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A dose of nostalgia

Hey guys, me again.
I”ve recently had a look at our archives here on game content, and I’ve realized that I haven’t really done much pokemon stuff..I plan to change that now with these posts filled to the brim with pokemon nostalgia! 140 more words

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Pokemon Smash U

Please watch our first video podcast. In this video we have three Pokemon Trainers face off. It is an intense battle; look for all the legendary’s including Suicune.   21 more words


Burn Out

I leave the Rustboro Gym feeling very happy with myself and my team. I’m so happy, in fact, that I almost walk straight into a Magma Grunt running away from the Devon Co. 619 more words

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A strange little Family

Right now I’m sitting out in the field on route 116, having a bit of quality time with my team. Oak’s not looking particularly happy, though…maybe it’s because the only way that he’s able to damage an opponent is by taking damage first..I mean, I make sure that I rest at the PokeCentre first, but..how can we truly know how these little guys feel when they keep getting sent out to get hurt? 399 more words

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Rustboro City

SO after resting my team in Rustboro, I back back out to see if I had missed any trainers in my haste to get to the PokeCentre. 372 more words

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Petalburg Woods

The first thing that I notice about route 104 is the smell of grass, flowers, sand and salty water; theres a gorgeous looking little beach here. 426 more words

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Getting Stronger

I head back out onto route 102 to try and find a Ralts for myself. I come across a Poochyena instead, and nickname her Lassy after successfully catching her. 285 more words

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