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Cupid's Target

Yes. Love seems to be killing me.

I was too naive to believe to those fantasy stories we usually hear before going to sleep. I was too innocent to think that I can be a princess, a queen or even a damsel in distress. 249 more words


North Dakota Oil Spill ~ This Is Insanity!

If they are allowed to put that pipeline under the river, and in however many years it develops a hole, which is inevitable, this will flow down the river and pollute so much more land than this including destroying drinking water for many people. 22 more words


"Say Your Thing, Man (or Woman)!"

As Jim Morrison famously (or infamously) and most certainly drunkenly said years ago and definitely way out of this context, sometimes you just have to SAY YOUR THING.   426 more words

Addiction to Poisoned Person

Prediction of addiction is total destruction
Abdication of the soul with no reconstruction
Abandon all of the demands of true reality
Senility of the mind in the bind of death trap… 93 more words


Can Cadmium Poisoning Mimic Pregnancy?

Laura Asks:

Do you watch the television show Scorpion? If you do watch the show— you may not to read any further as this question may contain spoilers. 321 more words

The Platypus and Other Venomous Mammals

Over the past couple days, I’ve been reading a book called “Venomous” by Christie Wilcox, which, as the name suggests, is about venomous animals. Specifically, I was interested in the subcategory of venomous mammals. 379 more words


Poison. Cut. Burn.

I can’t sleep.

Tomorrow is the last day. Well technically today since it’s past midnight. But it’s the last day. Last radiation. Last treatment. Hopefully ever. 914 more words