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Justified Poisoning

The rain in the night never seems to end;

It simply descends from the sky to do what it must,

Feeding the Earth that is hungry for power… 19 more words


Murder in the neighborhood

Mrs. Dim is at it again.

Let’s get this straight from the beginning: a weed is an unwanted plant. There’s no other way to define the word. 595 more words


Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan

One of the best chapters so far!

Enjoy reading it!

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Chapter 1, Episode 26: Poison 2,398 more words

Shinwa Densetsu No Eiyuu No Isekaitan

The world's favourite poison

There is strong evidence that Alcohol contributes to a large number of illnesses such as Cancer, Heart disease, Obesity, Strokes, dementia (the list goes on). Back in the 80s there was limited evidence for this but in 2016 they discovered how damaging Alcohol is and changed Alcohol guidelines completely. 1,004 more words

Sugarpill Pretty Poison Matte Lipstick Swatches!

Hi everybody! I haven’t done any lip swatches in a while. Pretty much because applying them and taking the colors off really hurt and dry out my lips. 366 more words


P #AtoZChallenge


The Peace was parched. The grain-verse was disturbed. The parched silence was relocated. The mind games was started. So the imaginative minds came forward. They were the people who wanted the peace. 231 more words


Brugmansia | Angel's trumpet

Angel’s trumpet is a woody tree or shrub, with pendulous flowers. The leaves and flowers are used to make medicines.  Despite serious safety concerns, people use angel’s trumpet as a recreational drug to induce hallucinations and euphoria. 283 more words