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Pokemon Battle! Metapod VS Kakuna

So here’s the deal. Each week we’re going to have a Pokemon battle. You guys vote on who will win, and the following week we’ll declare a definitive winner! 24 more words


Battle of the Mons: MetalGreymon vs. Dragonite

Hugo Guzman

NEWS EDITOR/Digidestined

Robert Kondo

PHOTOS EDITOR/Pokemon Master

In an effort to bring epic but undoable battles to our readers, the Quaker Campus has taken  upon itself the task of analyzing a hypothetical match between two childhood juggernauts. 797 more words


Top 5 Worst Pokemon to Battle

Once again, I’m sorry that this is late. I wound up getting sick for a couple of days, and there was no way I could get this done. 479 more words


Pokémon battle

A guy in Viridian Forest says something about his buddies (Bug Catchers) looking to have Pokémon fights. Also supported by "X wants to fight!" and "There's no will to fight!". 13 more words