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International Food Holidays: November 11 - Pocky Day (Japan)

If you’re in an international frame of mind, today’s the day to get your pocky on … Japanese pocky, that is. (Read more about Pocky here)


Grumpy Cat 60 Second Review Episode 025

This week we look at Grumpy Cat #1 published by Dynamite Entertainment.


Driving Me Crazy - The Pokey and The Gapper

I have to talk about these two together, because in combination, they often create one of the biggest headaches commuters face each and every morning – the Complete Stop For No Apparent Reason. 1,584 more words


Three From The Childhood (2015)

1. Dolls.
2. Cars.
3. Gumby.
Sixty years old, to see-
Prickle, Goo, and Pokey.


Lgb The Pokey Little Puppy Opp As ShownOne Size Exploring

Prior to bringing your new puppy into your home, you should puppy proof it. Take a look at your home from the puppy’s viewpoint. Does that potted plant sitting in front of the glass door look tempting? 255 more words

Level - Zydeco Music ft Cupid, Pokey & Tyree Neal (Video)


New record from Level called Zydeco Music featuring Cupid, Pokey, & Tyree Neal called Zydeco Music. For those who aren’t familiar with Zydeco Music, Zydeco music originated from Louisiana and is often played at parties, BBQs, weddings, etc.


Feeling Lonely? Create Your Own Glass Menagerie

“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.” 80 more words