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Pokemon Black and White 2 Speedrunning Tip: Center during cutscene

Just like ! in earlier games, these cutscenes will involve slow running and cut into time.

Try again.


Day 30: One Month

So it’s officially been one month since I started blogging. I think it’s been really beneficial and I want to thank the people who’ve taken the time to follow/like my blog posts. 239 more words

Pokemon Retorspective: Pokemon Black and White 2

Sorry it’s late I’ve been busy, I might switch to a 3 day cycle if this keeps happening

Like with the first games I had no real nostalgic love for  Black and White 2. 1,817 more words


Pokemon: Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Wishlist

Earlier this year (a couple of months ago), Nintendo announced that the next in their line of Pokemon games would be a revamp of the classic Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. 2,015 more words

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Pokemon Update #9: (Re) Gym Badge #4

I’ll get to the update post later, because really, all that matters is battles in Pokemon. So let’s us get back to THE REMATCH OF THE CENTURY!! 303 more words


Pokemon Update #8: Gym Badge#4... Getting My Ass Kicked

It has been awhile since I updated. Still playing just very, very slowly. At this time my team hasn’t changed at all. I caught some more Pokemon but nothing exciting. 742 more words