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Token Photo Post: My Manga Collection

I almost had daily posts this week, for the weekdays! With some personal stuff going on that took up my Thursday and then exhausted me further on Friday…to get the (week)daily posts for this week…here’s a "token" photo post! 347 more words


Pokemon Adventures #14 (Manga) Review

I finally found time to finish the final Pokemon adventures in the Gold and silver chapter, after finishing the penultimate book I couldn’t wait to start on this. 354 more words


Pokemon Adventures #13 (Manga) Review

After loving the story in #12 then I wanted to get straight into the next book as soon as possible to try to find out more. 365 more words


Pokémon Adventures #11 (Manga) Review

I took a little break from the Pokémon manga as I was reading them to fast and I didn’t want to get sick of the series as I know I have got a lot more to read. 333 more words


Pokémon Adventures #10 (Manga) Review

This is the first book with the new illustrator and I wanted to see if there were going to be any changes to the art so of course I got straight into this book. 321 more words


Pokémon Adventures #9 (Manga) Review

As soon as I wrote the review for Pokémon Adventures #8 I dove straight into the next book in the series as I wanted to find out more about Gold and Silver. 369 more words