have We Let High-Powered Magnets Be a Hazard to Our Kids for so Long?

We have been warning parents about high-powered magnets since 2007!

That’s when the first complaints started coming into the Consumer Product Safety Commission about kids swallowing small magnets that were falling out of toys or that were actually sold as toys to create patterns and build shapes. 414 more words

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Poison Control Experts Challenge the Karabots Junior Fellows

Challenge videos are all the rage on YouTube, from the “Cinnamon Challenge” (where one tries to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon without any liquid) to the “Chubby Bunny Challenge” (where a person tries to stuff as many marshmallows into their mouth and say, “Chubby Bunny”) to the “Ghost Pepper Challenge” (where a person eats a ghost pepper, one of the spiciest peppers on Earth). 257 more words

Karabots Junior Fellows