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Starting Out

This blog may seem to come very late as the game arrived in Singapore on August 6, 2016. Its release is very untimely for me because I already have plans for the 2nd and 3rd week of August including an overseas trip. 329 more words


Greeting Fellow Trainers!

My very first crochet project.

A photo posted by Kevin (@pokejourneyk) on Aug 19, 2016 at 6:55pm PDT

Howdy All!  This is Kevin, the K of K & C.  

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Happy Weekend!

Hey everybunny.

Happy Friday!

Today I didn’t have work, and wont be working on Monday(at least), so it’s another long weekend for me.
I didn’t do much today though. 146 more words



Dragonite, one of the strongest pokemon among 10 others,
which will be posted here, soon.



Snorlax, I drew him more like a baby version of the existing adult version. Didn’t realised it would looked even more so cute and cuddly.


Pink Pineapples and Pokemon

About a year ago my daughter decided she liked pineapples. She already liked them to eat, but now she liked them as decoration.She started planning her ultimate dream home by the beach, with pineapple figurines and pineapple patterns on pretty much everything. 1,301 more words