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Pokeball Poi

So someone with more time and patience could follow a pattern and do this beautifully…

I, however, have opted to do my usual jazz crochet, improvised… but without the skill of an accomplished jazz musician. 30 more words



The sun had just diappeared beyond the horizon when we made port at Dewford. A quaint little town in the middle of the ocean.

The streets were lit up and people were walking around, most of them headed for the beach. 14 more words


Mystery caller

The boat was faster than I had thought, true tha the it wouldn’t be long until the sunset but it seemed like we could make port before night settled in. 155 more words


Mr. Briney

The journey back through Petalburg forest was fast and without incident, by now I knew this path almost by heart.

I came to the old house and would have knocked, but the door was wide open, and I could hear laughter come from the inside. 127 more words


It's May again

The tunnel was not far and the walk there would have been a good warm up, yes it would have been but alas, the rest of this afternoon was not meant to go as I had hoped. 224 more words


Pokémon Face-Off: Kommo-o vs. Dragonite

Cool battle picture coming soon…

Dragon Pokémon. They’re hard to find, hard to catch, and a royal pain to raise, but once you’ve got a fully-evolved dragon on your team, having its power at your disposal is a pretty awesome payoff. 1,340 more words