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Spiny planet

if you look closely a pair of eyes and a gaping mouth appear.

Pokey: Photography Challenge Day 71

Pokey.  Could mean slow, dawdling, Gumby’s horse.  Or just what it sounds like – something sharp and, well, pokey.  In this case, I went with the literal. 68 more words


Day 12 - Pokey

So I had a bit of trouble trying to decide what to do as pokey to me means small not pointy. But alas I had to follow the prompt. 54 more words


70/365 - Pokey

Well I’ve messed up my counts for photos this week big time.  I blame it on the stomach virus from hell. LOL. :D

I was going to take a photo of Ray with my watch in focus since Ray is so darn pokey when we are going somewhere.   28 more words



One of my favourite thinking spaces, North Tea Power over in the Land of Manc. Great tea, great vibe and gets me thinking differently.  It’s only pokey in the sense of being a small but perfectly formed space. 16 more words


Old Friends, 2015

I went back to my hometown for the weekend and got the chance to spend time with some very old friends.

They were just as excited to see me, see?

Ricoh GR Photos

More on talking the Hokey Pokey.

Some-days people seem to be talking in the Hokey Pokey to me.