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  (Madu & Racun)

The cast: Nam Joohyuk & Lee sung kyung
Genre: FF Romance, oneshoot, 17+
Author: Heenim


Honey artinya madu, lalu apa hubungannya dengan Nam joohyuk? 1,917 more words


What NOT to feed Koa

This blog is not by any means “medical advice” and strongly advise that you talk to your Veterinarian about what you should/should not feed your pet and about his/her specific dietary needs. 674 more words


Slow poison

There! A way through! Hope rushed through his veins. But no, he’d tried that before. The hope soured into a sickening slow poison.



Sangeeta Das | Guwahati

I stored love
In my heart
To medicate –
My life and yours too.

But it crossed
The expiry date.

My love is still… 7 more words


Three Dark Crowns (#1)

Kendare Blake has done it again. This is fantasy and horror at their best.

The island of Fennbirn eagerly awaits its next queen. The inhabitants have been ruled by the Black Council for the past 10 years, but the time is coming for the Queen to take her rightful place. 700 more words


Songs In Haiku - Toxic

Song by Britney Spears

Your taste on my tongue

Your love, your poison, binds me

Held by addiction

Creative Writing


Dearest Samantha,

Foremost, I must apologize for the tardiness of this letter. In gathering edible supplies for my stay here–for it should only be a stay–illness dealt me a terrible blow, and I have been unable to write or send anything. 394 more words

Gary McDaniel III