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More Osaka, Oden and the Pokemon Centre

Less than three hours ago (or perhaps more by the time I’m done writing this blog post), I finish my last exam for the semester! Potentially my last exam ever (!!!) because the electives I’m looking at right now don’t have exams as part of their assessments. 1,009 more words


Yokohama, Omori

Once again, I have to thank John for taking me around (this time, Yokohama). It’s really cool because he tells me all these things about the places we visit related to history or entertainment. 505 more words


Tokyo, Japan: Our Experience and Tips

Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo has many fantastic, vibrant and fun areas to explore. It is not short on pop culture, anime, manga and Japanese inventions. 400 more words

Pop Culture

Tokyo the Weird

Tokyo is a city I have always dreamed of visiting for two main reasons. Firstly for the weird – the centre of all the madness that is entailed in modern Japanese culture and the very different outlook of the world. 1,064 more words


Ocean to Osaka!

My Japan adventure began in Osaka, our three night stop over before making the pilgrimage to Tokyo. I don’t know what I expected for Osaka, but I was blown away with how calm and peaceful it was for such a big city. 869 more words


Japan 2013 - Day 6

Today we decided to look around Osaka!

We finally got to Osaka station, it was pretty busy!

The size of this station! It’s so huge haha!! 250 more words

Japan 2013

Japan Day 178

Today I woke  up at 9 am but was too tired to wake up fully, so I went back to sleep. At 10 am, I woke  up properly and started to get ready. 664 more words

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