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Omega Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge - Journey's End

After releasing Sam, I tried to continue my journey as best I could. My party was weak, that was apparent, and my own skills as a trainer were, quite frankly, pathetic. 1,837 more words


Xiaoperior's Pokemon Corner- Thoughtful Thursday: Five Berries Part II

To all of you who like collecting and growing berries, here’s another installment of Five Berries bringing more berry origins to light. 958 more words

Pokemon Corner

Check Out The Sims: Pokémon Edition

The Sims and Pokémon are two WILDLY different types of role playing games. With that said, YouTuber Hat-Loving Gamer didn’t let these differences stop him from combining the two . 30 more words


Pokemon 2016 VGC Format - Legendaries Gone? - Originality?

So just a few days ago, Pokemon released a page on their website, hinting about how un-original the winning teams of the VGC were. Their huge purpose of that was for ‘Ranked Battles’, and they removed the use of the top 12 most over-used Pokemon ( as follows ) 708 more words


Cross Stitch: Magikarp DONE!

My first finished picture. It’s only 65×48 pixels/stitches but damn, it took forever :D waiting for the new fabric to arrive to start another project. 16 more words


Yesterday was pretty sucky in RL, but I got 3 shinies (one of which evolved when traded, so 4 in my Pokedex) in Wonder Trade! 31 more words