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Keychains! : Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts

I recently watched a video on making little clay pokeballs, and despite not playing that much pokemon myself I knew I had to make some.  I love the imagery from this series, and a collection of small pokeballs was just too good to pass up. 771 more words


Mega Monday Melee!

aka, Pack battles on a Monday. That’s right, ya’ll! It’s starting. From this Monday forth, I will be having pack battle match ups with different instagram or YouTube or wherever else there is a Pokemon trainer available. 233 more words

Pokemon Tcg

Giveaway: Win a download code for level-100 Mew for Pokemon on Nintendo 3DS

Here’s your chance to win a download code for a level-100 Mew! To become eligible for winning, all you have to do is follow the… 86 more words


Three reasons to collect Pokemon Cards

Here is my list of the top 3 reasons to collect Pokémon cards…

  1. You should get Pokémon cards because you can swap and trade with each other – it’s a nice way to make new friends.
  2. 32 more words

Meowth isn't afraid of using Fury Swipes on his own teammates, including Jessie

That looks pretty painful.

Interesting factoid: This is actually one of the first times blood was shown in the anime.


cor destructum

FFFFUU waifu why (someone save him from the despair)

and someone save me from bad colors.

Meanwhile in happy land. I’m forgetting how to draw above pic’s dad maybe because all he does is glare-I mean stare, and eat ice cream, and maaaaybe think of ways to save the world, including his son.