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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet: Act 2 Scene 2 Poison and Medicine Imagery


  1. Romeo’s presence in Capulet’s orchard is poison.
    1. “And the place death, considering who thou art, if any of my kinsmen find thee here.” (2.2.69-70) …
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the brightest stars, already dead.

Am I to be burned as a witch?
the conflagration rises
burning my squinted eyes
flaming orbs obscure the truth
burning my squinted eyes
flaming eyes obscure the truth… 180 more words

Dog dies from poisoning after eating sugar free gum with 'xylitol'

DENVER — Ellen Wilkerson of Centennial says her family had a close call with their dog Murphy recently. She came home to find Murphy had eaten an entire pack of Orbit gum. 441 more words



I think of you, dear cousin, and I can feel the sourness of the bile churn in my gut

I can taste the disgust in the words I want to speak of you… 39 more words

It's Not So Bad...love Writing, Love Art, Love Music, Love Myself Damnit!


Massive Poison Spray in New Zealand Wipes out Pests

New Zealand’s contentious program to eradicate rats, possums and stoats by dropping toxins and placing traps has brought the populations of those pests to undetectable or very low levels at most sites, officials say. 113 more words




“Done boss, just like you told me.”


“She’ll be feeling drowsy about now. Then she’ll fall asleep. Her death will look like it was natural.”

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Flash Fiction

Theory of Transgender; Men not God

“Have you ever heard of the movie, One Flew Over a Cuokoos Nest? Go watch it. The big Native American Indian they called Chief was really a woman. 461 more words