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I've Heard Stories of Vikings... by Melissa van der Paardt

I came across these adorable Night Furies as I was looking for a ‘Viking dragon’ in honor of the Minnesota Vikings’ big football games last week and tonight, and the title is just perfect — this is… 1,001 more words


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: Free Legendary Pokemons!!

Throughout 2018, people will be able to get for the seventh generation series (Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon). Starting February players can receive a free new legendary Pokemon in Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon depending on which version you’re playing. 196 more words


Pokemon GO: Community Day Surprise!!!

If you were playing Pokemon GO two days ago, there were plenty of surprises waiting for you.

First of all, there were Pikachus who know the move surf as it’s charge move, however, if this wasn’t big enough to impress you, there was also another surprise. 140 more words


"My Partner, Cyndaquil" Released!

Hello everyone! I just posted my first fanfic (for this account) on Fanfiction.net! You can read it here:


I hope you all enjoy! I will be posting new content as soon as I can!


Those pokemon days...that made my childhood

কি ভালোই না হতো যদি pokemon এর জগৎটা কল্পনা না হয়ে বাস্তব হতো। আমার কাছে এটা শুধু একটা cartoon series ছিল না। প্রতিদিন স্কুল থেকে ফিরে কোনোরকমে কাঁধের ব্যাগটা ছুড়ে ফেলে সাড়ে পাঁচটায় টিভির সামনে বসে পরাটা ছিল daily rooteen. 29 more words

My Corner

The Journey Begins

Hello everyone! Welcome to my little blog! For those of you who have come here from my fanfiction account, this is where I will keep a collection of my fanfiction stuff that doesn’t get posted on my account. 11 more words


Odemon #702

He was the rat king.
Well, they were the rat king.
I mean, of COURSE Dedenne would get their tails tangled up. Their tails look like a cable. 97 more words