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Poison Hemlock, Water Hemlock, and Fool’s Parsley

Conium maculatum (poison hemlock) is a highly poisonous perennial introduced and naturalized in North America. Poison hemlock is infamous as the plant responsible for the poisoning of the philosopher Socrates after he was condemned to death for impiety in 399 BC. 583 more words

Queen Anne's Lace


As most of you already know, I have been taking WordPress’s Blogging 101 class. Yesterday’s assignment involved looking up the daily writing prompt and using it to write a blog post. 516 more words


Poison Hemlock - Conium maculatum

   I have seen it everywhere this time of the year with it’s tall billowing foliage and flowers  along fence lines and the borders of pastures. Since it is so deadly to animals and humans, I wonder why the farmers don’t get rid of it in their pastures and farmyards. 127 more words

Wild Knowledge

He wasn’t a man to pay much attention to girl children, but this one was different. She didn’t seem interested in cooking or clothes. More likely, she’d be in the canyon, fishing the Cimarron River. 121 more words


Summer Lovin'

Summer brings abundance, if not excess, of everything: zucchinis, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, lightning bugs, hummingbirds, ripe, juicy peaches, wild blackberries, festivals, picnics, perspiration, swimming in the lake. 278 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Distinguishing Queen Anne's Lace from Poison Hemlock

Howdy folks.

So you want to know the differences between the royal Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota) and the notorious Poison Hemlock ( 377 more words


Pesty Bloomn plants, that Irritate!


Attention All Outdoors Men & Women, knowledge is POWER!

Thanks to the age of finger tip information, I present to you, the dear reader; a guide to unitchy outdoor adventures!   1,384 more words

Organic Gardening