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Recently found in American backyards: nuclear waste from the Manhattan Project

The US Army Corps of Engineers announced last week (Aug. 19) that a residential area in Missouri’s St. Louis County is contaminated with radioactive waste. Significant levels of thorium 230, a radioactive isotope, were discovered in public parks and private yards that have been touched by floodwaters from Coldwater Creek, a tributary of the Missouri River. 312 more words

My Feelings on "Poison Types"

First Reaction: Lower-Card at Best

Why I Hate Them: Poison types are the Jobbers of the Pokemon world. Always used by the game’s resident bad guy team, poison types are often the most common type you battle. 217 more words


My Feelings on "Fairy Pokemon"

First Reaction: I, for one, Welcome our new Fairy Overlords

Why I Hate Them: Whenever you introduce a new Pokemon types, a few pokemon are retconned into the new type. 148 more words


Holding Onto Anger

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.


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The downturn of knowing

It is so damn hard. Just to be me.

Want so much things in life.

Tried so hard to make them mine.

Give it all my best. 686 more words