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2 Down

– Now for the main event!! I hope you still have energy, if not we’ll be more than glad to share!

Wattson released his final pokémon, a large one with light blue fur and yellow patches. 444 more words


Reaching out to my poetry following of 2,800+ readers. I’m sure we all use this thing called YouTube. Please support me there with a simple hit of the subscribe button. 75 more words

Just Writing

The Journey Begins

Here it goes….

Let’s get this out of the way early, I had no idea what cosplay was for a really long time. Lots of people start in their teens or in college. 620 more words


Detective Pikachu: un lampo di genio?

Un nuovo gioco dei Pokèmon? Un nuovo gioco dei Pokèmon che è un investigativo? E che finalmente arriva in Occidente dopo 2 anni di preghiere iniziate dopo la scoperta che l’uscita del gioco era inizialmente prevista solo in Giappone? 370 more words


Odemon #584

“Everyone derives their traits from their parents. That’s just genetics.”
“But just because someone’s parents are prize fighters doesn’t mean their offspring can’t become a scientist.” 220 more words


Ditto Rant

Whelp. After 2 weeks or so of breeding / searching for my 6IV Ditto my 3DS was stolen Woshfjewodowjsosowjaaodjwowwjsowwk that’s just not fair..and of course the community in Sun/Moon series is awesome and someone was kind enough to trade me one such ditto of the same beauty except I am playing gen 6 w/ X and then about to start Omega Ruby so you can imagine how such generosity fails me entirely and only further causes me frustration at the situation. 50 more words