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Be Careful While Playing Pokemon Go.

This is a cautionary tale concerning the dangers of Pokemon, ignorance and general human stupidity.

“You’re mine now!” Having tracked it to my local park I knew it could be anywhere. 649 more words


Pokemon Go Generator for Windows

Get Pokemon Go Pokecoins for FREE

It’s easy to use our Pokemon Go Online hack tool to generate the Pokecoins for free. It works on all android and iOS devices.



PokemonGo and Geocaching

How do you get Pikachu and his mates on an already crowded bus?


That there is my full knowledge of what a Pokemon thing is.  1,001 more words

Top 10 gifts for Pokemon Masters

To say that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm is an understatement at this point. Complete strangers meet and bond (or battle). Community members congregate at local meetups. 472 more words


Watch your Step

AR (Augmented Reality) games like Pokémon GO solve one of the most important concern of the digital immigrant parents that their kids do not go out and play and stay glued to their smartphone/tablet.For those who have been living under a rock and do not know what Pokémon GO is – Its a augmented reality based mobile game . 267 more words


Pokémon Go or No?

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

A small percentage of human kind are now in a life threatening survival situation, in which case they may not have heard of Pokémon Go, the latest app to absolutely sweep the world off of its feet. 696 more words


Pokemon Go | Review

90’s Kids rejoice!  One of our wildest childhood dreams have been realized, we finally get a chance to actually “Catch Em All”.  Niantic & Nintendo dropped “Pokemon Go” last week and it has proceeded in going viral.   713 more words