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16 Month Checkup And Poison Control

Today Gayley had an early morning checkup with her pediatrician.


Hanson went along for moral support. He was a very protective big brother as usual. It didn’t take long for baby girl to explore the room and make herself at home emptying out draws! 154 more words

Parenting Fail: Gel Window Clings

The teacher in me wants to decorate/celebrate every holiday with baby.  So when I found adorable Valentine’s day window gel clings (much like these… 576 more words


Peanut Butter Hall of Shame!

Urgent alert to all dog owners!

As you know from previous e-mail alerts, the sweetener Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs, who may suffer a profound drop in blood sugar followed by necrosis of the liver from ingesting very small amounts. 267 more words

Poison Control

Several months ago, I had left my daughter in her room for a few minutes while I was on the phone in the neighboring room. It had been quiet for a little while, which I should have known was a bad sign. 743 more words


"Post 'ween Hallows at Grocery Store" Tanka 47

Cut:-price candy raid:

I conduct poison control,

all to save The Kids!

Beer and chocolate-coated

pretzels, peanut butter cups!


Have a Cat-astic and Safe Halloween!

It’s that time again where the leaves are changing colors and soon the streets will be filled with ghosts, goblins and monsters all shouting those famous words “Trick or Treat!” Your cat is not having a nightmare; this reality is all too real and can be a little overwhelming. 250 more words

Cat Care PC

the time I called poison control

I have a habit of multitasking throughout the day. Re-tarring the roof while folding the laundry. Vacuuming while breastfeeding with no hands, and the like. Some days it’s putting on my make-up in the bathroom mirror while giving Brandon a bath. 653 more words