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Deal 768: Inn Fire

A fine spring day finds me with an unenviable task. I’m back at the village where I learned to control mana, below the huge cliff I amazed myself by jumping off of. 550 more words

Daily Deal

The Fox's Chemical Passion

The fox rushes towards the flame

his fire-heart, the one he says

he is passionate about

he marches around

His lab with a mind of own, 127 more words


Deal 768 Preview

Color me a River:
On a puddle of lavender (#bebada) are dealt
Fear, Endurance, live, Past experience, Terror, Spatula, and Poison

Daily Deal

'Sects Friday 09/23/2016

*So there we go… some questions answered, new ones posed. Nerf was responsible all those years ago for trapping his fellow Time Flies, he just hadn’t done it yet, and he didn’t do it on purpose! 84 more words


Venonat Venomoth Muse

A Bug/Poison type Pokemon from Kanto.

They exhale toxins through their bodies that can cause sickness and even paralysis to humans and pokemon. They hunt for preys at night as the little insects they feed on are active at night time.

Thank you!


A Recipe For You

It’s simple
Wet it in a bucket of lukewarm water.
First, cut it,
Then, crush it,
Powder it,
And piece it.
Grain it,
And grind it, 9 more words


Poison vs. Venom

How many times have I heard someone say, “Look, it’s a poisonous snake!”? Too many to count! Most people do not know the difference between poisonous and venomous, but there are some fundamental things you should know about these toxic terms. 949 more words

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