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Video Game App Creation: Pokemon Trading Card Game

This was an assignment for my Graphic Design 3 course at Wake Tech this fall. We were to come up with an idea for an app and put a presentation together of how the screens would look, how it would function, and more. 43 more words

Road to Rustboro

Finally episode 4 is up and ready to go after round two of trying to upload! (had issues with copyrighted music…) but now that that’s out of the way, hope you enjoy! 16 more words


Back Again Hopefully

Finally got the thing working! THIS IS THE REAL EPISODE!! Sorry, for the long wait (and if you tried watching this the first time I uploaded this because I accidentally used the unedited one…). 47 more words


The Adventure Begins-ins-ins-ins-ins...

So Trapinch is our starter, and all hell has broken loose… even the audio is shivering in fear

Oh wait… that’s just a crappy corrupted audio echo. 50 more words


Good Morning

Randomized Emerald Nuzlocke

– Overworld Items
– Pokemon encounters
– Trainer Pokemon
– Only catch first Pokemon per route
– Pokemon faints = Pokemon dead (release or box it) 40 more words


Day 44 of 50: "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" or Famous Last Words

Check out this grid that I usurped from Kevin Surace’s Ted Talk about climate change that he usurpef from a Youtube video that I couldn’t find. 127 more words

Countdown Post