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Down by the Station (Terminal) Early in the Morning

My stepfather had a nickname for me: Madam District Attorney. I like to think this was a compliment to my interest in justice. Growing up with two younger half-sisters, one of my favorite complaints was “THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!” 1,366 more words

Plants & Critters of Southern Oregon

I moved to Curry County when I was seven. The thought struck me the other day: by the time I was 10, I’d been introduced to dozens of new species of wildlife that just didn’t exist in Sacramento. 1,277 more words


Don’t eat this plant: poison-hemlock looks edible but is deadly

If you or someone you know forages for wild plants, please watch out for poison-hemlock. It is in the same family as carrots and parsley and many other edible plants, but can be fatal when eaten. 837 more words

King County

Poison Hemlock, Water Hemlock, and Fool’s Parsley

Conium maculatum (poison hemlock) is a highly poisonous perennial introduced and naturalized in North America. Poison hemlock is infamous as the plant responsible for the poisoning of the philosopher Socrates after he was condemned to death for impiety in 399 BC. 583 more words



As most of you already know, I have been taking WordPress’s Blogging 101 class. Yesterday’s assignment involved looking up the daily writing prompt and using it to write a blog post. 516 more words