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university is stressful

It is currently 1:30ish am. I woke up at 4:30 this morning because the boyfriend decided to pop his head in when he got home. It was cute, and I had fallen asleep ridiculously early so I’d already had a full night’s sleep but I couldn’t get back to sleep so played Pokémon until the sun came up. 407 more words


Pokemon Go 10K Walk

I downloaded Pokemon Go probably a week after it came out but I only was interested in catching one of each Pokemon because I didn’t really know anything about the game. 993 more words


I said to this guy “Are you still playing Pokemon Go?”

I walked down to the shop to get some junk food and this guy was in front of me, then behind me as I passed him. 89 more words


QR Codes On the Rise?

It is no secret that QR codes were never very popular in the United States or in the UK. The reason for this seems to be because there were not a lot of third party apps that could scan the codes. 394 more words