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Police #woman dies of poisoning after police ignore her #dowry harassment complaints

Indore June 11, 2015

Even a police woman cannot get police protection against dowry abuse. 32 year old Archana Tomar had approached the police numerous times with complaints about dowry harassment by her husband. 50 more words

Someone is poisoning cats, Denver townhome residents warned

DENVER – A Denver neighborhood is on alert after their HOA sent a memo that someone may be trying to poison animals.

The Granville Townhome community in southeast Denver has had a feral cat problem in the past. 216 more words


Of Radiation Sickness and Druid Spells

Bereft of her sight, Phaedra’s senses seem to be heightened. Cautiously she continues deeper into the cave. When she walks around the corner of the corridor on the far right side, she gets very nauseated. 706 more words



I guess I owe all my tiny town pilots an apology. The plane I was complaining about wasn’t actually any of the hobby pilots that live here. 78 more words

Poison Inn 2

It’s a good time to rerun an adventure. I could make it sound like I planned this but, honestly, my days got away from me and Monday night rolled around like a snowball that got out of hand. 1,017 more words


All My Sins

Hey peoples, so this one is kind of an old one. I plan on modifying it maybe; just depends on how well its recieved and if you guys like it as is. 160 more words



Another flower grew by the road to catch the wind off of cars. It was unplanned and quite natural the way it wound up there. The bees are happy, everyone else is indifferent. 139 more words