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Favorite Pokemon Cards

My favorite Pokemon cards I have are:

  • Primal Kyogre EX
  • M blastoise ex
  • team magmas  groudon ex
  • full art shaymin ex ultra rare
  • full art heracross ex…
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Booster Box

Pokemon Battle! Metapod VS Kakuna

So here’s the deal. Each week we’re going to have a Pokemon battle. You guys vote on who will win, and the following week we’ll declare a definitive winner! 24 more words


Battle of the Mons: MetalGreymon vs. Dragonite

Hugo Guzman

NEWS EDITOR/Digidestined

Robert Kondo

PHOTOS EDITOR/Pokemon Master

In an effort to bring epic but undoable battles to our readers, the Quaker Campus has taken  upon itself the task of analyzing a hypothetical match between two childhood juggernauts. 797 more words


Top 5 Worst Pokemon to Battle

Once again, I’m sorry that this is late. I wound up getting sick for a couple of days, and there was no way I could get this done. 479 more words