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Poison Control

One of most impactful experiences of a Kairos Prison Ministry weekend is the day we focus on forgiveness. Early that morning, both residents and volunteers are given slips of paper on which to write down the names of those who have offended us, whether through devastating deeds or smaller slights. 391 more words

Paul Nordman

My First Time Calling Poison Control

Have you ever had to call poison control? I made my first call this past week because my son swallowed something he shouldn’t have.


What You Need To Know: Poison Prevention

Did you know that almost all poisonings happen in the home? According to statistics cited on the Poison Help’s website, more than 90% of the time, this is the case. 381 more words


National Poison Prevention Week

In one year 576 poisoning accidents in Charlotte County helped by Poison Control Staff!

Did your child chew on a detergent pod?

Did your husband swallow the dog’s heartworm pill? 270 more words

Prescription Drug Misuse

Seasons of Insanity

It comes in seasons the crazy, and now it’s times two.   It is strange, almost eerie really, the cycle our lives seem to fall in.   I wonder sometimes if there is perhaps some celestial being in Heaven who pulls on gravity, and shoves Saturn in just a way to make us periodically out of our minds?   1,173 more words


A Letter to Those Living in a Marijuana Decriminalized State

By Mishelle Nace, MD

Dear Those Living in a Marijuana Decriminalized State,

Now that I am legal in Alaska, it’s going to be a lot easier for children to come in contact with me. 804 more words

Poison control calls related to essential oils doubled since 2011

SALT LAKE CITY — Essential oils are popular in Utah, and they’re also a popular reason for calls to the Utah Poison Control Center.

In five years, the calls doubled. 32 more words